Saturday, November 19, 2005

Old School Song That Stumped Me

I am listening to "The Groove" on XM Radio featured on DirecTV while surfing the internet.
I just heard a song that has been sampled numerous times and being the R&B expert I am from my bedroom DJ days from grades 7 through 12, I knew that I could never identify this song if it was a part of some music trivia.
The song is "I Get Lifted" by George McCrae and it appeared on the same album entitled "Rock Your Baby" and the title track was the most popular song of the album.
I know that Dr. Dre had sampled the song for some of his early work with Snoop Dogg.  I think that the sample appears on the album "The Chronic".
I always wondered how he had the presence of mind to go back to an era that is older than most of us (he is the same age as I to my knowledge).
After hearing the original song, I know that his earlier choice of samples come from the popularity of songs based within his hometown than mine and/or family members who were slightly older.
I have an older cousin (6 years older) who would have been this type of musical influence in my life, but I was considered too young to hang with him then.
The next time that we talk I will definitely ask him about some of the songs he listened to within the early 70s.  One song that I do remember hearing once while visiting his house that has stayed with me is "Feel The Need" by Larry Graham and Graham Central Station.
I saw the album cover online not too long ago and knew that it would have never been on my radar screen otherwise.  Ironically, the album photography appears to have been taken in front of a church and I know that Larry Graham is a Jehovah Witness.
I might listen to a couple of previews from this CD, but "Feel The Need" always stayed with me and I know Dr. Dre had an older brother who was murdered (I believe) who clearly played a significant role in his musical development.

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