Sunday, May 31, 2009

The movie "Up" has a misty-eyed, love backstory dictating movement to fulfill dreams that almost overpowers adults away from its fun.

Good morning All:) Today is our youngest daughter's 6th birthday & her dad is recovering this morning from a extra long Saturday:)

Lebron has begun the process that led to Jordan, Kobe, & other great players had to go through: Lebron will win his own ring at some point!

The investing seminar given today went very well & I'm looking forward to seeing much fruit from the seeds planted today.

Is too early to anticipate confirmation of my earlier predicted Cleveland Cavaliers' meltdown? There is no grinning either.

Today was a great day just as much as a long, nonstop one. Rest is the only option now:) Peace!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Men's Conference was great & the 2nd event for me to attend has already started.

Friday, May 29, 2009

A guy walks into the barber shop today selling taser like devices. Leaves after multiple sales made. Wild, wild west ATL?

I have seen "AS SEEN ON TV" items in stores that would have laughed the sales rep out of the door years ago. What gives?

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Are retired & Hall of Fame players immune from the NBA's $25k fine? Just curious:) Barkley would know!

That shot was Varejao first credit:)

Varejao's needs a Screen Actor's Guild card & auditions lined up:)

Whoa Nelly!! I want to see a tight game as long as neither team gives up mindlessly!

The NBA officiating has their hands in the cookie jar much earlier to avoid becoming as visible as game 4 revealed:)

Money & Internet Ministry, what is ethical & right

Bishop Brown,

I received an error message when commenting on your post @ , so here is my reply.

From reviewing the past quests to earn income, the Body of Christ has been taken advantage of repeatedly by wolves in sheep's clothing.

The enemy knew that if deception made prey of many, those who would grow and prosper financially would later turn down opportunities and resources that would truly bless them.

The distraction comes before the main attraction!

I suggest that people continue to learn and seek ways in which they can maintain control and possession of their invested funds while not being forced to the sidelines.

Great blog post and fly higher in Christ Jesus' name!


Received a nice reminder that favor is not fair: a scholarship was received today to a course on investment trading. More icing is nice:)

Squirrel!!! rofl:) I'm having that kind of moment myself:)

Apple must have the best behind the scenes tools to enforce data embargoes. Everyone waits until the school bell rings to run:)

The kidnapping was a hoax? Like the stereotype of running from fatherly responsibilities did not exist as a counterweight? Ok:(

Good morning All:) It feels like Wednesday, so OSW music therapy is being prescribed:)

I finally found an app that provides GPS updates for Twitter, but unsure of which one exactly worked.

It is time for a midnight nap as it will feel like:) Peace!

The Cubs' pitcher really snapped! I've never seen that much rage w/in MLB!

Will Denver coach George Karl get fined for postgame comments? He referred to pure game statistics. Time will tell.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Only the refs can give Denver the game tonight:) rofl:)

Howdy at

Ustream has an iPhone app!! Incredible!!!

Just went under the hood of the powerful Nambu app! Megatons of nuclear power:)

Our church will have a gun buy back this coming Saturday in Mableton, GA: *-

Are there local government entities not operating at a deficit?

Atlanta PD officers have to pay for parking? Whoa! Are free tea & coffee under threat next?

Nice & smooth flashback video of Blue Eyed Soul of Hall & Oatest prompted by @ejflavors today:

The "Beat Box" by The Art of Noise video was just as much fun as listening to the song: Different version??

If your music is so serious that you get offended by someone pop locking to it, pack it up now!! Gospel too:) #twurch

Musical therapy where sweat meant a good time & nonviolence was the norm @ parties:) Thanks EJ!

The grimy sound of 90s and later hip hop & rap have to be taken in small dosage like chemotherapy:(

32 minutes for paramedics to arrive at scene for Wednesday's trading session. Stitches are going to be required for this one regardless.

Somebody just threw several banana peelings in front of the Dow minutes ago:(

This is a great time of the month to internally sync yourself period.

Need an example of an athlete known for really hitting the books? Look no further:

The NBA fines represent a negative, vicious cycle vs the cowardice to acknowledge blatant imperfection & change it.

The NBA has a very unique way of reviewing its own officiating: The big $25k fine

Any energy bar fans on Twitter? What's your favorite that you can recommend?

GM's bankruptcy approaches & it appears that it may not have the negative impact as much as it would have earlier in the year.

