Saturday, October 31, 2009

This Is It truly documented the genius of Michael Jackson & his craftmanship behind the scenes!

This Is It is great & no tissue is required! You will leave happy to see what may not have become visible otherwise.

No business is immune from H1N1 if they shoot their own toes off:(

The Zaxby's in Mableton, GA scored 87 (B) on its last health inspection which is an F for them:(

This video still puts a smile on my face from the "Do The Right Thing" soundtrack: "My Fantasy"

Peep this smooth MJ track jazzed up & guess who's playing guitar on it: My FB friends already know:)

Twitter lists are POISON to most celebrities on Twitter since they won't spend the time for the research required.

"Dancin" by Guy is a great song for a newlywed's first (fast) dance:) The lyrics & music are perfect:)

In music school this morning with Guy:)

My wife brought home Halloween doughnuts from Wal-Mart that were just as visually tasty! Make them year round!

Time to enjoy 1st gear! bbl

Christians move on Saturdays like the secular world does on Sundays due to true Sabbath instincts:)

Processed sugar food chain should be governed or monitored by the DEA seriously!!

Youngest daughter just wished me a "Happy Halloween". Candy must be a gateway drug:(

Whoa! Major winds just hit!!!! House rocked like a ship!

My ATL weather is already 1F over the forecast high of 70F, so it feels like the suspended roller coaster moment:) All hands up!

A nice day like today makes playing Guy's entire catalog a good move & teachable moment:)

Friday, October 30, 2009

No doubt about it 24-7: God is good all the time!

The Dow managed to delay any market corrections for the month. Pressure builds for November to prove the storm has fully passed:(

The best way to use Google Reader is to create frequent reminders in Google Calendar:)

Seed of the Day: Matthew 5:1

Earlier attempt at sleep must have been a drowsy nap. Snoring household killed my motivation to stay in bed afterwards:)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

My eyelids are thankful for Tivo as staying up for #RHOA is getting tougher by the minute! Thank God for the time change Saturday!

Music will either chase away bad days or reduce their severity, so throw on something that provides a great vibe soon!

There's nothing like finding one of your musical teachers & influences online:)

Apple & Google are my leading candidates to acquire the eBay virus:( Being on top of the mountain too long increases risk!!!

This week I felt the vibe of several companies coming down with the eBay virus & successfully sinking any web2.0 hopes & dreams once shown:(

I may have come to terms in looking for FB to finally & fully take over FF:(

Seed of the Evening: Psalm 66:18-19

I get it now: the monthly full moon news bureau has kicked in:( Let me find the link so you can see these stories 1st hand!

Local tv news should placed online to eliminate criminals from exporting crime w/ temporary immunity!!

The Facebook love triangle just revealed that the prized male involved is also a teacher at the same school:(

One third grader actually seriously talked about aliens being predators & most adults would discredit him upon an encounter:)

My wife blew my mind when she told me ABC's new show "V" is a remake from the 80s or early 90s!!

I now wonder if the govt or media will squelch the caterpillar angle to the swine flu vaccine? They're too bold at this point:(

Spelling correction: caterpillars Documented story on the insect-based vaccine.

I kid you not: some swine flu vaccines have been reported to have been produced from CATEPILLARS!! Google it yourself!!

Recently 1 guy shot another after they scheduled to meet after a wrong number call goes ballistic!! Both less than 25 y.o.!!

I heard 2 stories today of violence involving total strangers due to the technology! What happened to assaulting only those you know?

2 teachers unknowingly in a love triangle come to blows in front of students as the women found each other via Facebook.

The difficult economy is paving the way for some bureaucrats to take bribes way faster than normal:(

The news makes me wonder, "Is this only happening in a single city?". Surely not!!

When a restaurant scores less than an A on a retest, it deserves to be closed for an extended period of time if not forever!

SNL has officially jumped back over the shark:) What Up With That?

A song Prince clearly heard growing up: Joe Walsh's "All of a Sudden". Listen to the bass line & go wow!

@imogenheap Quit playing with your inner DJ & let it out:) Cool:)

I ran across @imogenheap's name enough times today for it to stick & I'm impressed even though I do not know a single song yet.

