Sunday, November 27, 2005

Surprise Hit & Jewel on XM Radio: Cinemagic

This evening while channel surfing I stumbled across an previously undiscovered channel on XM Radio via DirecTV and it is called Cinemagic (822 on DirecTV).

I was just listening to a composition from the movie "Drop Zone" that I have not ever seen credited to one of my favorite movie soundtrack composers Hans Zimmer.  Whenever you see Hans' name attached to a movie, you know that there is going to be some serious complexity and strategy going on within the movie and soundtrack.

This channel alone may start me to locate some of the movies that I have not seen just to see if the soundtrack's intensity is more intense than the action within the movie alone.

It must be a Hans Zimmer mini marathon.  Scores from Backdraft and Black Hawk Down were just played as well.

A composer named Brian May was just listened to and it was dangerously intense as well.

Looking at the IMDB trivia for the various parties is just as interesting as listening to their compositions.

Check out the channel and enjoy the music whenever you want to really focus or get your "game face" on;)

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