Happy Hump Day All:) More rain on tap in ATL, so the heat returns in June:)

Cleveland Cavaliers' seasonal meltdown has finally arrived as anticipated, so let their playoffs begin:

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mystery, invisible man fouls? Whoa!

The NBA needs to check its officiating whether it wants to or not.

Did Orlando just deliver the death blow?

Passion in rebounding attempts signals which team will win.

Our condolences & prayers go out to Mike Tyson's family. Bereavement is always surreal, so only God can deliver!

ABC's Charlie Gibson just ended the final story with "You go Sister!" We are clearly not in Kansas or Oz anymore!!!

Chick-Fil-A has a peach milkshake coming this summer!! The East Point store serves it first on this Thursday!!

Bought a supplement today to prevent the cramping recently experienced in the Atlanta heat.

The East Point, GA Chick-Fil-A really delivered high quality for the meal just eaten! I almost ordered ice cream after having a milkshake:)

Everyone have a great afternoon regardless of your weather, so focus on your internal forecast instead! Peace!

Going to make an overdue acai juice run in 30 mins to southwest ATL that I've been avoiding like the swine flu & refusing to pay s&h for;)

My wife & I are celebrating our 19th wedding anniversary!! I gave her iPod goodies: armband & a/v cable that she thought we probably had!

Good morning All! President Obama made a great decision in expanding the pie versus anything that would divide America!

Every now & then, one experiences a trading moment where only the big dogs get to eat. There's no shame in their crumbs & leftovers:)

If you are ever tempted to complain about the weather, take a look at these temps first:

Wow, North Korea has its own version of Cheney & Bush wrapped up in one individual who wants his son to succede him:(

Monday, May 25, 2009

Family is watching 1st "Night at the Museum". Still funny as ever!

There are far more businesses in trouble than most realize. I was stunned to see many completely shut down in a nice area of Smyrna, GA.

China is backing away from supporting North Korea? Wow, that's isolation.

Just tried Chipotle for the first time ever. Very good & only one major training opportunity seen.

Just fell into some home alone time. Time to recenter & refocus.

iTunes is an extremely sharp piece of software even for multiple iPods, but only once its philosophy is fully adopted:)

I wonder if Jayson Williams' has an OJ Simpson death wish or something. May God bless him to experience a divine turnaround.

Today we found it under the sofa where I slept. My youngest finally confessed to moving it but saw, heard, & spoke nothing at the time:(

My wedding band distinctly went missing on Mother's Day during a nap after worship services. I knew Santa's little helpers were involved.

Praise God for the armed forces members making the ultimate sacrifice and their families!

It is going to be a 4-cup minimum morning!

London's trading holiday is in sync w/US Memorial Day. Thin range & knee taken as a result.

May have hit unintentional observation mode due to sluggish wake up & then super slow PC startup:(

Good morning All:) It's a.m. grinding time!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Sandman is making me tap out. I feel like I've had MSG today & know otherwise unless it was in the fruit punch or lemonade.

Watching Food Network show where people could not tell whether MSG was consumed or not.

Good morning All! It's a nice & muggy 68F in ATL this morning.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Good night All:)

Just returned from BBQ across the street that included South Carolina chicken & rice:) What do you know about that? lol:)

Just woke up from nap needing more rest than prior to nap;). When it rains, it pours!

The rain has made a nap inevitable:)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Is anyone checking out Atlanta Carnival parade tomorrow? It starts @ noon & ends on Auburn Ave like Sweet Auburn Festival:)

Just learned that Gmail can import & export contacts after wishing an export was previously done:S lol:)

"Chocolate was once used as currency in Mexico by Montezuma" via Globe Trekker:)

Insurance claims after eating in Mexico, Africa, or off dirt should be denied!! If it was good going down, then all bets are off:)

We love Globe Trekker on PBS & the show likes the kids:)

The Brazilian BBQ spot was very, very good!

Why is stuff visible only until you are looking for it? Does life already have a cloaking device?

Scheduled to try a fairly new Brazilian BBQ spot for lunch today & it will be a meat lovers' delight without a doubt:)

Good morning All:). This is Friday right?

Enough tech stuff for one night as it has repaved the way to return to super early hours being normal next week.