The app Shazam does not process DIY humming or singing:)

All of us need to tell the enemy "I refuse to do your dirty work again"!

Who are the female singers on Steely Dan's "Dirty Work"? They are incredible w/a very smooth song! has the full track of "Peg" Some feel good music for when you smile for the camera:)

Ok, the Steely Dan song was "Peg" & I was hearing the sax part of the verses in my head only like a sample. IDK why.

Reelin' In The Years was made for road trips!

Already my search is almost contaminated in that hearing the songs is threatening my retention of the initial song since they're so good!

Wow! Google may need to send some peeps a residual & the results are much cleaner. I'm going through them now to find the song asap:)

Help! A Steely Dan tune just popped in my head, I don't know the name, but want to hear it asap to learn. Where would you go?

What makes one's thinking process suddenly clear up with sunshine when the shoes are removed?

Weirdest part of watching different kids present their projects today was that their parents asked the hardest questions. But why?

Apple needs to add an iPhone app that lists the apps installed but not visible once all 11 pages are filled:) Scrollable please:)

Seed of the Day: Ephesians 4:3 Endeavoring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.

Enjoying a cup of Starbucks in B&N near Cumberland Mall:)

Went to oldest daughter's to see her presentation. She did a great job & her classmates seemed very interested in her topic: the year 2049!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

One should never totally trust physical vision because it is most susceptible to CHANGE!!!!

71F may feel rather warm if is reached today here in Atlanta! The farther away from 50F, the better:)

A "rolling" crystal meth lab has stopped traffic on I-285 in Atlanta!

$AAPL is facing a red zone of OBESITY & $MSFT is in no position to take advantage of it while $GOOG may acquire the one who is.

Any fans of ABC's "Defying Gravity"? Does this 1996 book cover look like there is a connection with the show to you?

The immovable object finally meets the irresistible force just for your own creative efforts:) Priceless!!!

The value to cost ratio is VIRTUALLY INFINITE percentage wise which will shock most in a jaw dropping way:)

The domain name to be used is already highly recognized globally:)

In the meantime, there is an Easter egg on Google (under searching for Roney Smith) that reveals how it will be done.

Soon I will post a video online that will blow the minds of creative people!

My 22nd entrepreneurial anniv leads me to assist creatives to drastically expand their distribution efforts very soon!

Google needs better contact links to remove the error messages "This site may harm your computer" when the problems have been corrected.

Need to lower your blood pressure or fight stress? Check out these foods!

Special announcement on tap for 11 a.m. EST!

When was the last time you synced your soul to God? Don't let your phone out pace you!

Seed of the Day: 2 Chronicles 15:9

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

One cannot help but root for Monica!! She deserves the best just like you!!!

The MJ tsunami revs up for another long term wave beginning at midnight!!

MJ knew Bashir had a hidden agenda for their final interview. His inner Ike had to be rising to the surface!

Michael Jackson's son was nicknamed Blanket before the Berlin incident than afterwards!

A very nice announcement is on the way in the a.m.!!!

Our experiences are dictated by our frequency & altitude! Praise up to raise up!!!

Even with the rain, today has been a great day ever since midnight!

Seed of the Evening: Proverbs 22:9

Ok, everyone gets a do over for not calling the Baby Einstein CDs out:) But Disney better throw in some premiums to make up!

Unless you read the caption, you would never recognize this celebrity in 1MM years! No way!

It's hard to FEEL abundant until you realize you ARE abundant FIRST! Feelings are effects, not causes! I AM THAT I AM!

I AM BLESSED Affirmation: I want more of what I already have!

My 22nd entrepreneurial anniversary is this coming Sunday November 1st:) Praise God!!!!

Seed of the Day: 2 Timothy 2:15

Individually or collectively, Social Search and the new Twitter lists will make 2009 seem like 1995 all over again:)

I'm sorry all that my jaw has broken the sidewalk with Google's Social Search:) It's just throwing me a deep bomb for a TD!!!!

