Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Want Real-Time News and/or Opinions? Try Google's Blog Search

I was just searching Google's Blog Search a few seconds ago and searched for NBC's "E-ring" which is a television show that just finished airing tonight.

To my surprise, there were fresh blogs that were created while the show was still airing.

What is so amazing about this is that there was virtually no delays between content creation and its ability to appear as a search result.

There are a ton of uses for this and I am sure that sports fans would get a huge kick out of this.

Right now I am looking at ABC's "Lost" which features other passengers of the crashed airline that ended up on the other side of the island supposedly.

The concept of another set of passengers is wonderful and ingenious since it essentially adds another layer to the story and extends the show possibly another full season just to explain what the second set of passengers experienced.

With Google's Blog Search, the time delay in getting updates worldwide has just gotten smaller.  With an instant messaging service, it is totally possible to be able to reach the authors the moment they click either the send or publish button.

This is truly dynamic!!!

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