After seeing the difference in ownership vs usage on a deeper level still, the iPod Touch is like receiving a techie, master BBQ grill:)

I thought I would see the 8GB difference from my wife's iPT, but the space difference is a long way off:)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Lost DSL access somehow & just got it back. Wireless connection still down:(

I just happen to say I could do a happy dance & my oldest immediately says, "Let's do it now!" PRICELESS:)

Just finished several syncs to new iPT & photos and apps dwarf the space used for music somehow!

My own iPod Touch has arrived & I've learned more about MobileMe syncing than previously thought w/my Macbook:)

I just learned of Wal-Mart's music policy not to carry parental advisory labels on CDs via this article:

Good morning All:)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lawn has taken no prisoners this late afternoon & Powerade is being put to the test!

Just bought Foreign Exchange's latest project & a surprise discount kicked in for net price of only $3.99. Whoa!

Made an actual telephone call w/my wife's iPod Touch today. Yes, her mind was BLOWN & she'll do the same to her coworkers soon:)

The only place with more beautiful weather than Atlanta today is heaven or not attached to the lower 48:)

Is anyone on or within reach of Skype or a cell or landline phone right now? I wish to test someone for 2-3 minutes max?

The GOP uproar now explains why waterboarding was done:(

Good morning All:). It's an early morning here in Mableton, GA!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Just returned from Chow Baby where the experience never falls below excellent:)

Headed to dinner w/fraternity brothers where I'm the birthday Nupe this time around:) Chow Baby was my call:)

Placed my order for the 8GB iPod Touch 2nd Gen since the new ones will have cameras later this year:) Our girls'll get this hand me down:)

My wife & I peeped Tyler Perry's The Family That Preys which was as solid as any classic flick of any era!!! Well written & great acting!

Chick-Fil-A is sending 2 cards for free meals after receiving news of my experience yesterday!!! Corporate HQ doesn't play around:)

AT&T DSL access has been successfully restored this evening!!

This morning we've released a viral PREPAID OUTBREAK for interested parties at

Good morning All:) It's cold again in Atlanta:)

Monday, May 18, 2009

The CFA location was a little too nonchalant about the incident as if fries had run out. But CHICKEN? DUDE!!!!!

I experienced the unthinkable this afternoon: Chick-Fil-A on Thorton Road in Lithia Springs, GA ran out of chicken for sandwiches:( Ouch!

Good afternoon All:) It has been a busy one for me.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Here is my birthday shoutout video to everyone for making today so special:

An earlier birthday phone went imtergalactic & such moments are gifts from God. I'm writing memes mentioned now!

Off to McCafe!

One cannot look at Finding Nemo w/o having a GA Aquarium moment:)

I think I'm old enough to appreciate the Jheri Curl's revenge as the new school tries to bring it back per a tweet just read:)

It's still raining & a good sign to take it easy at home. Girls are watching Finding Nemo for the googleth time;)

I'm not venturing too far today at all, but a McCafe run sounds like one I can get maximum benefit from right now. bbl:)

The rain shower was just like Italian Ices, but we may get more than one serving:)

The captain leaves the deck for a moment to return to see kiddies spinning in chair like it's their birthday:)

Rain? Rain on my birthday? Only God can do that:) lol:)

I am now sitting in a new captain's chair according to the Federation's regulations:) W00t!

I just received a nice pen & manager's chair for my birthday!!!! W00t!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

As the heat intensifies, always anticipate the last minute bunnies running across your path to distract you. Use them to really turn it up!

I might have to kick the party off in the a.m. after realizing I'm really numb from the intense focus & final pushes.

Just received notice that a huge blessing & milestone has been reached. Now the party will begin as the walls of Jericho come tumbling down!

I'm seeing prayers being answered tonight. Another person that went deeply off road years ago is now The Preacher's Wife:) U-turns allowed!

I never remember it ever raining this close to my birthday seriously!

My daughters want to celebrate it in "their own" unique way!

It's less than 7 hours until my birthday officially arrives & I'm more thankful versus wondering how I'm going to celebrate it:)

DirecTV's not publicized number for customer service: 877-616-6683 Just say technical support to receive reset assistance.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Successfully located one of my best men tonight that was underground due to the everyday life routines! Prayers were answered! #twurch

Would love to check out the Taste of Alpharetta tonight but the Taste of GA400 is too much to willingly sign up for!

Not that they could not handle it, but the legal restrictions make it more difficult to do so.

The Wired article made me realize the nightmares my childhood teachers would have since classroom mgmt is a totally different game now.

