Friday, November 18, 2005

VP Cheney Crashes & Burns with Indirect Attack on A Highly Decorated, Former Marine of All Things

The Nation has a blog entry that if true is so sad and pathetic about the mindset of VP Dick Cheney that the latest events should mark a tipping point within the political and historical demise and of the current Vice-President.

At this point in time, I am of the opinion that it would be better for Cheney to resign citing health issues than to continue on the current course of misinformation and attacking of windmills.

I mean the VP is clearly one of the leading proponents of quantum physics, time travel, and mass communications from an alternate reality or Bizarro (if this is the place often mentioned within Seinfeld from a DC Comics reference).

Rove must be riding shotgun and drinking from the same cup of Kool-Aid but at least Rove has enough sense to not be recorded or to allow someone else to take the fall;)

I am not one who is fanatic about politics but when I realized that bureaucracy is one of my biggest pet peeves, the current administration is loaded and flashing its hazard lights beside the interstate of empathy with the rest of America.

Mark my words--before the year expires and 2006 is ushered in, VP Cheney will be reported to have said something so incredible and in poor taste that his own words will force him to resign.

The only way my prediction will fail is if Cheney goes back into the rabbit hole that he occupied in order to allow W seem the presidential cowboy and hero to the rescue in the aftermath of the downed World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks.

If Cheney goes on an extended vacation within 2005, my prediction will still ring true before the next administration is sworn in.

Cheney will indeed have to fall on his sword through his own words versus anything anyone else can do to or for him.

The link above virtually proves it.


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