Social Search will reduce the churn of followers and such gaming as it relates to Twitter as well:)

Google's Social Search keeps producing the question in my head, "How does it know?" over and over again!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Test drive the Google Social Search with the simple instructions here Then expand for more options!

Just test drove the new Google's Social Search & me likey!!!! To infinity & beyond it will take your satisfaction from the embryo!

Someone programmed Tivo to record something for the kids, so #MNF was put on ice if it was not already:)

Until local media read tweets on air as weather photos are quickly shown, the 1-dimensional conversation keeps away local potential:(

Coaching the #Raiders in Pirate means walking the plank!! Job security of a house fly:)

There's nothing like playing a bad team when you need to keep your job:)

NFL Sunday afterthought: What's the deal with the President Bushes doing coin tosses? Didn't they reveal their logic already?

Did anyone really think the Madoff death count would not rise? Where is Charles Keating by the way?

A Prince Hall group of Shriners in East Point, GA had their tiny, mini cars stolen. Organized crackheads responsible?

Is anyone suspicious at all about the swine flu vaccinations? I keep seeing nothing but a kool aid urgency:(

The last few minutes of Oprah in Texas were too funny & we missed the bulk of the show:( Catch it on repeat if possible!

Is such thing as a converter that forecast file size before starting the process or site that does this?

Please join me in prayer for Deacon Andrew who suffered a heart attack over the weekend!

I just realized that I'm entering into a McCafe moment:) I'm praying first to make it work as designed!!

Ever have a day where the enemy is simply trying to kill your spirit? I'm having one today. But I'm not your average bear;)

Seed of the Day: Romans 8:31-33

Other than the NO Saints, the AFC dominated the NFC on Sunday. Are the Saints now Super Bowl worthy?

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Crashing before midnight by choice is a good thing! All hands on deck in 6 hours max!

The backup has completed!! Is the game worth watching?

A full iTunes backup will be done within a week for full duplication and risk management.

The anticipated backup time is less than 40 minutes since only data from last backup is being saved.

It's hard to say whether apps or music has more value in data loss since the cost & daily usage greatly differ.

PC BSOD gently told me, "Yo homie, you might want to back the HD up!". So guess what I'm doing before crashing myself?

After seeing the Bears & Falcons both get folded today, I'm going to get my revenge on Madden on my iPod Touch:)

Just had my 2nd cheeseburger ever w/ duck sauce & it was just as good as my 1st:)

#Dallas #Cowboys' Tony Romo is only answering to being Peter Parker or Spider Man:)

Never forget that your enemies' only hope is to play keep away!! Just hang in there 1 second longer for the win!!

The #Dallas #Cowboys & their fans won't have a hard time accepting their loss to my hometown #Atlanta #Falcons:)

We have come too far to be distracted by the appearance of sudden rabbits to distract us from larger prey already being pursued!

I'm wondering whether folks in church or online could handle a gospel Bossa Nova & hip hop remix on the first listen:)

I'm having a hard time breaking away from "Latino in America" even though Tivo is on it.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Our education system itself needs to graduate!

Imagine an upper level that does not require a physical presence while a lower one does.

The Wanchai Ferry panda looks like it would be a guest that may not leave w/o some drama:)

Changing gears to a lighter note before bedtime, so get ready!!

The human resources USA has wasted exceeds its prosperity:( Interest on the waste would wipe out every recession combined!

One cannot look at the plight of Latinos & not see how hurdles blacks faced evolved & have been institutionalized:(

There were chefs hating on Chef Lorena Garcia, but they were going to add her cooking styles in their own daily work!

The cheap labor corporate America receives is a debt growing virus on the scale of unpaid reparations.

We have clear cut national security issues with the drug related crime at the borders, but having our cake rules out eating it too.

Watching "Latino in America" on CNN. The issues are powder kegs steeped in historic racism undeniably tied to slavery still:(

Praise God for favor!!!!

As of tonight, I officially joined the ranks of "As Seen On CNN" & I had no idea of it when I woke up this morning!!

