Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I've heard a forecast of 40F already! Did we skip fall? Brutal winter forecasts seem likely after the past mild one.

What's good on tv tonight?

The new book "The Madoff Chronicles" has the fantasy crime scam for decades by Bernie Madoff. Nothing short of 21st century piracy:(

From the Players' Club to the First Lady, Lisa Raye knows Christ Jesus will upgrade you:)

Our own @MrsGrapevine first broke the Rev. Sharpton & LisaRaye news:

Why are good peeps choking on the Rev. Al Sharpton & LisaRaye being a couple:) God answers prayer! Wind one up!

Raise your imagination thermometer to a boiling point!

Boo, hiss to the caller lacking common sense in Michigan: Now that's a hater:(

Note to self: Better to move multiple, small files versus single, huge file first thing in the morning!

Creativity imagines the possible if you made the rules:)

If your enemy can keep you from beginning (your genesis), you never will see your revelation!

Finish what you begin!

Grabbed a Dunkin Donuts Iced Latte & it was far better than expected. They do coffee right:)

Leapfrog whatever held you back or down yesterday!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Discovered tonight that my gaming pilot skills were absolutely nonexistent until someone started shooting at me:) Inner Neo came out:)

The iPhone & iPod Touch gaming ecosystem is far deeper than most imagine. Investment opportunities increase as it goes mainstream.

Personal policy of not approving requests involving gun or thug imagery will be continued & even escalated in light of the Chicago murder.

Turning to go with the flow since I was taking myself too seriously earlier it now seems.

Plans hit a major snag this morning & I'm putting my special team on the field to punt vs taking the loss:(

Monday, September 28, 2009

The fight will appear on the Panthers' bench & in the locker room!

That was not even an Any Given Sunday TD!!! Simple implosion!

The #Cowboys' cheerleader that didn't flinch was the same one listening to Michael Irvin last week:) Par for the course!

#mnf This game could get really violent if it's not a sudden blow out!

That TD was for Jerry World or else:) #cowboys

Could the NFL add a team named Wildcats or make it mandatory 1 play per 4 downs?

The #Panthers have gotten at least 8 points pulled off #Dallas' board!!!

I see that Carolina might start scoring as if TDs would count retroactively for the season:)

#Cowboys' fans better ask the Bills' fans to pass the Pepto:) Stress is a helluva drug!!

Funny seeing a NFL game where tackling is optional:(

The Body of Christ will suddenly get as excited as fans at NFL games to see global revival break out!

I'm pulling for a Carolina Panthers scratched out win!!!

Who needs the win Dallas tonight more: Cowboys or Panthers?

The street murder in Chicago turned back the clock to the post-dinosaur and Cain & Abel days:( #DerrionAlbert

Q: H1N1 A: My ticket to heaven & one for my buddies:)

Q: H1N1 A: Savior as in Christ Jesus!

Ralph Waldo Emerson: What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. #quote

Anonymous: Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending. #quote

George Santayana: Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. #quote

Eleanor Roosevelt: The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. #quote

Charles Schultz: Don't worry about the world coming to an end today. It's already tomorrow in Australia. #quote

Praise God in advance for the parking space and watch it appear! Fill in the blank yourself:)

Even though 1/3 fell, they are still outnumbered 2 to 1:)

We are living and working our way back home as the future is our past: to heaven or a fallen state!

In some cultures, the future is considered the past. Most only can conceive this through planning and imagination.

The Lamb was slain before the foundation of the world, so everything we know is in reverse and time-released!

Since man was made from earth made during the first 6 days, He views us as worthy of calling us good and resting afterwards.

Has anyone eaten at Red Robin before? What is their quality & pricing?

Laissez les bons temps rock et rouler!

When it rains, it pours! Your joie de vivre is your rain!

God's love is our light and energy!

Your dreams are the best friend filters!

haters make the best psychics! They know your glorious future looks like a table in the presence of your enemies:)

Earth is almost covered by water so you can bury anything at sea and still drink it:)

@dmwalking @LOSTheDuDe @nicolerufuku Thx for the RTs!!

Your joy is cancer to your haters, so your love makes them sick by their choice!

haters never deserve capital letters!

Live so God & His heavenly hosts are always excited about you like ESPN analysts:) You Should Go All The Way!!!!

Gratitude, healing, & forgiveness make great rockets as well as a lifestyle!

Does your mountain top care or know what day it is? Release your grip on time!

Eagles are not restricted to the days of the week!

Turkeys and eagles each have their own altitude!

Let's fist bump the sky!!

Turn up the heat of prayer to see what has to leave your kitchen!!!!

This is another day that the Lord has made! One Source, one outlook = Perfect!!!!

Fire up your Monday with the praise and excitement usually reserved for the weekends!!

TiVo is catching American Greed, so I'm calling it a night. Peace!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

CLE Browns should be forced to play DET Lions in a surrogate league weekly like The Jerry Springer Show:)

Brett Favre will never retire voluntary after today's win:)

Buffalo Bills have not thrown to T.O. almost intentionally to their own detriment:(

What year did the Jets' uniforms today come from? I've never seen them before in my life!

Deion Sanders clearly pulled a "let me holla at cha" moment with Michael Irvin. Now that is a true friend & Christian brother!!

