Monday, September 24, 2007

Violent Crime Increases But The Connected Dots and Contributing Factors Are Available Identifiable

The nation is receiving the news of violent crime growth throughout the nation.

The news does not surprise me in that the trickle down theory of Reaganomics has consistently failed the have-nots time and time again and the absence of wealth and increase in violent propanganda have driven the numbers higher.

Whenever wealth is promoted through the mass media and yet somehow remains out the hands of the masses, you will have people killing one another in the streets to get their piece of the pie.  Others will do the same through white-collar crimes.

Whenever the financial prosperity flows throughout the nation as it did during the Clinton administration, you will see the demonstration of the inverse relationship between the increase of hope and the downward trend of violent crimes.  But allow the wealth to be dammed up and flow to a exclusive segment of society, you will create the conditions ripe for violence.

The chart of the violent crimes reported should be superimposed over the charts for the DOW and NASDAQ and the correlation will become more evident.  I am sure that there is a statistic for the amount of violent acts shown on television as well.  All of these dots are connected truly.


Saturday, September 22, 2007

Resting from a Busy Week!

Today I officiated a wedding at our church while our senior pastor is out of state to give the eulogy at one of his relatives' funeral.

After regaining my career independence earlier within the week, I am going to do some serious relaxing either Sunday evening or Monday.  But the weekend is not over and I am midway between completely vegging out or wandering online which is not productive.

My youngest daughter Hailey is now tailgating me on every computer I get on every chance she gets.

She is micromanaging me now at this moment and although she does not know what I am writing about her, she recognizes her name on my screen.

Two desktops and three notebooks and still no peace for a Daddy:)

But peace to you!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Logic Express 8 Upgrade for $99 Just Turbo Charged My Day!

I installed the LE8 software upgrade after reinstalling my original RAM on my Macbook and have been experimenting with the different instruments this afternoon.

Needless to say that I have a nice, juicy smile on my face!

For only $99 plus tax, the new instruments cannot be beat IMO.

It feels as if the upgrade provides the previous $699 boost to the Logic Pro 7.

There is at least one instrument that I am trying to get the instruments to provide their sounds.  The one with the Legend Organ and other in its chain did not provide any sound.

Any assistance is appreciated in advance.

If you have either Logic Express 6 or 7 (I had LE 7), you will thoroughly enjoy this upgrade.



Saturday, September 15, 2007

Tonex Rebooted and His Global Apology

The summer of 2007 is one that will go down in history as an unforgettable one and clearly one full of swift transition.

I just read Tonex's apology for the Naked Truth and his new MySpace page is located at:

The entire Naked Truth and an interview that I heard online with Wade-O sounded so uncharacteristic that forgiveness is all that is left.

Personally I had recovered from aseptic meningitis in July and it was the hands down the worst pain that I have ever felt in my life.  My doctor kept warning me about "altered reality" and now I know what was meant since the entire experience gave me a totally new outlook on life and caused me to put down and drop some issues that were falsely taking too high a priority in my life.

What does any of this have to do with Tonex you may ask?

We never know in full the details that take place behind closed doors and within others and our own minds entirely.  During my sickness, I was turning off lights throughout our home in thinking that I was conserving energy and money at the same time.

Only when the doctor mentioned the symptoms of the disease did I begin to understand both the avoidance of light, the super foul mood, and intolerance that was building up inside me for my own family.

I had not changed but for no other reason that I was physically sick and my sickness produced emotional and mental impairment at the same time.

I am not saying that Tonex was sick in any manner, but we know that his actions this past spring and summer reflected nothing of the person that we came to know from his first musical release in the late 90s.

Therefore his apology is enough for me.

This past Sunday I preached a sermon entitled "Since God Worked It Out, How Come We Ain't Walking It Out?" and within the message (that will be uploaded online soon) I made the statement that all of us are one banana peel away from trouble and being on the six o'clock evening news worldwide.

Just like Pastor Shirley Caesar's song, some of us are still "Next In Line". 

So get ready for your banana peel, but more importantly get ready for your uprising and bouncing back.

As much as the enemy loves it when we fall, there is nothing like the look in their eyes when we get back up! 

From my own song entitled "Roller Skate", we "roller skate, roller skate, fall down seven times, get up eight"!

To God be the Glory!


Roney Smith

Friday, September 14, 2007

RIP: Bobby Byrd & Heaven Just Got Even More Funkier

Long-time collaborator with James Brown and original Soul Generals member himself Mr. Bobby Byrd has passed in Loganville, Georgia.

Mr. Byrd will probably be most remembered by singing the "Get on up" phrase within James Brown's hit entitled "Sex Machine".  It is probably hands down my favorite James Brown song because of the passion and flare of the tag team.  But Mr. Byrd had another hit which he led the vocals on a song entitled "I Know You Got Soul".

There is a clip of the song on YouTube probably, but the song alone made me buy from iTunes a CD that featured artists that worked with James Brown.  The CD is a keeper and one funky CD that will start a party across time and eternity.  It is one that will keep away any negative vibes.

Their raw energy and sublime passion made their music stand out on its own without the constant need for a video and promotion.  Any performance on national television was a historic event that would be burned into your soul and mind immediately.  Their music was so incredible that you would play the same song over and over again just to feel its repetitions of power.

It was Mr. Byrd's idea for the original group to follow Brown's talent versus keeping the Godfather of Soul in a secondary role.  To his credit, Mr. Byrd clearly should not be forgotten for giving up his seat on the bus to make sure that all of us got to the destination of supreme soul power.

Rest in peace Mr. Byrd and God bless your soul.