Saturday, November 26, 2005

DirecTV & XM Radio Recommendation

I would like to see XM Radio recognize its new listeners via DirecTV as subscribers for the online feed of the various programming.

Gaining online access to the same content as long as a person is a DirecTV subscriber should not be considered a major hurdle to XM RadioThe feed could exist through DirecTV's website if necessary.
The motivation for this thought is that when my daughters Rachel and Hailey want to watch children's programming on TV, I have to watch or listen to something else if I am in the same room.  I am usually online since a lot of the kiddie tv gets similar to a Chinese water torture if we have already seen it for the umpteenth time;)
Otherwise if this recommendation is not digestible, I imagine that it will lead me to consider obtaining another DirecTV unit which we never have previously considered.  But the XM Radio option costs more but is more portable.  XM Radio does beat the overprogrammed options of local radio overwhelming in my opinion.  Right now I cannot digest the thought of buying an XM Radio although it does beat local radio options.  There would need to be another unique selling benefit for XM Radio to seem logical to me at the current moment.
Radio stations within the Carolinas (WWDM in Sumter, SC, 99.1 or 99.7 FM "Rocking with the Fox" in Fayetteville, NC, WYNN-FM in Florence, SC, and WCIG-FM prior to its being sold and format change) that I remember have consistently outperformed Atlanta radio stations within their music programming.  There is just a little lack of programming diversity and it sounds as if music directors are listening to other stations and having their on-air personalities play the same songs as other stations.
Clearly everyone is taking the same commercial breaks as everyone else which drives me crazy.
I remember when cable FM was being hyped in the early 80s and has morphed into a better platform with XM Radio.
Now that our youngest daughter is no longer sleeping in her crib and has moved to the same room with big sister Rachel, I may re-inherit a fortress of solitude but on a limited basis.  I know that a home network is coming onto the horizon day-by-day.
When will the perfect balance ever be found? 
Still, I press on since the current lifestyle offers something for everyone within our household;)

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