Monday, August 31, 2009

Apple to hold event to most likely reveal new products on Sept. 9th: I hope price drops & iPod Touch w/camera!

The Gravity Summit on finally worked in Firefox vs Chrome. It was very good! #gravsum

This Monday is flowing pretty well & I hope yours is too!

Is Amazon down? No response on Firefox or Chrome so far.

Upcoming code name for Apple OSX? Meet & greet Cougar:)

Analyst's prediction: Apple expected to offer iPhone on new U.S. carriers within a year:

Disney acquired Marvel to force Spiderman to introduce Mickey to President Obama:)

Disney has purchased Marvel!!!! Whoa & Spiderman plus X-Men will be pals with Mickey, Donald, & Goofy:)

Trying to watch the Gravity Summit live on to no avail.

Hearing Cheney talk about his tenure is like a bad comedian defending his bombing on stage:) #tcot

Watching Bloomberg dance & blur the lines between radio, tv, & social media is seeing artistry in motion!

Video loops of money suit any business story regardless of depth:)

I get up early & yet my wife drives the kids to school. Watching Bloomberg & drinking juice to nurse my wounds:)

There's the Bank Holiday in the UK, so I'm seeing the range tighten & will take the day off to fully rest & recover.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Good night All:)

I hope my Bears play ok because I cannot stay awake but Tivo can:)

DEN is as nice of an area as its stadium appears? I wonder what is the average nonwinter temp? It looks great!

CA wins Little League World Series! They really looked like future major leaguers when I saw them play days ago!

My Bears are about to take on the Denver Broncos!! I'm already sleepy though:(

In the midst of a highly educational weekend! Hearing things not available through other daily means.

Ok, it's time for for 4 hours of ZZZZZZZZZs! Good morning All:)

I've gotten my night time legs back for better or worse:) Sleeping beyond 4 hours straight anytime is now painful:(

Their pick up is in the mid to late afternoon & I would be burnt toast otherwise:)

I find it off the wall to still remain coherent at this hour this weekend. Good thing our girls have a sleepover & praise God with me:)

YouTube is the number two search engine right behind its parent Google!

Classic & classy R&B video: Aaliyah - Rock The Boat RIP Aaliyah!

God's will is perfect. There is no power but God!

Why is New Orleans like the house burned down 4 years ago and the destroyed shell is still there? Why does no one seems to care?

Just saw evidence of Chicago deep dish pizza in Vinings! Good thing it is not open tonight:)

BET drills & strikes the slime too easily:(

Only BET can continually find advertisers that are descendants of 900 numbers from the 80s!!

I just saw Google's tribute to Michael Jackson with their logo to incorporate his dancing feet! Too cool:)

Michael Jackson is still more than an artist. Michael Jackson is a genre!

BETJ has a Michael Jackson documentary by an UK producer it seems. MJ's worldwide appeal is light years beyond his critics' imagination:)

Too many NFL fans are already making Super Bowl reservations & plans when the entire season is straight ahead:) Titanic maybe? rofl:)

I appreciate the album process, but the B-sides & unreleased songs give a deeper perspective into the artist's genius.

As sad as Michael Jackson's death still makes me, I'm still looking forward to hearing unreleased music & why songs were left off albums.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

It is still hard to believe that Hurricane Katrina was 4 years ago when it seems like it was last week:(

Wow, the Falcons staged a big comeback!

SC GOP finally stepping up in policing one of their own:) National GOP should take note!! #tcot

Making music has turned my night around!! Very tempting to stay up super late now:)

San Diego is putting a power packed smackdown on the Falcons simply put.

As excited as I was for our girls to have a sleepover, I miss them now.

Install the free version of the Groovemaker iPhone app & you will buy another @ $9.99. No other option is logical:)

Watching Chargers vs hometown ATL Falcons home alone for the night:)

I'm going to need a neck brace after a day like today! My girls already think I've lost it:)

Just heard an intro that gave my wrist a DJ spasm:) Kinda dangerous to really think about it!

