Sunday, May 21, 2006

Mama Used To Say: More Than One Way To Skin A Cat

After my last blog entry on connecting the hardware for a home network, I ran into technical difficulty that others have already experienced in getting one of most readily available network adapters to work with Tivo.
Instead of returning the USB adapter to Wal-Mart tomorrow and looking for an older network adapter that may not be readily sold anymore, I totally reversed the original plans and switched the hardware to operate our desktop computer via the newly purchased USB adapter and used our existing ethernet cable to directly wire the new Tivo box.
Lo and behold, Tivo recognized the network connection immediately and before I could sit down and grab the remote, a message appeared which indicated that it would not need or use the telephone line to connect and update the Tivo settings.
Although I had to connect and reconnect the DSL modem from its previously-often difficult-to-reach-in-times-of-trouble location under a sofa, and there is still a possiblity that our daughters or pet cat Missy might accidentally tamper with the DSL modem, today's purchases have finally coincided with plans made a long time ago.
Don't you just love it when a plan comes together as desired?
One late entry into the game was another piece of hardware purchased a long time ago (and fortunately still sitting in our storage room) in the form of an USB ethernet adapter which allowed the ethernet cable to plug into the USB ethernet adapter which connected into the USB port on the Tivo unit.
There were multiple messages that have indicated that Tivo is working very well with our new home network and there are going to be some features that our previous first-generation Tivo box did not have that we will enjoy deeply.
So I am thoroughly excited about our new Tivo ownership experience!
Peace and Goodnight!

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Home Network Finally Created

Yesterday I mentioned that I would wait until next week before buying the necessary equipment to take advantage of the home network features built into the second generation TiVo boxes/units.
After further thought, I went ahead today and bought the necessary home network hardware pieces manufactured by Linksys which is owned by Cisco.
The initial setup attempt required telephone calls to our ISP (Bellsouth) and Linksys.  Somehow our DSL connection failed right before or during the telephone call to Linksys and their attempts to offer assistance ended there.
A second call to Bellsouth was what the doctor ordered and the rep gave me great assistance and although there was a method to connect the router via an automated method through Linksys' website, the Bellsouth rep earned my trust and we proceeded to go through the steps to successfully get everything working in order.
My next move this evening is going to result in connecting the TiVo box to my home network and broadband connection in order to be able to move files from the TiVo box to my desktop computer and even program our TiVo unit remotely.
I will post the details later and I hope that everything goes well after the time spent on the phone receiving technical assistance already.
I know that I should wait for another day but when it comes to technology, I am a sucker for punishment if it is going to lead to a cool techie breakthrough;)
Now I cannot wait to buy or get other computers to use the wireless home network that now exists within our home.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Our new TiVo unit arrived today!

This evening upon returning home, I discovered that our new TiVo unit (a second generation unit at that) had arrived.  It was just ordered on Tuesday evening, so its FedEx delivery was extremely fast.
My wife Wyteria had not mentioned anything about this afternoon before she went to work.
I had left most of our connections in the same place from our previous unit and just had to remove the old unit/box from our entertainment center.
The connections went pretty smooth and I had already planned to buy a wireless USB device to make sure that the new box could take advantage of any network connections.
Since the box has arrived so fast, I will probably wait until next week before buying anything.  The initial setup of the new box has already been completed and it appears to be fully functional.
I can already tell that I need to add our specific channel lineup and adding the capability to control the tv via the TiVo remote as well.
But being that the delivery has pleasantly surprised me, life is indeed good;)

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

It Has Been A Great Birthday Today!

Today is my birthday and it has been a great one!
My coworkers since late April had purchased 2 birthday cakes, a card, and balloons plus songs and well wishes to help me celebrate the day.
Then I met my wife and daughters for a great dinner at Olive Garden and we had another cake and ice cream upon returning home.
As one of my gifts from my wife and kids, I received a nice replacement wallet for the one that had received a beating over the past year.
I treated myself last night to buying several books on music theory and composition to help provide some greater resources in creating songs.
Overall, it has been a fantastic day and I am thoroughly tired and look to remember this birthday with fondness.
I am going to burn a little sleep time that I hope to avoid in the future through buying another TiVo unit which was ordered online tonight.
I am going to look at the season finale tonight for CBS' program "The Unit".  I may be a little red-eyed tomorrow, but this show is great.

Friday, May 12, 2006

1st Pay Day in New Job and Going Solo Out of Initial Training Next Week

I have just finished the initial training for a financial services company with offices in Alpharetta, GA and the experience has been great.
The first payday just occurred and each new employee is going solo with our customer base next week.  More experienced personnel will be available as needed.
It is Mother's Day weekend, a festival is taking place within downtown Atlanta, and I am currently scheduled to conduct a house blessing and teach Sunday School as well.
Clearly God has been blessing us richly and deeply in 2006 as we took steps to not confine ourselves but to proactively share the blessings that we have been blessed with.
Since there is little time for rest, I hope to go to sleep at the same time our daughters will be tucked in and grab needed ZZZZZs for myself.
Although I could be a little more tired than I currently feel right now, I know without a doubt that we are being blessed.
Have a great weekend and do something special for the mothers that are near you.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Series 7 License Renewed

Today I found out that my series 7 license was renewed as of May 8, 2006 and I am thoroughly ecstatic about the situation.
Once you leave the securities industry, your status of having successfully passed the series 7 exam (and more importantly not having to retake the exam) expires after 2 years.  Although I still had several months before mine was to expire in mid-December, I am glad to have the clock get reset as I launch into a new career with a more reputable company with both its clients and employees at heart.
One ironic thing is that I never knew how much how my previous employer had damaged its own reputation until I was no longer employed with the company.  Sure I saw websites that did not express love for the company prior to leaving but such websites have to be consumed with a grain of salt.
Even changing the name of the company is in vain if the same traits, characteristics, and fundamental issues still occupy its primary motivations.  The former employer still does not have any true value for the customer or the marketplace which is tragic.
But I am on to bigger and better things, places, and situations now and although the journey has not always been a pleasurable one, I will say that I would repeat the mileage to get to where I am now positioned without a doubt.
Finally, there is some peace, joy, and hope as a new perspective and potential is getting closer everyday.