Michael Irvin looks much better than he did on the sidelines in Dallas last week! Go Irvin!!!

The Southwest Airlines' ad airing today would turnaround many companies if they would get it: say & try anything before rushing to say no.

What would be the bigger NFL miracle tonight: for the Colts to lose or the Cardinals to win? Nearing blow out:(

I just learned today that the Jets' QB Sanchez is the one USC's Carroll did not want to leave:) Sanchez is roasting the opposition:)

Is Rodney Harrison a hater as a commentator now that he is no longer playing? Why isn't he playing anyway?

The only thing to slow down the Colts now is their hydration & ability to avoid cramping!!

What's making the AZ defense look like Casper the Friendly Ghost?

The Univ of AZ Stadium rolls its grass in like a moving sidewalk!! Match that Jerry World!!

I'm in total shock over several final NFL scores: CIN over PIT? Whoa!!

Tiger Wood's focus is so sharp that his eyes are like a bug zapper: pure, electromagnetic zone!

Saw flood damage in southwest ATL today. Mud residue is still on tree leaves as a high, watermark.

Personnel changes will be made in D.C. as the Washington Redskins allowed the Detroit Lions back into the NFL:)

The architecture of hell is beautiful, BUT residency should not be desired:)

Saturn's rings look like a vinyl record:

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Another Supernova Remnant: Quirky as much as awesome!

Another incredible photo of God's handiwork: Supernova Remnant

Peep God's flashing lights set up for His club:) God IS THE DJ & CLUB OWNER!!!

I just learned that the object of the photo is called a Butterfly Nebula and was taken by the Hubble telescope. Our tax dollars at work:)

God loves us so much that He blesses us with grace to cover our ignorance when we think we know it all:)

Need a vision of God's majesty? Feast your eyes on this photo!!!! Glory to God in the highest!

See the family reunions' joy in the 2 Koreas? Heaven will be 10,000X that:)

As a mathematician, I believe any equation without God is a formula for failure!

Desktop net access is down but all else works? Totally weird:(

Regardless how late people claim to be in a nightclub, there is a church somewhere packed to the brim! We are never outnumbered!

Ok, it wasn't the boat this after time after all:) It just drove off:) rofl:)

I kid you not: my neighbor across the street is firing up his boat's engine after sunset:( #fail

Prayers for patience are needed for those at Hartsfield Jackson International Airport in Atlanta, GA. Been there, done that.

Bug zapping lightning before the flood was my cue to put it all on the altar! Then found some more to throw in:)

How long does it rain ATL before one foolishly thinks "I don't need to check myself"???

Until we have dead bodies floating in the open street in ATL, Hurricane Katrina keeps her crown:( RIP Katrina victims.

Uh oh:( I just saw a sign that a boiling water advisory may need to be issued in Cobb County. Just advised my daughters.

#atlflood No one at all is talking about Jay-Z appearing in ATL now:

I just realized that God has been heavy on rain in ATL since a certain Blueprint dude was on the calendar. I'm just saying:)

I just the word "HAIL" mentioned on a WSB special weather alert.

VA Tech is all over Miami!!! Whoa!

It is not hard at all to hear the rain pouring out of the gutters now:(

I've been asleep on LinkedIn, but I'm there so hit me up!

Serious rain with thunder is now falling in Cobb County, GA!

Another big thunder boom heard in Mableton, GA, so it is really on! Y! Weather shows sunshine Monday to Thursday though somehow.

I'm only seeing very light rain in Mableton, but there's never light rain once you've been in a flood & flooded. #atlflood

The hanging of the census worker is senseless & sick like all lynchings have ever been:(

Super group only in theory where only 1 name is allowed: Kem and Sade!

Nightmarish super group together but a great reality show: Kanye, Mariah, and a spammer:)

A real super group should cross racial lines especially within the US.

Super group available only in theory: Janet Jackson, Ne-Yo, Jennifer Lopez, & R. Kelly:)

Too powerful for this earth to be on one record at the same time:)

Super group available only in theory: Brian McKnight, Chaka Khan, Eric Benet, & Jill Scott.

I wonder what reality shows Motown would have produced back in the day?

Aww man! I get it now. Super group = reality show. #fail for the #music long term. Making The Band taught this lesson very well:(

Just heard big thunder in Mableton, GA while wearing headphones & listening to iTunes Genius mix. Yeah, it is going to pour!

Super group mixtapes now put the focus on the music versus egos a la The Five Heartbeats:)

Super groups coulda, woulda, shoulda been financed & promoted at the deepest levels possible.

The music industry is in a state where yesteryear's coulda, woulda, shoulda super groups are now coulda, woulda, shoulda mixtapes:(

Don't let your haters run your sound equipment!

Watching an episode of Flapjack where the jury is determining if it is disturbing or not.

My involuntary nap was refreshingly against my will and left more daylight than I would have left on the table:)

No time for a voluntary nap but an involuntary one = priceless? lol

Coffee is not keeping my eyelids open all of a sudden:(

Had McDonald's for breakfast, oj, & coffee vs Starbucks to save time and energy. Already rewarded for the decision.

A Starbucks morning is in the works since they are giving $5 bonus credit with the iPhone app upon reloading your card:)

The upcoming movie will show that MJ would have turned the tables on his father over the concerts, but revert to a child about all else.