@IKMultimedia knows how to induce purchases via its free app which allows test driving of concept. Other app dev should be so wise!

Enjoying a Nothing But Music Saturday before tackling yard work in the late afternoon:) Don't disturb this groove!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Eyes just got heavy & looking at the monitor feels like looking at the sun. Good night All:)

Organizing music tracks for a music meeting tomorrow afternoon!

Now playing: Riding High by Faze-O. Old school, peaceful, & good to be a gangsta vibe!!

Hearing tracks played randomly on demand is far better than having "the glitch" as a default setting! #hexatone

Either the latest update of Hexatone or not using it lately has made it work as I believed it could:)

After using the latest FB iPod app update, I may not ever need to visit the site again!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Composed some new, trading guidelines to sharpen my own skills outside the heat of battle:)

I hope today is Thursday because it is feeling like a Hump Day Wednesday still:(

Crazy, but understandable financial research: High testosterone boosts women traders

The markets either treat you like an angry barber or the most gentle masseuse:)

As LL once said, "Don't call it a comeback, I've been here for years!" Yesterday is only a memory:)

Good morning All:) I can tell the lightning cleared the atmosphere very well here in suburban Atlanta! The dryness has left!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A thunderstorm is coming up, but I'm headed to Bible study tonight definitely!

Learned today that a extremely bad customer service experience usually means the rep's personal life is in deep chaos!

Going analog to rest from digital work in more ways than one:)

Just realized today is not a career make or break milestone. I've done far better & worse:) 6 min funk officially shaken off:)

President Obama is speaking about Sen. Ted Kennedy now.

Analyzing one's own errors usually reveals the same thing repeatedly: One's failure to adhere to known laws, policies, & trends!

If it can be lost in a single day, it can be made in another day!

Margin calls are trading interventions:)

Made a major fumble when the profit touchdown was clearly within my hands:( Glad some was pulled off the table earlier in the week:)

It pays to know where the barbed wire, electric fence is located within any endeavor unless pain is pleasure & trading proves it:)

I know I'm blessed by God because the trading stress experienced this morning would have killed more than a few peeps known & unknown:)

RIP US Senator Ted Kennedy. You served your country very well!

Earlier tweet turned around & taught me how to trade in a narrow range: My math teachers ask what took so long:)

How do you know that you've been online too long? Here it is:)

Avon is in Brazil among other emerging economies, so who is thinking small now? If small, go wide to reach a profitability area:)

The American Heart Association is the first group to tell the truth on sugar in my lifetime!!! Cut back on the most legal drug:)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Just heard on Bloomberg TV: "More people are having sex than doing drugs" from Asian HIV expert. I kid you not.

The horrific murder of the Oklahoma pastor signals a very troubled person is responsible & holds a hard grudge against God.

Chart based trading during Asian hours almost requires a schizophrenic card:( Too far down is way up!

The most silly headline I've ever seen: FREE USB Cable with Printer purchase! I should name the offending company:)

First time drinking coffee @ this hour & it feels like finding a favorite toy from my childhood:)

Good morning All:) It's already Hump Day Wednesday in the Far East!

Keeping global business hours is rough in this moment! Sandman brought sacks today by the truckload. Good night All:)

Her lender potentially makes $26MM in 9 months while Leibovitz never saw a spending cutback she accepted as truth.

Annie Leibovitz's financial woes are both heartbreaking & encouraging at the same time right or wrong:

About to pass out in fatigue from the overnight's work! Back after siesta!

There is a quantum leap in the hourly quality between CNBC & Bloomberg TV. Thumbs up for BTV's global diversity!!

Good morning All:) This is the day that the Lord has made and I will rejoice and be glad in it!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Good night All:)

Today's collapse may not compare to the coming Friday's fearful stampede, so run with Da Bears in punt coverage formation!

There were conflicting forecasts for today's markets from last Friday. The witching Friday said Bear while single day futures said Bull.