@DonLemonCNN read my tweet on the air!! I did not expect that at all!! Too cool:)

I cannot imagine any NFL team giving Teebow a full license to run as much as he does. #Florida #Gators

I get it now: Miss ST had someone "profile" Teebow and/or the entire coaching staff. Unreal. #Florida #Gators

Will DJ Hero make it to the iPhone? I hope so!!!

I heard Bob Griese's apology, but what did he say?

Teebow just learned how to throw the ball away tonight after the 100+ yard INT runback! #Florida #Gators

I wonder what sports movie the Miss ST Bulldogs watched Guatanamo style this week? They're juiced & no signs of choking!

The Redskins need a tag team partner for the game vs the Philadelphia Eagles Monday night!!

The workplace of the Wendy's bacon ad would need an OSHA rep permanently on site:) Imagine if layoff fears hit!

The Miss ST interception TD on Florida has to be the collegiate play of the week hands down!!

Miss ST just went end zone to end zone on an interception taken from Florida!! Crazy!!

Chick-Fil-A is so good that they should be forced to go public:) We all deserve a share!!!!

One recent Chick-Fil-A commercial produced the wishful fantasy, "What if they home delivered or had a frozen food product?"

Is anyone else watching Clemson vs Miami? What a game so far!!

About to get an early, grande siesta!!

Duck sauce tastes great on a cheeseburger:)

Just had a dad home alone brunch: 2 cheeseburgers, a fruit cocktail cup, & glasses of Sunny D! It was awesome!!

Just gave daughter who returned to retrieve a GS pin $20. Realized that complete, unspent loss is a real possibility:)

Kids just left for Girl Scouts' event & I'm getting my chill on:)

Winding down with a review of goals & objectives just to stay on course! Good night All:)

Trin-i-tee 5:7 is scheduled to release a Christmas CD on October 27th!

Friday, October 23, 2009

A nasty following bot just had their account suspended before I could report them myself! Big thumbs up for Twitter!!!

Other than the economy or natural events, the entire Balloon Boy hoax possibly hits the lowest point for 2009.

Waves always spike shortly before drastically falling which explains the need for AC tonight. It's almost 80F inside:(

@TheRealJordin once performed "I Who Have Nothing" on AI & killed it like it was hers:)

Does anyone remember the Motown band from SC: Midnight Blue "I Who Have Nothing"? Talk about flashbacks from high school:)

Did Orlando even remember to take an off season? Why O why? They just clocked back in like it was a weekend thing:(

This criminal was so stupid that I'm inclined to lobby for after school detention for her: rofl:)

Google and other online calendars are great to use to set dates to review vision, dreams, goals, and measure efficiencies!

Just found out that the new list feature works totally different than I had imagined:) I'm laughing at myself rofl style:)

Diabetes & obesity are siamese twins while here is a new drug designed to separate them:

Expect the fur to fly in all financial markets on Monday! No peace for Bulls or Bears until the final tick!

Seed of the Evening: James 4:8

Seed of the Day: Matthew 27:52 And the graves were opened; and many bodies of the saints which slept arose

Difficult times should teach us how to value the precious things of life versus the temporary fruit.

Thank God for today because it represents another chance for something known or unconfessed!

#rhoa I feel sad for Nene this morning. Her stock was penalized & ran out of time for a comeback w/the season finale.

Just created an apps list for Twitter:

Just created a gospel hip hop list for Twitter: Come join if interested!

Music used to torture? R.E.M., others seek truth Sounds like a Cheney move:(

Watching the lady who prayed with the robber on Yahoo! Atheists only call 911 in such distress, but use your own ears to hear!

Had car trouble this morning, but the enemy fails to realize I make lemonade from lemons by any means necessary:)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

#rhoa Greg should have pulled a Darth Vader & said, "Nene, I'm your father!" rofl:)

#rhoa Will Dwight provide the insane, party planner sequel before the finale ends?

Does provide attendance info? How many attended the Bears vs Falcons this past Sunday?

Watching MLS soccer & I think they are playing in Chicago. The weather has brutally cleared the fairweather fans:)

Hearing the details of the Black Eyed Peas' "I Gotta Feeling" Chicago flash mob on Oprah was hilarious & cool:)

I don't think Cookie Johnson faced the same drama that Sheree faced:) No crazy, party planners!!