The paradox of MJ's handcuffing to his lack of a childhood to his musical & theatrical focus is one I hope to never understand. Sad!

Madonna wanted MJ to go to a transgender strip club. MJ said, "I'm not going to any strip club!". A 100% hell date! lol

MJ said Madonna said upfront, "I'm not going to Disneyland!". MJ said, "I didn't invite you to Disneyland!". rofl:)

On the MJ tapes, he spoke about his date with Madonna. Far different from her VMA testimony:)

If Michael Jackson was really into social media, his comedic side would have leapfrogged a lot of his loneliness.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Glimpsed Chick-Fil-A on ABC's Nightline & it made me hungry:) My wife & I had a great breakfast there this morning!

Every episode of Jay Leno at 10 p.m. makes me wonder what took the industry so long? Funnier at 10 too!!!!

What bombshells were revealed in the first 30 minutes of Dateline tonight?

Thank you for your prayers as the fever has indeed broken and fallen lower! Praise God!

Ever felt those moments of stress and strain? Prayer conquers them and continually shrinks their impact!

Is there a county education office that can verify if kids are being homeschooled by a given address? A bunker is next door seriously.

I am asking for your prayers for our youngest daughter Hailey as today was her 1st day back at school this week but a fever has returned.

My wife takes a supplement, but I now I think I am the most consistent. Time to make sure all are doing the same.

September has been another rough month, so take time to rejuvenate & replenish fluids & nutrients!

87F in Cobb County as storm clouds return to set the weekend off. Flash flood warnings already issued!!!!

Amusement park shows bad taste that makes Cracker Barrel almost look saintly:

Did Gmail just hit a pot hole or something? It's down like Frazier:(

There is not much that the right peppers in volume won't kill:) From disease to relationships!!

I'm the last man standing from the latest bug but hey, I'm the only man standing:) My diversity of foods eaten may help:)

Realized while headed to her school that the weekend's social agenda has been disintegrated fully & only inside fun is available.

Just returned from picking up oldest daughter from school. Nothing but rest and juices for her.

Both kids are fighting flu-like bug one at a time. Far better than dealing with flood damages that we did not have.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The artist Rossin made Lincoln & Teddy Roosevelt look like they were recently photographed!!! Incredible!!!!

@KandiConnection better appear in someone's movie or on her own show or Hollywood needs to close its own doors!!!

Rumor proved true: Half of Austell, GA's residents believed to be homeless due to #atlflood:

The world's oldest man has an interesting dietary lifestyle he strongly recommends:

I saw Michael Jackson "This Is It" t-shirts in Wally World, so there is a new MJ tidal wave on its way surely!

Is there more altitude above or below Jay-Z now that he has appeared on Oprah today? Has the grind voted itself?

Today I bought replacement shades & guess what reappeared tonight? Yes, the starter pair. Is there a word for this?

Men: Do your part to end domestic violence! Reverse the curse! Squelch the drama!

Is tonight when @KandiConnection's inner Ike comes out on @NeNeLeakes? Just sing the song Anna Mae!!! rofl:)

Are you ready for some Real Housewives of Atlanta? Just as much as drama as football if not more:)

20-20 Hindsight: Not ironic that Cracker Barrel terrorist actually shaved before appearing in court yesterday.

I love the way kids tell news when they are excited! Critical additions or omissions will change the meaning big time:)

How dependent are you in patronizing brand name businesses versus mom and pop shops? Any QA reasons?

Interesting today to see businesses open in new locations where previous owners could not stay in the game.

Must see for yourself to believe: 10 Ways Athletes Go Broke: I may need to open a boutique division for them!

Twitter lesson learned the hard way just minutes ago: Never use the words *nternet and *arketing in the same tweet or else:(

Florida Keys are a haven for people falling in love with sign posts & repeatedly divorcing them:(

I can understand internet marketing, but internet desperation is not bringing sexy back!!! Lower the volume please:)

Breakthrough on AIDS vaccine, but there are different HIV strains for different countries? Whoa:

Back from Austell trip. The Austell Wally World is virtually empty which proves the impact of #atlflood.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I-285 traffic is currently at the levels of holidays where everyone does not have off:)

Had a late Chinese lunch with friend & he treated:) W00t!!!

Headed out for a few afternoon errands! bbl

Twitter really could be used like a jury or focus group panel:) Justice would be swift then!!!

When I heard the story about the black box giving other world instructions to 18 year kidnapper, I wanted to get on the jury:)

Imagine someone giving a NFL coach a thorough scouting report only to say that they played Madden last night:) rofl:)

Six Flags better take a knee on reopening or else give someone a bigger take than a winning lottery ticket:

I-20 reopens in both directions west of ATL:

Cracker Barrel terrorist put behind bars plus lies about being spit upon: FBI continues hate crime probe.

Due to #atlflood, one can really tell which subdivisions are truly in Vinings vs just using the name as a marketing ploy!

It is pure insanity for an ice cream truck to be driving through our subdivision today as the kids are home due to the flood:( #fail

Metro ATL road closures by GA DOT via WSB:

Those attending #atlclassic could give their trip a purpose by helping the Red Cross & other nonprofits w/ #atlflood efforts!