No matter what you're going through, someone is in a far worse condition than we can ever imagine:( Look up & lift up!

Today is one of those days where you don't have to bump into an electric fence while trading since it comes looking for you. Ouch!

I left to run a few errands & someone stopped pedaling for the Dow! It really fell off the wagon during lunch this afternoon.

Compared prices of Macbook Pro vs iMac & bang for the buck goes to iMac if mobility is not primary focus.

Pronunciation differences across the Atlantic can provide major, surprise shocks;)

Weak batteries in wireless mouse can rig the trading fight like an inside man!

The range is staying within the spread, so I'm waiting for other markets to open as long as the narrow range exists:(

Charts on overnight markets are telling opposite story & holding tight range. Easy chaos or ecstasy upon breakout move;)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

My family & I enjoyed Golden Corral after worship services ended before 1 p.m. w/o being cut short:)

Creativity is a gift from God! Each expression is one demonstration of God's wealth!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Saw my future while watching parents camped out while their daughters attended the Jonas Brothers concert:)

A relieving breeze is totally unblocked on the large field at Centennial Park in Atlanta, GA.

Atlanta's Centennial Park is a natural place of mountaintop healing without the climb!

Heading to Centennial Olympic Park although the final hour of today's event has already begun.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Good night All:)

Our house is very open to storms coming from the west like a golf driving range!

I've only felt one real earthquake to know it, but the storm shock pulses here are convincing.

I just realized how this storm is a perfect soundtrack for sleep, but the sudden hard winds are really rocking the house:)

One storm wave briefly knocked out our power & I left the PC to move to iPod Touch.

A powerful thunderstorm w/ rain is upon us in Atlanta. It is coming from the western tornado alley, so it is going to pack some heat!

Global warming experts are now stating NYC will become as warm as ATL in the coming years especially in August. Hot Apple Pie? Whoa:)

Wherever poverty is allowed to multiply without constraints, the wealthy become insulated against their own errors as well.

Today I heard some accounts that indicate ATL housing project refugees need to be taught life skills to live outside of poverty dens:(

Thank God and thank you for your prayers! My uncle is recovering & the surgery went very well I am now being told!

#fastfoodlessonlearned Exit the drive through w/o double checking your order at your own risk! Somebody said this in a movie too!

Burger King needs better phone support or training for customer dissatisfaction calls. I thought I reached a seedy, boiler room:(

Wanna see something cool? Visit & type in something like your Twitter user name!! Awesome sauce!

#fastfoodlessonlearned Never first time order a large drink of anything you are not familiar with!

I just saw a Mullet that looked like a scarf!!

My family & I request your prayers for my Uncle Truman who is having surgery this morning @ 9 a.m. #Jesus #pray

The timely Word of God has once again proved its profitability in mind, body, heart, & soul. The weekend officially begins now @ 2:45 a.m.!

The right combination of technical indicators will change your trading forever and gratefully humble you at the same time.

US futures regulators really have crippled trading w/the policy changes on hedging. Hedging is GOOD & not evil.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Early a.m. is going to witness my red eyes but it is okay since God will use some trading greens to enlarge my territory:)

Just noticed the Google Reader bookmarklet can work just like Delicious to a degree. Who else is sharing stuff?

Twitter's hit w/a 503 error like another attack is on!

Imeem now has a VIP status? Since when?

Many text boxes on Ning networks are no longer working it appears:( A few still are working however.

iTunes 9 to support DVD ripping, Facebook:

Reports of distracted talk about "cat BBQ" may have contributed to the mid-air collision in the NJ area:

Good morning All:)

About to take a nap @ 3:30 in the a.m. Thank God for the 24 hour grind!

The past 24 hours have really blessed my spirit! Strong counsel is all around, so we have to work to listen to the small, still voice!

@fave just created a very inspiring post on fear that is better than any life coach can charge for!

Follow @fave Ask him what he told his wife on FB that inspired me!