Be creative in the midst of a storm: Cool article;)

Good morning All:) Practicing low profile Ninja moves this morning for maximum productivity!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tomorrow is the last chance of a bullish day this week in financial markets. Friday will truly not welcome those with a weak constitution:)

I already agreed w/President Obama on not fueling our enemies' fire w/photos taken during W's administration:

Stop the digital presses!!!! FDA recall on children's face paint: Made in you know where:(

This office incident needs to become a Southwest Airlines' ad: Want to get away? rofl 5x:)

Peep the cool photos of Real Housewives of Atlanta Sheree's nice fashion show @ The W in ATL: Go Paras!

Someone fell off a bike while on a Jesus tour & we want to hear their explanation how & why. Replaying it offers no reasons why.

My wife & I had a great breakfast from McDonald's & had a funny debate over a video on The Today Show.

Good morning All:)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

See the ATL Sprite's slam dunk champion @ Sweet Auburn Festival: The crowd really felt every dunk:)

Atlantic Station is super nice in the middle of the day & the movie theater provides 2 hours of free parking!

How does one keep up w/the free weekends & viewing of HBO, Showtime, & other premium channels? HBO is free right now for an unknown time:)

Changing gears & leaving to see Star Trek in Atlantic Station with my wife:) bbl & Peace!

Fall in LOVE w/ Christ Jesus: Your soul needs another lover like you need a hole in your head:) Romans 5:8 #twurch

Really need a breakthrough to occur? Take your ego out of the equation to rely on Romans 8:28 & it is already done!

What caffeine & sugar won't do, prayer, music, & a laugh will. Pass the prayers please!!!

Morning nutrients did not arrive fast enough & I may be in need of a do over already:( I had a Rottweiler moment & crow diet is now due.

Good morning All:)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Movie plans scrapped, so it's full speed ahead:)

Good morning All:) Day may get a nice detour of a movie: Wolverine or Star Trek.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Good night All:) About to make several MD calls & get some early sleep for a primetime Monday.

Who are your favorite online, social, movie critics that you absolutely trust? Wondering how Star Trek & Wolverine compare.

Do not visit El Pollo Loco's menu page if you do not want to pay them a visit soon! Their bowls look good!

Want to shock kids & some adults? Tell them the Statute of Liberty was not always green! Whoa:)

Congratulations to all graduates and alumni! This is still a season to celebrate education & be inspired to reach higher!

Is today the one to try El Pollo Loco? What was their counteroffer to KFC's freebie?

Here's the Mother's Day gift my grand slam wife received: Need ideas for anniversary on 26th now:)

As cool as it is outside (68F), we managed to have the A/C on:(

Glad I didn't stay up through the 4th Qtr on the CLE spank down of hometown ATL Hawks. We can only hope to avoid the likely sweep now!

Happy Mother's Day All:)

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Is beef making a comeback?

John 16:20 Verily, verily, I say unto you, That ye shall weep and lament, but the world shall rejoice...

Romans 12:15: Rejoice with them that do rejoice, and weep with them that weep.

The pettiness of haters never ceases to amaze, but why do they play themselves so openly? #sfs

The police presence around Philips Arena before noon & on Auburn Ave this p.m. was the tightest I've seen since the '96 Olympics!

I could never my camera ready to photograph Afroman today:( Yes, Afroman in ATL w/a cape:)

The Sweet Auburn Festival was great & the site of Hustle Olympics on all levels:)

About to check out metro ATL although I failed to charge camera batteries as I should have. Cumberland Mall, Centennial Park, & Underground

Friday, May 08, 2009

The next hot thing on Twitter is already here & goes nuclear over this weekend: BubbleTweet videos by @bubbleguru Congratulations! #ff

In ATL right now it is so humid that one looks around for the body of water causing it, but there is isn't one.

Is there a site that provides the liner notes & other info CDs generally provide? I'm thinking of going digital & never looking back.

Most people don't realize one can POST tweets from cell phones but you NEVER want to RECEIVE ALL posts:)

When is the Bud Billiken Parade scheduled in Chi-Town this year?

Does anyone recognize this BET show clip? Does it still air?

@sherylunderwood You & Earthquake were great on @therealrc show this afternoon. Get Earthquake on Twitter asap!

