Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Yahoo's New RSS feature

A new RSS feature is being announced today about Yahoo! and the press release sounds as if the new feature copies Google Reader offered by Google.
I am for anything that makes gaining personal access to RSS feeds from any computer possible.
One annoying feature of Google Reader has been that adding new RSS feeds requires clicking on the My Subscriptions links versus being immediately accessible while using Google Reader.  The same applies to importing and exporting OPML feeds.
Lately Firefox and MS Internet Explorer have been crashing for unexpected reasons although it usually means that it is time to get another computer since the one I am currently using is choking from the lack of hard drive space on the C drive.
I just read the press release again and it appears that the new feature is not immediately available to all Yahoo! Mail users and is being rolled out over time.
When I see that the new feature is available, I am going to be looking to see how easy it is to add new RSS feeds and determine if the new feature is worth using Yahoo's version versus Google Reader.

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