You know you're associating with the right folks when one husband can tell his wife something & it inspires you! Go Fave!

Where did Wednesday go? The weekend is already in sight!

Swiss govt to sell its stake in UBS? Let the lawsuits begin!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Here is the downloadable video less than 800MB: http://bit.lyFKewx My 2 songs begin around 55:00.

The videos mentioned earlier have a short & long version. The long version can be downloaded & ffwd but not the short one.

What contact sport within your life are you trying to avoid? Get your uniform dirty IN the game vs via a hug afterwards!

Ford is bringing back the Taurus after closing its plant in Atlanta. Where are they being built then Ford?

Twitter is a great real-time investment tool:) I just relearned this!

Volatility is my friend. Have you seen my friend? lol

This Hump Day is one for the Bears although the 3 p.m. EST hour should be interesting!

China's woes seem to have temporarily frozen global markets for the hour!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Check out this VIDEO and join today at or

My announcement TODAY is anyone can freely join my Seed Of Life network to hear my music etc.: Sept launch!

Upcoming later this morning is an announcement that I am already very excited about!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Metro Atlanta is being hit w/several crimes so violent that I don't ever remember anything like it in over 19 years.

Seeing my girls practice roller blading to my track "Roller Skate" is priceless this evening:)

ABC's The View is having a witchcraft, tarot, & psychie episode? Is it sweeps week or something? STEROIDS FAIL!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Time for an early bedtime! Peace!

Liquid sunshine is now falling around Atlanta & it is welcomed especially if one is not driving!

It is a cool 74F in Mableton with an expected high of 84F! Great weather!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Human nature cannot bear too many variables being changed at once w/o producing preventable failures!

The Lithia Springs, GA Wal-Mart should have kept 1 min self checkout w/ cards only if the 20 items or less could ever make sense on them!

It is a solid 90F here 15 minutes from downtown Atlanta 7:22 p.m. local time!

If only one could lose weight at Wal-Mart vs the time they take out of your rear:)

Just found a loop that I could not find earlier when I wanted to. Digging in my own digital crates? lol:)

When you're in a clutch, only God will come through!

Psalm 144:7 Send thine hand from above; rid me, and deliver me out of great waters, from the hand of strange children.

Matthew 13:44 Sell all you have & buy that field to LOCK IT IN!

Proverbs 31:16: Consider a field, buy it, & lock it in!

Friday, August 14, 2009

The time is flying faster than ever on a Friday afternoon! A big change this weekend is in the works for us all evidently!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Is Cheney slowly & slyly priming the pump for a 2012 run vs Palin? The outed weasel still doesn't get it:(

While away, my oldest entertained me with her application of a chord progression I recently taught her. I saw her musical light turn on!

I'm going off line for a while to recoup & recover. Stringed music is needed to soothe my revealed X-Man:) bbl

Time lines like today make it easy to see how events can quickly go off road like the one involving Dr. Henry Gates @ Harvard.

It is still the historic BANKHEAD HWY of metro Atlanta after all!! Name changes cannot change everything if people stay the same.

We live close enough to the school in driving distance, but FAR too far for walking.

My name is not David Banner, but no one really would not want to see me angry either about my wife or kids:)

I'm now wondering what the Mrs.' reaction will be! She should hear it w/in the hour.

I'm thankful to live where we are & that she did not say she was walking home;)

Procedure was already in place but not adhered to on pickup:( Written or faxed notice only should allow changes in routine.

Advised front office to place signs w/in buses for new bus # & routes.

There is a substitute bus driver driving a new bus (bus # are painted on buses) & verbal announcements of new bus # each afternoon.

Too many variables were outside the norm & one young spark could have been deadly on top of it all:(

I picked her up & had to buy cake & ice cream to get a taste back in my mouth seriously:) Still on the ice cream therapy now!

My wife drove her to school this a.m., so she told the teacher she was returning home by car & the teacher followed my 6 y.o.'s directions:(

The 1st glitch of the school year happened today & literally slapped the taste out of my mouth! Our youngest was not on the p.m. bus!

