Saturday, October 25, 2008

Interesting Day from Girl Scouts to Democratic Political Rally!

Today has been a stunningly, great day and here are a few thoughts in a QuickTime movie video that came to me as a result.


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Nice Fuze taste test this evening!

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I bought 6 bottles of Fuze today just to our own informal taste test. They were priced at $1 per bottle at Publix grocery store nearby. I thought that they were much higher a few years ago and never bought one until today.

Since I am going from the photo and do not have the actual bottles near me, I may maim a name or two so forgive me in advance.

The most distinguishing thing that surprised me is that most of them were clear with flavors added while a few either had coloring or a creamy color.

My preference turned out to be for the bottles that were 90 calories versus the 10 calories that the rest had except for the Black & Green Tea which had only 60 calories according to my wife.

So the Peach Mango was a personal favorite and the Banana Colada.

My wife really liked the Black & Green Tea especially after buying and hating a Fuze Green Tea recently.

The pink bottle with the pomegranate and acai tasted so sweet that we thought it had an artificial sweetener like Splenda or another competitor. We could not believe that it tasted so sweet to have such a low calorie amount.

My wife shook the pink bottle up a little and then it tasted as one would expect.

The Strawberry Melon was good too and it has strawberry, watermelon, and cantaloupe flavorings.

The Strawberry Guava has 90 calories, so it was a winner in my book as well:)

Overall, I am a new fan of Fuze and need to check its stock price. I bought and sold Jones Soda a year ago and enjoyed when it took off.

I remember when Fuze had the hype as well, but for some reason I have not heard or seen anything to indicate that it still has the buzz and for this reason is probably why it is so affordable now.

But this is a sweet spot on another level especially as an investment.


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

So Many Gadgets, So Little Time!

Too many electronics have made me drool lately and everyday I receive an announcement to let me know that another one is now available for me to purchase at a discounted price.

In some cases, I know that the holiday season may make some increase in price normally but we are not at that point nationwide.

So fortunately unless there is a strong business need, I am going to rest on the sidelines for now:)


The Babies Know!!

The photos below are cool, great, and awesome until you get to the last set:)

Then you instinctively know why it went down like it did!!!

Have a great day!


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Class Reunion Weight Loss Goes Live!

Today we are releasing for public consumption a home study and support network for people looking to lose weight entitled Class Reunion Weight Loss and the site is already up and running!

My real life story of losing 40 pounds is fully documented and I am still in progress to lose another 20 to 40 pounds especially since I have not done any physical activity to lose the weight.  I went to a kickboxing free class back in April which did help in the long run, but no one has to immediately join a gym in order to lose weight.

Small tweaks to your daily lifestyle is enough to throw your entire mind, body, and soul into a lifestyle to lose any amount of weight that is desired.

There is also an affiliate program for anyone that may be interested in earning money by simply turning people onto the software and course.

A lot of work in terms of memory of what happened went into creating the course and I have already released it from my ego to be a blessing to someone who really needs it more than I do.  Therefore I am not emotionally wrapped up in any short-term victories or defeats through sales, feedback, and anything else that could undermine the entire effort.

But the course works and if it strong enough to work for me at the rate that it did, I am sure that others will be blessed to lose any amount of weight to make going back to their class reunion, a wedding, or any other special occasion a happy moment versus wallowing in self-pity and low self-esteem.

In this light, the entire time line has been a blessed one!


Friday, October 03, 2008

Friday Night Dessert: Mrs. Smith's Dutch Crumb Apple Pie!

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My girls and I just had this Mrs. Smith's Dutch Crumb Apple Pie a la mode with Cookies & Cream ice cream. There is enough cinnamon there to create a sandstorm!

It is so rich that only one serving can be enjoyed:)

At this rate, it will not see Monday for sure:)

Although my wife is a Mrs. Smith herself, she did not make this concoction:)


Documented Instability of McCain

If one is unfit to lead, they should do a better job of concealing it. McCain raises his personal instability on a flag pole!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

All That Is Needed Now Is Palin Moonwalking:)

This may be the joke of the year! She walked straight into the baseball bat and then did a 180 degree turn to flee:)

Laughs don't get any better than this!

Go Obama!