@therealrc is on the air right now w/a super smooth Mother's Day program @

Free pancakes in Centennial Park tomorrow starting @ 9 a.m.: <a href=""></a> They have 8 hrs to break record & really need eaters:)

Would you change your own friend & follow policy if you actually knew how much it was crippling your opportunities & wallet?

ATL traffic is already burnt toast, so folks will have plenty of time to tweet about it:(

For a moment, I thought Black Thought of The Roots was actually Gerald Levert! Dude can blow!!!

Fallon really bombed when making a joke of the world's oldest dog & Michael Vick:( One ATL beatdown is enough tonight!

It was just that bad: tonight's game looked like a fight between Jason Bourne & the new James Bond. But they tag teamed vs ATL Hawks:(

ATL is about to show its true sports colors in that people will show up Saturday just to see CLE play & root for them:(

Leno saved a spicy DUI lady making moves on the male officer for last:) She left no stone unturned on her desires! Whoa!

Thursday, May 07, 2009

I once had a guy call only to ask for his money back after making some losing trades:( I asked if he would call Toyota if gas prices rose:)

Someone actually called 911 saying they could not get out of a car:( Go to NBC now!

Comedian Carrot Top & his "privacy blinds" belt on Leno was too sick!! lol:)

Doing stand up comedy must have a lot in common with brain surgery:)

Leno's taking no prisoners in his monologue: Kirstie Alley gained weight eating Favre retirement dinner cakes:(

In ATL, we need Della Reese's Harlem Nights character to show up for Sat's game or Madea to suit up:) Who gets cut first? rofl:)

Is anyone going to the Sweet Auburn Festival in Atlanta on Saturday? Tweet up opportunity? Let me know!

When will someone honestly claim that CLE ran up the score on ATL in an unsportsmanlike manner? lol:)

Justin Timberlake to host SNL w/ Ciara as musical guest. Only potential outcomes: imagery backlash or Cassie takes destructive notes:(

USPS stamps increase again on May 11th!

Soccer's World Cup possibility in ATL & it is far bigger than the Olympics? Tonight's game is an * already:)

Local NBC affiliate in ATL is reporting administrative pressure placed on teachers NOT to report bullying:(

SouthLAnd is just like Oz & The Wire. You know there is only going to be something bad happening, but you want to know how it goes down.

NBC SouthLAnd's Regina King has a "Homey don't play that" or "today is not that day" stare that is a THUG ZAPPER:)

My CSI skills put the blame for tonight's ATL loss where it belongs with Oprah & that free KFC grilled chicken:)

You told Harpo to beat me!

With a blowout like tonight, ATL gets to keep its swag:) rofl:)

NBC's SouthLAnd is the first show to go HBO & FX strong within an over the air network IMHO. Almost too real except for the beeps:)

Lebron & CLE might have ankle or elbow injuries the way they applied corporal punishment tonight:)

As superstitious as CLE is, they will brown bag their food & water during this ATL visit;)

Every time I see an uneven blowout I think of Dennis Green's post game meltdown after MY BEARS came back & beat Arizona:) Ahh, YouTube!

Let the bench take the spanking vs the main 6 to avoid injuries ATL!

I have the ATL vs CLE game on behind me. Hawks might need the hookup @ CDC to get a little swineflu specimen ready for Cavs:) lol:)

NO CHICKEN, NO PEACE is as funny as FISHSTICKS or a photo finish & recount is required:)

Cavs may be blowing out Hawks tonight, but the talk will turn to their meltdown upon visiting ATL. Win Game 3 prior to sweep talk!

Twitter is beginning to look like a potential joint venture between Google & Apple to me. It will be acquired this year, so early congrats! looks as good as any photo output for Ping.

My daughters spanked me faster than I downloaded the games from Apple! What gives?

Is there a conspiracy against adults that won't allow us to win at video games any more? I paid enough in quarters BITD I thought:(

Have a great afternoon All:) I'm overclocking the entire net, so I'll let it cool off:)

Wal-Mart does the right thing after worker dies in holiday stampede:

Time is flying so fast that Easter & Mother's Day almost feels like they are in the same weekend:)

The Cassie haircut was an effect & not the cause it was portrayed to be. #sfs

Today is the National Day of Prayer! REVERSE THE CURSE! #sfs

As a child, there were letters & sounds I couldn't pronounce. Now as an adult, praise God there are words and thoughts I won't:) #sfs