Letoya's "Regret" w/Ludacris shares producer w/MaryMary's "The God In Me"? I'm not the first to hear it either:(

I just saw that I have received my first photo credit:) W00t!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The new 203 DirecTV channel is Mun2 & it is part of the Telemundo network. Lots of alternating language back & forth!

There's a new hip Hispanic channel on DirecTV on 203 & is currently showing the US vs Mexico game!

US & Mexico are about to lock horns in a World Cup qualifying game in Mexico! Stadium holds 100k too!

Day has been going great & several attempts to get organized after busy summer vacation for kids has really helped!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Now playing: "Pink Cashmere" by Prince. Vintage from a no drama, musical era! No one got shot to this song!

The speakers may require a ton of power but my iPT is handling it very well from its charge alone. External power won't hurt!

Just hooked iPod Touch to unused Altec Lansing speakers laying around the house & BAM, a new workflow was instantly created!!

The bus stop pickup was like apple pie a la mode even with the 15 minutes delay my wife warned me to expect.

Headed to bus stop for afternoon pickup of youngest daughter! Far better than last year's failed system at previous school:)

I went through a door this summer that if I'm not dead man walking tired, I cannot sleep at all:( The weekend nap confirmed it.

Just saw confirmation of biz dev research conducted almost 10 years ago for a former employer. CEO is in federal pen now:(

Monday, August 10, 2009

One has to reset & erase data from the unattached iPod Touch before restoring from iTunes. Otherwise, you'll replace good data w/bad data!

Tech lesson learned today for the umpteenth time: Backup, backup, & backup! Almost lost beats made w/in Beatmaker if I had given up!

Restoring an iPod Touch from an earlier backup is easy once you reset the device while unattached. Then select apps in iTunes & sync it!

Unhitch the Random Glitch within JR Hexatone Pro!

I recently bought the app for my iPod Touch and was glad that my hopes were fulfilled nicely. But since the app is right out the gate, there are always some items that any developer would overlook which would make later versions that much better.

I was stunned this evening to see that at least 2 posts placed on the Amidio forum were removed by an overzealous forum administrator. But I was only seconding another user's post and now realize that I raised the same issue myself to the pro keyboardist that played a crucial role in developing the app.

JR Hexatone Pro is essentially a drum machine app for the iPhone and iPod Touch. What the developers of the app Amidio have as a keen knack is the creation of music apps that use artificial intelligence to create music randomly and in a very intuitive fashion.

As a result, JR Hexatone Pro includes what was called a glitch feature that will throw in some random quirks that appear very crazy and interesting to many. But the random quirk should be the second base versus the default setting when one is creating beats and rhythms of their own with the app.

It is hard enough to program any music and rhythms without having a 2 year or 200 year old throw in extra beats within a given measure. My 8 year old recently speeded up a track from 96 bpm to over 200 bpm while I was playing and although it highly entertained her that I continued to play (or try to), I would not have attempted to program anything with such warp speed, hot potato changes:)

So Hexatone has this feature as a default setting within its version 1.0 of the app when the "glitch" setting should be optional especially while creating a groove. Any newbie owner would appreciate this change.

This evening I saw that the eager admin did answer someone's question about how to create a straight forward groove and here is the reply paraphrased for clarity basically:

1. Create your groove.

2. Place black walls around each of the 6 parts created.

3. Tap the oscillator or numerical instrument and then tap "SETUP".

4. Change setting/parameter "FWDONLY" (forward only) to ON for the given oscillator/instrument.

5. Repeat for any other oscillator/instruments as desired.

This tip should have been placed on a flag and raised high for all to immediately or placed within the troubleshooting section of the documentation or on the website itself. It should not be required to solve the problem as an alien puzzle for a new user of the app.

Now that the secrets of the Hexatone masters have been revealed, users of this neat little app will receive a new breath of fresh air even though Hexatone has been on the market only 1 week!