20-20 Hindsight: Private jets were very selective when they flew into ATL's Charlie Brown airport between lightning storms Mon. #atlflood

We do not have to save the world, but make the critical difference in the one life we can take from worst to first!

It's a no brainer that GA Gov Perdue started his call w/softly "Mr. President" versus "You lie!"

Even concrete and brick buildings are showing water fatigue and the need to dry off! Wild to see that:(

I-20 west to AL is not going to be a safe route for the rest of the day. Crews are checking for structural damage all day.

Interesting debate on Twitter over how the secular world takes care of its own. Enough trust to even provide bank account number online.

Irony is a red state asking a blue president for disaster relief as only days ago he was called a liar by a red neighbor:(

Gas shortages are already taking place in Douglas County, GA where the flood traffic pile up is worst! #atlflood

We arrived at my daughter's school 5 minutes earlier than normal after leaving home 20 minutes early. People found our I-20 workaround!

Made one half of the morning school run & leaving early made a huge difference!

Taking oldest child to school while the rest of the county schools are closed. Westside traffic may pour through our route!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Six Flags better check its rides & property multiple times enough to justify its mega downside risk for this coming weekend!!!

Our area is making national news & most of it is within a 10 mile radius:

No detours for the I-20 closure is amazing! Chattahoochee River has gone AWOL!

The #atlflood is acting like a phantom hurricane! The aftermath is very similar!

Drinking water & ice supplies are typically threatened, so get ahead of the curve! #atlflood

The guests that did not arrive this morning are here now at my wife's request as a mommy diversion:) Wow, she's good!

The amount of flooding near us is astounding!! Thank God for protection!!

The Red Cross is helping people at the Cobb County Civic Center.

Are the lawsuits between Alabama, GA, & FL still in progress? We have more than enough dirty water all of a sudden:(

Cobb County schools will be closed again tomorrow on Wednesday!!

Flood insurance is a complete rip off now that I know how it works:(

Ths GA insurance commissioner is talking about families going bankrupt as a result of #atlflood:(

With #atlflood underway, 404 and other scams are less funny:( The Kanye joke is not old yet though!!

When govt officials say "I didn't know it was that bad", remember Hurricane Katrina!! You are on your own!

The heat is returning before the weekend, so fire up the mosquito alert for Atlanta please!


Just as I'm headed out the door to donate stuff, a truck is passing by in our neighborhood!! Look at God!

Venturing out has been postponed for late lunch etc. Just one of those days.

I'm heading out for a haircut on S Cobb Dr but staying on roads most likely to be clear, free, & easy! #atlflood

My wife just mentioned that water is still very close to houses in our subdivision. This break may be the peace before round two!

Various flooding photos from AJC: #atlflood

Next door town of Austell has taken a huge hit with the flooding! #atlflood

Is there a range of dates for Indian summer or is it until November?

Neighbors are out riding lawn mowers like they are Harleys:)

I just read that there is equal amount of sunlight and darkness today as the fall equinox occurs.

Happy First Day of Fall All:) Autumn is like a favorite 1st cousin of spring:)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Good night All:) The air is just right for sleeping:)

I like how Monday Night Football starts earlier, but I'm just as sleepy as if I didn't know:( #atlflood maybe?

The brown out has made our Tivo appear to fully reset:(

Tonight's emergency purchases have already received confirmation as a strong brown out just occurred.

I want to see the Wildcat offense in action to see how exciting it is!

The Dolphins need this game more than the Colts, so let there be order in that direction:)

Who is for the Colts or Dolphins?

The ESPN ScoreCenter app is power packed, awesome!!!!

Just got back from making a short term, emergency run @ Wally World. Stocked decently but plan needs scaling upwards.

The news reports on the Atlanta weather makes me thankful for our safety! People are in cars on Spaghetti Junction for one lane!!

Is it possible for a war torn country to have stable internet access in the midst of the war? Just wondering.

The bulk of ID theft cases have mortgage fraud within their DNA! This is the home base target:(

Oh how I wish I had known earlier that Pres. George W Bush flipped the coin prior to the Cowboys' loss:) That's candy from baby weather:)

ATL cars are hydroplaning simply because people are driving faster because there is more space (less cars) on the road:( Idiotic!!!

We already know ATL's driving skills melt with water, so why add bad decisions to the mix as well?

Just heard a report that the county has cleared the water in our subdivision. Taking oldest to school as soon as she redresses:)

Is it safe to lift the drought conditions yet?

Change your life by seeing sunlight as gratitude! Just be thankful for all that comes your way:)

The last time the flooding occurred like this was before a huge drainage pipe was installed. So this really was a big storm.

Just added second photo of Mableton, GA flooding in our subdivision:

Photo of flooding blocking Johnston's Crossing subdivision in Mableton, GA (Cobb County) outside Atlanta

Heard neighbors say that this is largely due to Chattahoochee River overflowing. I can see Nickajack Creek as the cause instead.

Just returned from taking photos of the flooding blocking our subdivision. Preparing to upload them now.