Those boasting you'll never make it are totally furious that you are still in the game! #sfs #twurch

Get your Hawaiian shirt from Walgreen's if your swag can fist bump that:) #sfs

Get your Hawaiian shirt from Walgreen's if your swag can fist bump that:) #sfs

Sweeter than the honeycomb & closer than a touch is our Lord Christ Jesus! #sfs

From the rising of the sun, the characteristics of God are to be praised! I AM THAT I AM! #sfs

Ungodly fear is not for you, so get your mind off it:) #sfs #twurch #blck

Good morning All:) May your day be blessed above your expectations!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

The kid named Chase on @oprah really looks like a young Bill Gates, so he needs to know he needs to live! #sfs

Parents need to ensure that their children have an undeniable winner's circle as a buffer to potential bullying. @oprah

Today's show on @Oprah is on bullying & needs night time or online viewing. It could save lives!

Call me crazy but now is the perfect time to invest in pork related stocks & companies up & down the food chain:) #sfs

Have a great afternoon All:) bbl

More homeowners underwater than imagined:

The 1st person or company that can convert smiles into energy will buy Google, Amazon, & Apple in afternoon shopping!

Has your local media reported any news on the KFC & Oprah offer? Complete silence in ATL even on network where her show airs.

Equating dying in sin w/o forgiveness & asking for forgiveness requires a quantum leap I've never seen before. #sfs #pastors

I need confirmation on this: was Danny Gans the same Las Vegas entertainer that was able to imitate many other performers so well?

Never stand by while someone may be drowning or fighting for their life in your presence! Your turn will come! #sfs #twurch

Judas was the hater who failed to ask for forgiveness unlike the rest of the 11 apostles who fled. #sfs #pastors

When did buying a loaf of bread or seeds and holding them forever make sense? #sfs

Definition of a hater: Someone that always is unable to value or nourish our seeds & fruit. #sfs

Matthew 7:18 A good tree cannot produce bad fruit, nor can a bad tree produce good fruit. #sfs

Today's silver-tongued snakes are still snakes! Why expect anything different? #sfs #twurch

Forgetting our own mistakes is a clear HOV, autobahn lane to repeating them. #sfs

They were always repeating what they were told by someone else: mainly financial services companies that sponsored their tv shows.

If they got it wrong then, where's the "I'm sorry & was wrong. Here's what I've learned." speech?

The statement is one reason I have an extremely hard time digesting current financial gurus: their previous advice was always suicidal.

"It would be a greater shame to climb the ladder of success to find it was leaning against the wrong building", I said in Dec 2004:)

When one financial services company wanted me to "fake it until I made it", I told them the unthinkable to them...

Too many are calling their friends enemies & their enemies friends in the wrong season at the wrong time. #sfs #twurch

Too many are playing 3 Card Monty with their lives & souls. #sfs #twurch #pastors

Psalm 20:7 Some trust in chariots, and some in horses: but we will remember the name of the LORD our God. #sfs

Blinging or conspicuous consumption can never hide or heal the pain inside!

All of my planned infomercial & expert ebook purchases were trashed & then boom, they were no longer needed!

The right words or phrases can heal just like beautiful people:)

I'm not self-made at all:)

I have since returned to getting paid for what traditional mindsets consider "playing on the computer all day long". All credit -> GOD!

I should have quit after visiting Wall St later but I stayed "underemployed" to keep peace within our home.

Back to celebrities: many would be demonized for telling us the hard core truths why they escaped the daily shackles that we prefer!

Many times it is not what is done but how it is done!

I wonder what kept me from letting go while knowing I had all the ingredients & would they have done so if they knew where I would be now?

We're experiencing blessings unimaginable since leaving my last job in Sept 2007. I had to be kicked out & away from the "security" though.

My wife gave me a quick honey do item & while doing it I realized something never considered before.

Friendly but serious warning for my Tweeps: There are some surreal photos surfacing from Iraq that I'm saying the US should destroy them:(

The tree of the knowledge of good & evil was indeed planted for a reason. Premature timing to eat its fruit was disobedience. #sfs

Does anyone else watch "Black Men Revealed" on TV One? This is pure barbershop dialogue!! Unbelievable!

No one is saying that a fool's advice must be adhered to but every prosecutor must contain some truth in order to seek a guilty verdict.

Celebrity status seeks fast approval vs being challenged whether their actions in their field of expertise are truly ethical.