I'm not seeking a flame war with the admin or anyone associated with the app, but deleting anyone's posts should be done in a responsible or at least inform someone if there is some discomfort with a post.

As a paying customer, I'm on your side and want to see the app get better and match my enthusiasm for it!

Now let's back to making some music!


Don't expect any dancing in the rain from me on Facebook's acquisition of Friendfeed. I'm just not there yet:(

Is there anything ESPN does not make look awesome?

Our kids are back in school & parental happiness is an understatement!! Kids are excited too!

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Gamer is a bad name for a movie & sounds like it should go straight to DVD.

Kids these days carry enough supplies on 1st day of school to rival a military campaign!!!

"There Will Be Blood" is not a warm fuzzies movie at all, but it was good movie:)

There is no might, "There Will Be Blood" is the flick's name instead. Hard, mechanical violence & injuries already!!

Want to see GI Joe, but may watch "There Might Be Blood" that I picked up our nearby library. I remember the previews which were good.

Moral of the story: Set an alarm for any naps near evening time!

Now hitting the bed with a surplus from nap still:) Peace!

Saturday, August 08, 2009

The family has just loaded the minivan & are backing out the drive way, so peace! bbl:)

I'm debating whether to nap on the sofa or bed. Where do you get your best naps?

Funny how local ATL peeps think biker roundup is too far away still while folks have traveled nationwide to attend:)

Crazy graph on time usage by people: Very cool when you realize it shows when people do different things:)

If left alone today, I'm grabbing a nap instantly:)

I finally accepted something about my oldest daughter today that I thought was just a summer thing: she's chatty!! Ear melting kind:)

Della Reese on That's So Raven is hilarious!! I miss seeing her & Redd Foxx go back & forth;(

Friday, August 07, 2009

Gmail peeps: How many are using Google Latitude? Hit me back if so @ my first and last name there on Gmail!

Crazy people are hurting economy by burning more US funds in threatening the POTUS:(

Thursday, August 06, 2009

With the surplus of houses these days, the priority of addressing homelessness must be deeply in the negative column:(

China is so heavily populated that it is a powder key for good or evil. This plague outbreak confirms it:

Twitter was hit by a DoS attack and the attacks will probably continue hourly:(

Twitter is back to having its monthly meltdown again:( More fiber is needed!

We have seen recessions before and this economic climate surely is not one of them!

Michael Jackson had a Remember The Time Machine? Whoa!!

Google or an unknown Big Brother agency is easily licensed to search all online data in the wake of this PA horror:

Las Vegas & parts of FL & CA each will have 90% underwater mortgages by 2011: *- Awful:(

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

ABC's Defying Gravity is available as a free download on iTunes in both HD and regular viewing formats!

This news from China slightly reminds me of similar efforts in Germany decades ago:

Look how the global recession has landed in Dubai & jail time is not off the table!

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Clinton: "Pharoah, God said let my people go"! Jong: "Well, I am getting mighty close to that gate!"

I wonder if President Clinton will reveal his Jedi mind trick without his sly fox smile as knows he played Kim Jong like a sax for the world to see:)

Lesson on forgiveness:  What if former President Clinton had thrown in the towel years ago when encouraged to?  

Does mail = US Mail & package or shipment = UPS, & letter = FedEx always? I think so these days. Any other unofficial 1 word names?

The surest way to drown is to harden your heart! #Jesus #sfs

Monday, August 03, 2009

Bobby Wilks dies at 78; first African American Coast Guard pilot

Airline flights are now cheaper than bus and cab fares!! Are rates falling throughout travel industry?

RIP Corazon Aquino

Paid $5.8 B in bonuses, then paid $33 MM in fines. If BofA does not have money, who does?

Funny how US business media sorely lacks diversity when the majority of the world lacks WASPs.

Amazon has already won its matches B&N & eBay. The only potential competitors are Wal-Mart & McDonald's:) lol

Greed clearly blinded eBay into buying Skype just like the people who fall for Ponzi schemes:(

If the Skype founders can sell the company & still cripple it later to possibly buy it back or compete w/it, who fooled whom?