Good night All:)

Watching AG on CNBC tells me that the financial meltdown was hugely self-inflicted on the mortgage side of banks all over again:(

The number of scammers around large financial cities is amazing! Add warm weather & the number goes exponential:( Sad but true:)

CNBC's American Greed is documenting a mortgage fraud scam. The audacity of people:(

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hero or goat time for Tynes!

Is Cris Collingsworth & Al Michaels the new unbreakable NFL booth team?

What an ugly & painful cramp that was!

I get it now. Jerry World is either the Titanic or deserves its own horror flick:) #cowboys

If the Cowboys don't win, someone's return trip home plans from Dallas might hit a serious snag:)

Yeah, I heard the air just get sucked out of the home crowd too!

There is a lifetime of football still left in this game! Celebrate at your own risk especially if you are a kicker:)

I'm beginning to feel the pressure for the Cowboys to win tonight & I've never been a fan:)

Pass out an Oscar for the nice flop on NY Giants #12:) I'm not mad:)

The Cowboys have pulled a MN Twins on the hvac mgmt tonight to induce cramps all around. Twins did it to ATL Braves in World Series:(

Twitter could replace the TSA if connected to a video connection:)

When I bought the Madden app last week, I thought they were over doing the players' responses after each play. Now I see they are right:)

Which Olympics (year and summer or winter) is Chicago going for?

Madden has a serious game day tv set up! Multiple big screens at home plus bigger movie screen!

No names are mentioned, but someone just got busted macking on the cheerleader on the sidelines:( Shades were off then though:)

So they're tv screens outside the Cowboys Stadium? They must be killing on the parking lot fees:)

Now Michael Irvin is wearing shades on the sidelines, but the herd of cats have already escaped the bag:(

Cowboys' owner Jones has spared no expense in tonight's grand opening!!!

BET founder Robert Johnson is sitting right behind former First Lady Laura Bush at the new Cowboys Stadium! Odd!!!

The Mrs just finished w/our daughter's hair. Offline to watch the game with her:)

The look on Jerry Jones' face cannot be too cheery now with the last 3 plays! #cowboys

The Cowboys have a player straight out of high school? Whoa!!!

My wife is still doing our oldest daughter's hair. So I'm having a hard time not saying anything crazy or looking too happy:)

Never count on ESPN to tell you a game is starting on another network! I'm just saying:(

Some NFL teams are amazing in the ways that they find to lose. It must be hard work!

The TN Titans' fans deserve to be the most upset of the weekend with the QB Kerry Collins fumbling the ball.

The NO Saints deserve a bye after what they did to Philly! Heard McNabb called McRib on ESPN. McNasty!

Michael Irvin does not look good in his eyes on ESPN right now:(

The Jets beat the Pats? Rookie QB Sanchez is on fire!!

A small, little girl told me today, "I like your song!" so after hearing it from the mouth of babes, I'm pumped up about it!

Yaaaah!!!!!! Da Bears win!!!!!!

Did the PIT kicker Reed really miss?

A 15 yard penalty demoralizes a team and energizes the opponent!

There's nothing like two old school NFL teams playing each other!!

Bears' touchdown!!!

With the amount of lightning seen this morning, I'll be surprised to see any more rain today.

I grabbed a good nap earlier, so I'm fully awake for my Bears vs the Steelers!

Hometown ATL Falcons won while my favorite CHI Bears are in the barber's chair.

I just noticed that the GA Dome now has red seats after years of evergreen seats. I missed this on my last visit!

I've seen two NFL coaches standing side by side waiting on an instant replay call:)

Leaving DQ as the rain starts again. Our car windows are cracked open a little!

I woke up a little early, so I'm not sure if I will be able to watch much football this afternoon.

My girls are talking about the Holy Bible on a book, chapter, & verse level!! Eye opening for sure!

My girls kill me when they have "back in the day" flashbacks & it was only 2-3 years ago:)

Our church musicians joined in & I gratefully repaid them by giving each one a solo:)

Songs went very well at church this morning & I was told to extend one much longer:)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

As much as I enjoyed the movie @ Atlantic Station today, I am going to enjoy my bed tonight:) Good night All:)

If one thinks vampires are juicy right, they must think Christ Jesus is bloody wrong! #ilovejesus #christfirst #jesusalways

Heavy duty tech problems were experienced earlier like flight turbulence. A praise explosion is in tomorrow's forecast starting tonight!!!

The light on effectively using API on Twitter just reached the necessary wattage threshold to use it on a different account:)

The kingdom of heaven is within. In earth as it is in heaven requires the external to be overthrown with the peace within!

The things whispered from heaven above always conquer the screams from hell below!

Going offline for local music work. bbl in 90 minutes max.

3D animation will up root the employment of live talent except for major stars for Hollywood. It is their autotune!

Saw Cloudy...Meatballs in 3D. It's The Food Network meets Independence Day with incredible 3D animation:)

The very best thing for CB would to be acquired by Coca Cola or McDonald's or hire a multi-dimensional biz consultant like myself:)

If corporate America has seen and promoted a thug element in hip hop, then CB needs to ask "What is in my mirror?"

But if this so, there is no need for government levels to become the enablers of the addicted dysfunctions.

One not so ironic thing is that it happens within trading environments hourly, so it may be a irremovable human trait.

Then when the decisions are heatedly questioned, they reinforce and compound their errors versus quickly bailing out with a lesser loss.