Utah hopefully may lead the country with this great cost saving idea:

Twitter has been picking up some change lately, so is revenue sharing on the horizon? :)

Thanking God for His reminder that I am blessed NOW! The future only means more will see, hear, and feel it by choice or by force!!!

Just hit a pothole in the day where turning the speakers up is absolutely required:) Putting the bass on 15+

Hearing an unknown 80s song from a greatest hits collection is slightly unsettling to say the least.

Just had "Angels We Have Heard On High" play within an iTunes shuffle mix. Tis the season!!!

Myspace now uses the Facebook feature of showing friends in common:)

Just test driving Bing for the very first time. Previous SEO efforts appear to be very well rewarded there:)

Seed of the Day: Job 14:14 If a man die, shall he live again? all the days of my appointed time will I wait, till my change come.

Align your financial habits to that of millionaires:

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Actor Courtney Vance is great in FlashForward!!!

My wife just explained the cupcake phenomenon to me & I'm slightly terrified at how fast & deep the koolaid has spread;)

Off to Bible study!

Need to swing by Wally World before returning home after errands. Hopefully auto dept will have an open cashier or time will be blown.

Bought the Group 1 Crew CD today. Digital download was not going to satisfy me. Pandora introduced them to me.

I honestly just found out CFA gives free refills on lemonade. Lemonade consumption will increase as a result!

Chick-Fil-A added free wifi to successfully clip burger wings:) Irresistible combination!!

Just saw that Veoh carries many tv programs from free & premium channels!

Check out how preachers can congregate and socialize without the internal bickering & negative competition:

Seeing the status update on Ning is interesting. Does anyone sling RSS in prominent places any more?

What are your thoughts on the proposed Google Audio service if it does occur?

Just realized that w/ Google Audio, Google had a growing bucket list of to do items if & when the board relationships w/ Apple soured:)

Seed of the Day: 2 Timothy 1:10:

We will never lift the burden off ourselves that we are unwilling to lift off another.

@BillCosby just turned me onto while I'm checking out his hip hop music project! He's a social media tastemaker already:)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Watching "Rogue Waves" on The History Channel. They occur far beyond the ocean if you have ears to hear!

Is anyone staying up beyond 1 a.m. to see the meteor showers?

To see the universe as a random creation while not caring to quantify the probabilities is simply poor mathematics!!!!

The History Channel is DirecTV 269.

Another interesting program is on The History Channel now as well.

Just watched "The Universe" on The History Channel to realize scientists don't make great atheists!

Beatmaker handles both WAV & AIFF files without any problems! Thx Intua for not hiding this:)

Earlier I read how one user of the same apps gave advice to another & a far, left field idea surfaced fully profitable to me:)

Ideas are far more plentiful than flies, gnats, & mosquitoes! You never know where a great one will come from!

Apple's updates to the iMac, Macbook, & Mac Mini lines are right on time for the upcoming holiday season:) The conveyor belt is running!!

Seed of the Day: Psalms 16:9 Therefore my heart is glad, and my glory rejoiceth: my flesh also shall rest in hope.

Will sleep do a body as good as milk? It's time to find out! Peace!

Monday, October 19, 2009

I wonder what is the earliest a NFL coach has been fired or quit once the season had begun?

Tech prediction & watch: Whoever creates the MS Word-like program to create iPhone apps may be able to buy Apple & Google:)

The Broncos & Chargers are already locking horns WAY before the game, so you have got to love it up or down:)

One highly enjoyable moment from last night's game: @D_Hest23 is much faster LIVE than on tv:) Kick it to Hester!!!

Cool video to show youth on Dr. Mae Jemison answering 11 questions:

It was slightly warmer here in the ATL suburbs while the temps are varying every 6 hours drastically.