Clearly Apple's rejection of the Google Voice app pushed Google's CEO from Apple's Board of Directors! Last straw;)

Forget the Elvis, Tupac, & Biggie rumors cause Mozart has new music coming out!!

MLK comment meant that if power could be given away, it could be later recalled or repossessed.

If people really realized that their lack is voluntary & how the system is maintained, martial law may be needed:(

Too many Americans have gotten distracted & volunteered to enter The Matrix to their own detriment:(

Watching CNN's Reclaiming The Dream & instinctively saw the correlation between shacking up & the need for anger mgmt treatment!

It is no longer justifiable for anyone to chill on the sidelines given that baby boomers have given their best shot w/the 90s boom!

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Wondering if the lowering of education standards is politically & bureaucratically oriented versus simply thinking globally?

I hope Defying Gravity finds some of the juice LOST has! Visually it looks great.

With US demographics are going brown, there is a need to maintain & raise national security element requiring competent education standards!

This school year & every year is too important to waste w/ fashion statements & dumbing down for laughs!

A teacher at 1 daughter's new school mentioned China & India have more kids in advanced classes than in US schools altogether!!

Ebony hits another home run w/ Sept 2009 issue! Reads like a great sequel to special MJ edition w/other back to school photos & articles!!

Received a revelation that can produce immediate transformation with wisdom. I then read the Scriptures only to see gold literally there!

The dryness or lack of humidity woke me up. I thought it was much later than it is. Any prayer requests? DM me if privacy is desired.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Just saw a chain reaction, confirmation on the hard word mentioned earlier! God plays hardball more than we ask or think! Batter up!

NFL coaches are fronting on Vick until they feel the heat of almost being fired. Then they will call him to do 50+ concerts like MJ:(

What if W right now said "I'm sorry"? Would you believe him & accept it? #tcot

Even the unsaved one day in eternity will look at the enemy & say: How & why did I allow him to fool me so?

One pure taste of GOD & you will throw down the crack pipe, strip club, nightclub & whatever seems to be working right now!

Want to know if the game is already really over? Google Romans 8:38-39!

Another once and for all: talk bad about Michael Jackson & you might as well put all of our names in his place! Think twice!

Ebony's special tribute was the tip of the iceberg!!!! They have a regular issue as well! Incredible!

Stop taking the poison & feces you willingly accepted 5, 10, 20 years or minutes ago! You have the power to make the change!

I just heard something on the Teen Drama cartoon reality thingy that scratched them off my kids' playlist:(

May I say this once and clearly for all? Strippers are indeed Evangelists but for the wrong team! DM for no hold details!

I just fell in love with social media seconds ago all over again like it was hip hop!

Right now I'm listening to Gotan Project who are known for an intl chill vibe w/ hip hop spices! Highly potent!!

As hard as it is to accept for some, the rhythm of a fiery speaker is more addictive than what is being said!!!!

When will dog days of weather begin? It is hard to believe we are at the first of the month somehow. Praise God!!

Obesity is self-inflicted genocide at some point! Reverse the curse!

Feeling sad watching family w/ 4 boys waddle into CFA & mom is giving denim a massive stress test:( Not southern residents either!

Now finishing ice cream & milkshakes at Chick-Fil-A not too far from Governor's Mansion in ATL.

Kids and I made a trip to Ikea and our drought is over. Ran into a frat brother from grad school & a stranger gave us a free yogurt coupon!

$900MM write down? A simple demotion should not suffice or be tolerated @ eBay for Skype:

There are at least 352 videos of Rev. Ike on Google Video:

Rev. Ike could only appear after God used the Civil Rights movement to open corporate doors for minority baby boomers.

Another icon goes home: Rev. Ike passes away at 74.

Some of us need to become rebels against depending on those who are not thinking of you as much as you wish they would!