The people asleep at the wheels never think what if the variables were different before making critical decisions.

It is always those vainly holding onto glory days of dysfunction that pilot the Titanics in our modern era.

Cracker Barrel will become a niche venue or close. They have proven they lack the ability to change like McDonald's or Starbucks.

America foolishly says Justice is blind but listens for any hint of participants' voices throughout the legal process:(

Has Sade ever done a duet outside her own band members? Too independent? lol:)

This same Genius playlist threw in several Lauryn Hill songs from Miseducation. Pray for her as if MJ taught us something!

Now playing: "How Many Ways" by Toni Braxton! Where did this era go? Nice!

Good morning All:) The Atlanta rain is making it to be a great indoor day!

Good night All:) Be blessed!

Peep this free link for more niche magazines than Borders or B&N may ever carry: Create your own mag too!!

About to crash, but here's a jewel discovered tonight I would love to share with you...

Friday, September 18, 2009

Everybody wants an easy button, but you cannot always order the lobster and/or dance with Billie Jean and...

If only there were emergency shut off buttons for every aspect of life:)

The sad thing is that eBay sowed the seeds unto themselves years ago, but would not be the last to reap the fruit:(

Predatory corporations would surely go into copycat mode on the wholesale & retail level if given the green light from the lawsuits.

Sleep on it if you want to, but the global gloves are already off in the Skype & eBay lawsuits. A body count can't surprise anyone...

It's really dangerous to have a mix so good that you do not ever want to hit the pause button on:)

I have enough room on iPod Touch for all 100 songs on this "All I Do" Genius mix, so I'm going for it:)

Genius in iTunes on "All I Do" produces the love child of Valentine's Day and Columbus Day because it will take you there!!!!

Whoa! I need a Tumblr tutorial clearly:(

Reading a tweet mins ago reminded me that God blessed me with documented favor in college & grad school that I usually miss the connection!

I can barely hear Stevie's "Always" without thinking about the multiple scratch scene in "The Best Man"!!! Trauma running to the 1s & 2s:)

It's simply bureaucratic for Cracker Barrel not to see its past as enticing customers who would attack as the man they banned for life:(

Returning home I saw that Six Flags Over Georgia has a parking lot designated as "OFFICIAL PARKING" of the park. Official vs bootleg? lol:)

If the Skype founders end up with partial ownership of eBay itself, then they will have pulled the biggest hustle in history;)

Odd tech prediction: Skype founders & eBay will settle with partial Skype ownership going back to the Skype founders + cash.

Our oldest just returned from her overnight trip & she really had a great time! Praise God for the safety of all the kids & staff!

CNBC & 50 Cent in one place? Wow & it is very educational:)

Can you get this happy on TGIF or any other day? Awesome:)

Quincy Jones has a daughter that regularly appeared on "The Office" named Rashida Jones. Who knew? I'm late on this one:(

I'm getting my Digg on this afternoon:) News I have not seen is in a traffic jam!

Any other Digg users? I'm there @

I was once addicted to Digg, but I have not shown it any consistent love in at least 2 years since working from home office:( Help!

If anything can be said about Google, its Analytics' reports don't lie:) They tell you what gets your attention in house too!

Recovering ground in areas that were clearly neglected for higher priority items. 2009 has been a hurricane and then some;)

Heard on Rickey Smiley Show this morning: Don't spend major time on minor people!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Good night All:)

RHOA never fails to throw the 5 minute deep pass for a TD!!

I have a couple of financial services licenses expiring tomorrow that are not needed for prop trading anyway. On buy-side of table now:)

Miami is performing Lasik surgery on GA Tech!

Just saw UNC Tyler Hansbrough in AT&T ad. Cool:)

Lost in Madden as Philly Eagles vs NE Patriots. Mad as if it was real:) Not a fan of losses real or virtual!!

Miami is giving GA Tech all GT handle & then some!

The Surrogates movie trailer makes me think of the Black Eyed Peas album cover every time. I hope they have a placement or tie in.

Considered very tame now, but not back then: "Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In". "In Living Color" ancestor maybe?

Our youngest daughter is openly missing her big sister who is on an overnight school field trip.

Off to post office after hearing the rain lighten up a little! bbl

Need to make post office run before lunch crowd, but heavy rain says wait.

Latoya is very truthful and friendly, but just don't put her on the witness stand on your behalf:)

My wife is killing me with which celebrities you would or would not want to testify on your behalf:)

Comedian Mo'Nique's new movie "Precious" in early November will push many families & individuals into therapy finally hopefully.

My oldest daughter has a school field trip, so go easy on I-20 all drivers!

Just noticed several apps were reset somehow. No biggie though.

19 year old male puts newborn boy in storm drain after girlfriend (18 y.o. mother) delivers child at his apt. Smh

Good morning All:)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Stayed off desktop all day which made for a great day:)

I-285 is fully cooked, rotisserie in the Atlanta rain this afternoon!

Hope arouses your soul:) Live by faith!

Nothing satisfies buzz killers like killing your buzz, so leave them empty handed instead!!!

Dad catches foul ball & high fives all around. Gives ball to 2-3 year old daughter who throws it back over rail:)

The calendar seems to get bloated near the end of the month with kids' events.