Just had a roofer finally write his estimate on the back of a biz card as if it was a winning bid:( This was his 2nd visit, so #epicfail:)

Market bubble red zone has 10 days to make goal line stance in terms of managing fear. Bears face year end seasonal loss due to volume:)

Upper mgmt's way of saying, "We'll pay you 1 more check!" is when they take your play calling ability! #redskins

Compared to recent days, a warming trend is approaching Atlanta!!

My hometown ATL Falcons played their spoiler role perfectly to my Bears in my 1st NFL game. Ready to re-up:)

My first NFL experience was enlightening & the tailgating was far above my imagination!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Saints ain't the Ain'ts no more! They are stomping the Giants!

I have a new Falcons shirt (for my safety) & will enjoy the game tonight thoroughly!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Seed of the Day: Romans 8:1:

Is there a feature request opportunity for iPhone OS? It should allow saved searches within Spotlight.

GA Bulldogs are flushing Vandy Commodores:)

Yesterday was the official welcome to cold weather day in Atlanta. I believe it will stay with us for quite a while.

Friday, October 16, 2009

My family & I are headed to the east side of ATL for the MLK & Stephenson game! Who's going also? Go MLK!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Just discovered that one can rearrange apps within iTunes easier than on iPhone or iPod Touch itself:) W00t, w00t, w00t!!!

The new iTunes version really took the apps view to another level especially if you have installed a ton of apps:)

Even with the gray skies, today was a good day!

Thursday heart warmer: Babies love Beyonce's "Single Ladies" Videos:

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Who's doing the expose voice over on Nip Tuck tonight?

@NestleDiva Cool, but there must be a ton of past seasons by now!

Is Law & Order usually this good? It's the first episode my wife & I have ever seen.

It's a pleasant surprise to see CBS' "The Unit" still airing tonight. I thought it was dropped.

President Jimmy Carter personally recruited a soul food restaurant named Mom's Kitchen to open in Plains, GA in 1981:)

Moses would have never led the children of Israel across the Red Sea if he made a Christmas list! Use the accessible now!

Just had a McCafe moment courtesy of my Queen & both are the bomb:)

Seeds of The Day: Ephesians 2:8-9 & Proverbs 12:14

Polow Da Don rocked Soul Glo for himself in this video:) KP & Envyi - Shorty Swing My Way: lol:)

NC church plan to burn Bibles on Halloween is the most bizarre news seen today:

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

America's Funniest Videos lowers blood pressure I am sure!!! Too funny!!!!

Seed Always in Season! 1 Timothy 4:8:

Does Google Wave change the appearance of GDocs or is it just a coincidence?

Morning Seed: If you were an angel, how would you view mankind?

Received invite for Google Wave this morning & wondering how to turn on its lights:)

Monday, October 12, 2009

The Denver Broncos were just as irate to wear the ugly, retro uniforms!!! Now that's painful:)

There's no way I can physically see the end of this game, so good night all:)

Is Brutal Legend the product Jack Black did the satanic prayer @ the VMAs for? It looks just as demonic:(

Growing up in Jersey City, I was a NY Jets & Broadway Joe fan:) Now that's old school:)

The Broncos' uniforms were so bad yesterday that my eyes have yet to recover with #MNF:)

Just learned of several available sports channels on DirecTV that I thought were premium channels. W00t!!!

Girls are getting restless in Cumberland Mall, so they will be pro shoppers one day I'm sure:(

Second Starbucks visit in a day & 2 hot chocolates for the kids. They introduced me to Moxie Girlz:)

After yesterday's loss to the Steelers, the Detroit Lions are closer to their next victory than the WSH Redskins:)

Trucks & minivans can get in & out of our subdivision, but car drivers need to rethink their depth perception.

Africa is so huge that it almost takes the sun all day to cross it:)

Starbucks adds decaf Nov. 17th! So who bumped their head to request it? lol:)

Colossians 2:16 Let no man therefore judge you in meat, or in drink, or in respect of an holyday, or of the new moon, or of the sabbath days

If one has not tried Seesmic desktop yet, the question really is are you loved? :)

Just when your day seems a little bent out of shape, here's what is being reported in the UK:

Flooding signs are rising in Cobb County, GA already. The rain is nonstop while varying rates of speed.

