Thursday, November 24, 2005

XM Radio and The Holidays, They Won't Stop!

I am still diggin XM Radio via DirecTV this afternoon although it is still some time before considering buying a device to access it away from home, it is da bomb!!!

I am listening to The Flow right now and was listening to The Groove channel earlier and FM radio does not have a thing on these guys!

The main thing that it has me thinking is that I must get my hands on a turntable and digitize my vinyl collection.

The music industry needs rehab from crack since they think that control over how content is accessed is important.

XM has already taught me that you should not have to forget about the content you already have in order to stay current especially if what you had before is already good.

But I guess that this is why they want to limit how much past sales can be replayed in order to keep you buying more;)

Good thing that they cannot charge for oxygen yet;)

I have already heard today several artists and songs that I would not have heard on local radio stations due to the songs not living up the "attack of the clones" mindset that too many radio station managers and music directors must be adhering too these days.

I do wonder how unsigned artists can submit songs to XM Radio for airplay since the demand for new music can only increase.

In the meantime, don't disturb this groove!!!



trise7en said...

My son just told me about this new feature on DirecTV. Really cool!

Roney Smith said...

Shavar, I just hope that XM Radio will recognize DirecTV subscribers and allow them to listen to XM Radio online.

When my daughters want to watch their favorite tv shows, then I think about becoming a portable XM Radio subscriber or getting another DirecTV box installed in the house somewhere;)