Just saw Serena Williams on Regis & Kelly. She has a new book "On The Line" that seems very cool.

Expect great things as God does!!!

Good morning All:) Lack of heat saves energy in ATL today!

Played as Falcons vs Dolphins and lost. Elam on thin ice in Madden land too;) Ouch!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I've never been a gamer since my Super NES was stolen in '89 but the Madden 10 app has returned me gently to the fold:)

Madden is all that on iPod Touch!!! My Bears beat GB after all:) Low learning curve!! New favorite app to chill with!

Most games on my iPod Touch are kiddie games. Madden 10 should correct my techie universe:) I know, I know!!

Now playing: Dangerous by Michael Jackson:)

Publix has a limited edition premium ice cream entitled "Hula Hula" with macadamia nuts! Superb!!!!

Birthday goodie pack included Ghirardelli chocolates which her 3rd grade class taste tested at school:) They are GOOD!!

Today is our oldest daughter Rachel's 9th birthday & good times await the evening:)

Are the media accounts of slamming Michael Jordan's Hall of Fame speech warranted after all these years? Heavy handed & late they seem.

Discovered today that Wal-Mart sells bikes with the front brake locked in an on position. Logic escapes me totally.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Going to bed rather early, so good night All:)

Does anyone have an Apple TV? What other devices do you have as well with it? Pros? Cons?

When did Monday Night Football leave free, over the air tv? I just noticed it.

Looking at Raiders' fans in the stands is like looking at Lord of the Rings before bedtime: not recommended!!

The Chargers really cut Oakland's tires with that interception!

The Bills are looking good while they better keep scoring:)

The roughing the passer flag was appropriate indeed against the Pats!

Steelers' Palamau? has a Head & Shoulders' endorsement? Wow!

"Waking Up in Reno" with the late Patrick Swayze was knock down, drag out funny!!

Did you see that defensive play by the Bills? I take it all back now:)

Retro AFC official uniforms should be illegal. Coca Cola Fanta Orange colors? Ouch:)

What is the spread on the Pats vs Bills game? Do the Bills stand a chance by any non-fan?

The Madden iPhone game is becoming an irresistible idea day by day & I'm not sure how long I can hold out:)

All in all, today has been a blessed, keep my head down, and work with a single mind, focus as sharp as possible day!

When my wife touched my neck earlier, it felt like the Vulcan death grip:) I'm wearing a hot pad on it now.

Bicycle injury from 2006 is trying to flare up in my neck this morning:(

Some insects make cool, synth sounds:) I am hearing a few, incredible ones outside right now!

Psalms 23: Favor Ain't Fair:)

Folks did the Apollo Theatre point for Kanye to leave the building:)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Tonight's prayer by Jack Black was his figurative snake around his neck moment. 24 months or less to mega downfall:(

Who's Word is your blueprint and bible for life?

Whose blueprint is your bible?

The Ultimate pusher in underworld imagery closes out the VMAs tonight, but the red carpet will be rolled out:(

Evander Holyfield is not as tall as Yao Ming Taco Bell seriously!

Taylor's eyes were puffy, so Kanye gets multiple losses for the night:(

Beyonce shows class to Taylor Swift for the win!!!

Secular either means without God or against God.

Seeing every cultural transmission as if it was from a church or dogma tells you the DNA of the seed and fruit!

The imagery of horror, vampires, & conspicuous consumption are gateways to death & loss of souls.

Jack Black makes an open prayer to satan on MTV & no one pulls his card at all, so who is really in The Matrix? smh

Wow the moment the images of Scream appeared, there was no doubt Janet was going to appear to set it off!

Somehow I never imagined the Nat King Cole technology being used live for MJ, but it really makes sense!!!

The MJ tribute on MTV's VMAs just went nuclear & opened a new door for our lifetimes!!!

Just imported some music files from iPod Touch onto desktop. Life will get just a little easier as a result;)

Losing data as you are saving it has to be the worst techie glitch:(

The late hit on McNabb needs a big fine!

The Surrogates movie looks like it won't disappoint.

Giants' Manningham looked like he turned invisible on his TD run after catching the ball:)

The Redskins will make the pay off next year to avoid playing the Giants to start their season. They've given up already:(

The GM ad w/ CEO saying he had doubts is too funny! He only had doubts that sign on bonus would hit his bank before the weekend:)

Wait a minute. The Dolphins run the wildcat offense? Bigger ups for the Falcons' defense then!

MIA Pennington wants his towel & sideline visor too. Just avoided the shut out.

Miami, did that flag hurt?

The weather looks super nice in Baltimore!

On a day like today, Elam's woes stand out like a broken finger.

Ok, I get it. Falcons' Elam spent too much time at the BBQ festival yesterday:)

Atlanta Falcons' kicker Jason Elam just officially lost his job:( 3 up & 3 no good!!

McNabb hurt? Not heard yet on ATL tv!

Is it impolite to tell the Atlanta Falcons, "Whup that trick!!"? Nahh!

Why is Atlanta Falcons' kicker Elam trying to lose his job as the team gets the W? I don't get it.

I love the "Any Given Sunday" interceptions!! Go Falcons!!

Star Trek's Yeoman Johnson is playing for the Dolphins vs hometown Atlanta Falcons:) Touch the ball at your own risk!