Heavy rain hits ATL & eastbound I-285 to GA 400 has been fully cooked cajun style:(

MJ's "This Is It" clearly came from the pre-Thriller era which lacked the strain he later faced. Bittersweet!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Broncos' uniforms look like either a ship or moat should be nearby!

The ref threw the flag before making the call of taunting vs the Patriots!! Whoa!!

Is CLE over BUF considered a major upset? Inquiring minds want to know.

N.E.R.D. pulls a Black Eyed Pea with new singer? Anyone mad at them?

Tried watching some of the Steelers vs Lions game. Teams play down to their opposition vs improving the weaker team:( #fail

Will the Carolina Panthers receive any mercy if they lose today? Talk about the agony of defeat....

McNabb looks like a new season starter! It must be an individual stats Sunday all around:)

Is there a decent, no scrub looking, NFL game today?

The refs just bailed Oakland out to a TD! True artificial victory on the drive!

It is super hard to sit down to a game 28-0 when your team is not playing without first being a true NFL fan:)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Midday spent receiving wise counsel and I am so thankful for the opportunity!

The time to practice your boxing out skills was before coming to ATL. Dennis Rodman would catch elbows this weekend:)

Friday, October 09, 2009

TLC's "Case of the Fake People" still thumps with a true warning & empowering message!

The rain has returned to ATL for the next couple of days. Visitors should know our driving skills melted with the first drop!

The presence of the BET Awards is NOT a good reason to chase ATL waterfalls this weekend!

What life enhancement are you using or needing? Christ Jesus extends beyond 4 hours safely:)

When we look to bless each other versus struggling to feed ourselves, we are fed more nutritional & delicious life!

Make your tomorrows healthier via this article: Boost your thyroid's health asap!!!!

LaFace Records still is the soundtrack for ATL! Don't get it twisted! Their seeds in the 90s are still producing fruit!!

@dallasaustin The TLC story needs to become a movie vs the 1 hour treatment. They have me in a fly zone tonight!!!

One day America will value our artists as other countries and our nation's health & wealth levels will reflect the love!

I have been listening to TLC tonight and they are going back into regular iPod rotation:) RIP Left Eye!

Just read President Obama's account of winning the Nobel Peace Prize & it is just as inspiring as the win itself:)

Centric looks to preserve dying music paradigms while injecting underground, neosoul artists now on major labels.

Does anyone have any background info on the new urban network Centric on DirecTV? It's where BET used to be.

Just had my first FRS energy drink that @LanceArmstrong endorses. The Wild Berry flavor is a record breaker for tasting so good!

If you link the logic of toddlers & Looney Tunes to the GOP, your blood pressure & cholesterol are lowered & clouds part:) #tcot

I believe CNN pays its hair & makeup artists as much as others pay their on air talent:) Champions think contrarily!

President Barack Obama wins the Nobel Peace Prize & I'm just as proud as if my name is on the award:)

Thursday, October 08, 2009

We're already at the forecast high of 82F, so we will exceed it with the rush hour fumes. Breathe easy!!

Forbes list where prosperity continues until the next govt data report:

Shocking list of US cities where it's the hardest to get by: Many were prosperous until recently!

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Debating on buying Groovemaker? I love it so much that I bought the bones of earlier versions:

Good morning All before noon arrives:)

One incredible strength of working after regular biz hours is that the many daytime distractions are asleep as well:)

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

A reality show w/ Homey the Clown, Bozo, Richard Pryor, & Captain Kangaroo would be sick on steroids!!! It must be bedtime:)

The MySpace & Twitter bridge really crosses some wires for awesome electricity:) It's good to see many using it!

AT&T's decision on VOIP on the iPhone really turns up the heat of the legal battles of the Skype founders vs eBay!

The History Channel is airing The Seven Deadly Sins individually which a bizarre twist on each!

An Apple tablet would be a monster iPod Touch no matter how one thinks differently:)

If a forecast Apple tablet could add an optional keyboard & had USB & firewire, I would jump on it like a bunny lemming:)

Tragedy is the end result whenever ego leads the way:

Slide of photos of Maxwell's ATL concert w/set list: dude sang 21 songs + 1 band interlude!