The assumption of being incapable of being wrong is a virus most celebrities are plagued with especially within social media.

It's odd that the Guinness Book of World Records did not have an oldest pet category until recently.

Most people are unwilling to experience any discomfort in order to learn from someone they may not totally agree with. Same on Twitter:(

The 1st person who said "Don't let the smooth taste fool you" was returning home from a trip to Atlanta:)

Good morning All:) Fire up your engines!!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

It's too cool to learn that as many as 5 iPod Touchs have been purchased as a result of my spark of giving my wife one! #sfs #mobile

The Cleveland crowd fails to count any chickens at all. Are they extremely superstitious?

Win, lose, or draw, KFC's marketing team closes in on Denny's great effort w/ the Super Bowl ad.

Is @oprah taking tastemaking to another level? The KFC to KGC move says maybe if social media was sole starting point. Very nice start!

Do they want to unthin us or for us to believe KFC is doing the unthinkable?

Why is the URL vs

I just spotted a potentially dangerous, Freudian slip w/the @oprah & KFC offer!

I came home to run across "Devil in a Blue Dress" book!! Don't know if it was already there or not & need half court shot opportunity now:)

Mouse: Why did you leave him with me if you knew I might have to kill him?

McD makes me think of Mouse from the EZ Rawlins' stories:)

My nearest McCafe is giving away free samples on Monday nights, so call it unnecessary roughness if you will Sbux!

God has revealed healing in His wings so much in 2009 already that to call it a restoration is an understatement!

Live by the bean & one will die by the bean!!

The Starbucks next door to McD closes on May 10th after Sbux forced a mom & pop coffee shop to close its doors 1 to 2 years earlier.

McCafe's blind spot: Caramel & whipped cream on cold coffee drinks:( They mentally crash instantly into bureaucratic jibberish:)

There's a big difference between a sower & a mower. Who are you? #twurch #pastors #sfs

Nations always talk about winning the war but the real battle is within winning the peace!

Counting down til McCafe time arrives within the hour;) I still need a cup today.

Good afternoon All:) If Apple buys Twitter, it will blow many PC minds:)

Monday, May 04, 2009

Unashamedly I am going to bed at the same time my kids finish saying their bedtime prayers:) Is it the rain or this past weekend? lol:)

Lesson learned over weekend is that distance never separates some while close proximity never ensures harmony either.

Is a MVP enough to win a series alone? Here in ATL, I don't think so:) Hawks will not play it safe!!

4 Charged with skipping live bullets like rocks on nearby ATL lake: No joke:(

Good morning All:) I'm enjoying the rain!

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Crashing early after discovering final round was a blank needed for Monday's track & field starting gun:). Good night All:)

Feeling like a deer in headlights on whether to crash for the night or if there's another round in the chamber to close out the weekend:)

Saturday, May 02, 2009

A lack of sleep throbbing is a reminder that 20s have left the building:)

Going to Stone Mountain Park w/in hour but w/o urgency;)

Stayed in SW Dekalb Co last night to avoid lengthy a.m. drive to Conyers breakfast: priceless:)

Friday, May 01, 2009

It's going to be a hoot to see VP Biden become the US Govt's litmus test:) Ok, I hear you, but let us see & hear Joe first!! #itrustjoe

Conspiracy theorist dilemma: Do you take a flu shot based upon news' hype & potentially run into the other bull's horn if you do?

When would it ever be a bad time to fly if not now? #itrustjoethevp #itrustjoe

Airlines can't handle the truth: #itrustjoethevp #itrustjoe

FDA warns against Hydroxycut usage asap:

I had to dump a full tank of gas that appeared too watery & diluted. The lawn mower would run on concrete but not on grass for long:(

Today may have been the day that motivated me to invest in oil companies & strictly buy higher octane gas: ethanol is money for nothing:)

There's no app for mowing the lawn that I know of, but I think it is me:) bbl & peace!

Has music gone retro to the 80s for inspiration? I'm hearing more evidence that it has right or wrong.

One question: Where is PETA these days? They are noticeably quiet to me right now. One hand is overplayed while the other is underplayed.

Interesting must see, agri-biz video:

Beef, poultry, peanuts, & now swine. Which mass production agricultural industry will be hit hard next?

I don't know about you, but I'll take VP Joe Biden's words any day over those repeating only what they have been fed:) I TRUST JOE!