Our GA Aquarium shipment & exhibit of dolphins arrived early:) Go #Falcons!

Oooh!! Big hit for Falcons!!

Miami was en route to a sure TD then ATL gets a FG from it which is a 10 point turnaround:) Wow!

Was Dolphins #80 crying on the bench after receiving the monster hit & fumbling the ball? This is the NFL dude:)

Falcons are bringing the pain!

Miami's WR Camarillo was ruled as making the catch!

The Dolphin player appears to have caught the ball between his calf & butt cheeks!! rofl:) Replay ruling to come!

Atlanta Falcons' Tony Gonzalez can really catch a ball!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

I really miss live football! I plan on taking my girls to a CAU game soon!

Dude on sousaphone clocked the camera man at the Buckeyes and USC game!! He was too hyped up:)

A small level of boredom just popped up. The right college game is not on and/or I'm missing previous fantasy leagues too.

The call of Notre Dame taunting after the TD was the late game changer!

Tate Forcier really did his thing for Michigan over Notre Dame!

My earlier nap was 2 hours of rejuvenating bliss! Praise God for not being disturbed!

The Madden game app discount is over & I'm kicking myself for my delay:(

Our youngest has initiated & will lead our recycling program seconds ago:)

My nap just arrived:) Peace!

Seeing a car drift from your own car will freak you out. I thought nobody drives that good under control:)

Home for the rest of my planned day! A nap is no longer forbidden fruit:)

Seeing what music vibes are still present before a nap attacks!

Shook hands with former Braves' outfielder Otis Nixon at BBQ festival:) His table wasn't fully set up, so I didn't hang around.

Never turn on a PC when you are sleepy:)

Jumping to music to avoid taking a nap or else tardiness in picking girls up from Girl Scouting event.

Second lesson learned is to always bring your own shade (hat or tent). Parking lot had none:(

My biggest lesson learned for food festivals is to never arrive before 11:45 a.m. or else the food is still cooking!

Back home & the Atlanta BBQ Festival is a hit! I look forward to seeing grow to a two day event with more participants!

Fruit & sausage arrived for breakfast, so BBQ will be on tap for 2nd breakfast!! rofl:)

Headed to ATL BBQ Festival solo after taking girls to their GS event. BBQ for breakfast may be in the works:)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Finally created my first Squidoo lens:

Get your Seed Of Life gear!

Photographer Annie Leibovitz receives $24MM loan extension:

Why are KFC & Citibank essentially operating the same?

Just got a nice shock to see almost 22K sites mention my 1st book:) The number has multiplied like bunnies!

Great CDC site on obesity that I'm stunned that it's not promoted more:

Here's my personal hook up for you of URLs: Let me know if you need more!

Praying for comfort of the 9-11 victims' families & the other families who lost loved ones in the backdraft of the global milestone.

A McDonald's ad started playing as I entered their parking lot this morning & the morning has been surreal ever since!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Good night All:)

Just test drove multiple sample libraries & swiftly crashing now.

The haterade was served up on RHoA tonight I just glimpsed.

No wonder a question I asked a RHoA went unanswered:(

Please allow plenty of time for the latest iPod Touch update!!! Double your estimated time requirement!

There are 1 MM ways to have data overwritten or lost & each one is more creative than the one before it!

iTunes (previous version) just signaled that no data is off limits on iPT during syncing. Exporting is now standard short term policy!

Roku now handles Amazon on Demand as well, but we have yet to dip in those waters.

Good afternoon All:) Anyone w/ Netflix recommendations? Saw Next last night & it was only 1 star for us!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Was Mexico ever safe or is the dream simply over?

Wife's biggest concern was the lack of wifi on Nano since most kids want net access versus all else.

My wife (owner of 16GB iPod Touch) just shanked Apple's releases today pretty good. I felt bad for company as a result.

Time to run micro errands, so peace!!!!

iTunes 9 will have to wait for me until Halloween comes & goes:) History taught that lesson well:)

The addition of video camera on the iPod Nano versus the iPod Touch is a shrewd move considering the current global economy.

The iPod Nano should appear everywhere with the video camera. Death appears at Flip camera's doorstep:)

The 64GB iPod Touch seems like major overkill since it lacks a camera. The 32GB iPT is the sweet spot!

iPod Nano gets the video camera while iPod Touch only gets software updates? The kids will win with the Nano for sure:)

Just imagined heaven with James Brown, Duke Ellington, Michael Jackson, Thomas Dorsey, & Mahalia Jackson! God has the best!

If "Full Force, get busy one time!" means anything to you, then check this out asap:

Today feels like a non-desktop usage day for some reason until Apple reveals images of the new iPods!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

I missed the boat this year on accepting fantasy league invitations in time & now every league is full:(

The speed at which ABC's Sharks bail from deals indicate they're not investing:( At least look & sound as if one can contribute value!

Dragon's Den from the BBC is the perfect parent of ABC's Shark Tank, but the sharks are cash poor themselves:(

Now another iPod Touch has to be purchased for the 2nd daughter by Christmas:)

My current 8GB iPod Touch was purchased w/ tomorrow's 3rd gen iPT in mind:) Guess what Santa is delivering early?