Details on Magic Johnson Cinema Atlanta's closing:

The accused killer of RHOA ex-fiance AJ may actually be found not guilty of manslaughter due to coroner's inconclusive report.

Just read that the Magic Johnson Cinema is closing Sunday in Atlanta:( I met him on its opening day there.

I realized this morning no one has said swine flu & Africa in the same sentence yet:( Any vaccination fear there? Hmm

I'm glad I skipped the rest of last night's game after MN scored their 4th TD although I love seeing a defense get a safety:)

Monday, October 05, 2009

Favre is picking GB apart with solid front line protection! #mnf

Both teams are hitting like sledgehammers!! #mnf

Our HP printer has been slacking off for months until a software update was done tonight & it was healed:)

The only running TD play Favre will call tonight is for himself to take it in:)

This is a great game regardless of who you are rooting for!! #mnf

Enjoying #mnf peacefully after earlier buying a ticket today to my first NFL game later this month:) My Bears vs My Hometown Falcons!!!

There's nothing wrong with getting an early basketball season like triple double in prayer, gratitude, & forgiveness!

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Steelers have to experience a major meltdown to lose this game! Good night all:)

21-0 cannot make a great night for ratings other than Steelers' fans. Need a SD run of 14 points to keep me awake:)

The Steelers loom like they are going to give their fans a comfort win:)

The Chargers vs Steelers game is going to be a dogfight no pun intended!!

I took a nap before watching the beginning of the Cowboys & Broncos game & I'm so glad I did:)

My family had a great time at Bay Breeze in Mableton after church today. Now they are enjoying their leftovers:)

The NFL's breast cancer support is looking very sharp and deep! Kudos to the organizers!!

Saturday, October 03, 2009

My inner geek is howling at the full moon for the TI BA-II app!!

Saw horrific traffic today @ Camp Creek Pkwy & I-285! Extra lane turning northbound is desperately needed:(

I had a series of unknown calendar events created on my T-Mobile phone & wonder if their technical problems today caused them.

There are monthly peaks and valleys multiplying or dividing your spiritual and physical health and wealth!

I know you don't want to, but start taking some vitamins to provide your body what it lacks from your regular eating habits!

Morning Shocker: Real Housewife of Atlanta Fiance Killed After Strip Club Brawl

Friday, October 02, 2009

It is good to see Darryl "Chill" Mitchell back on tv with his comedic timing!

The Fox sitcom "Brothers" is funny & well written with a mix of drama, sports, & comedy pro cast!

There is one person that repeatedly gets blocked like a slapstick comedy, yet they re-enlist for more:)

It takes a professional degree in hate to detest that Rio will host the 2016 Olympics regardless of one's nationality!

What a sports world it would be if there were as many NFL or NBA teams as there are pro soccer teams worldwide:)

Just learned of Rio de Janeiro's winning of the 2016 Olympics! Not mad at all somehow:)

Installed the iPhone app game FIFA 10 this morning & request your help on knowing the various worldwide leagues:)

A bank in GA has failed due to a lack of diversity: its customer base was too affluent & quickly withdrew their money in fear:)

From the court room to stage, God never gives a speaking opportunity without the Holy Spirit as speech writer!

I thanked the person for teaching me not to hide my light (that his jealously wanted to dysfunctionally control & hide).

Today I had the second opportunity of the week to bless a hater after not understanding how God set both events up! Seized it today:)

Thursday, October 01, 2009

The first of the month is a great time to end a pity party!

If I ever called myself a pimp, I would be selling myself super short!

My heartbeat is an 808 to see God in you:)

Does Twitter time = 1/24 of real time? All in single, digital time zone to me:)

The Bears have opened October but if they cannot run up their score hard this month, the Bulls will stampede to Dec. 31st!

Versus major feasting, enjoy small & quick periods of refreshing yourself! Your spirit, mind, & body will thank you!

Now playing: The Foreign Exchange's "Leave It All Behind" project. Rewarding vibes upon every listen!

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