Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Our Tivo & iPod Touches have eloped & sent back pictures of their grandchildren:) Will now view shows remotely on vacation & beyond!

Apple needs to put status bars & more control within iTunes for its backup process! No GPS mechanism available at all:(

The Cafe' del Mar compilation series is perfect if you're looking for some cordial, conversation music or mega traffic vibes. Vol. 12:)

Only in love will triangles create thin ice! #sfs

Trying to get our Tivo & iPod Touches to go on a blind date! Tivo software & iTunes are the chaperones:)

Praise God no lives were lost within the recent Atlanta garage collapse!!

Only God could create planets with varying temps while all space keeps the same temperature while light years apart! #sfs

Made Home Depot run & passed Six Flags on trip home. Parking lots did not reflect economic woes for Six Flags as it did for HD!

It is far cooler than imaginable! Enjoy the break Atlanta!!

As upside down as it appears, TMZ is the go-to media outlet for MJ news. I stand corrected from disdain on their first report of MJ's death

Good morning All:) Sudden home repairs & maintenance await!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Anderson Cooper is about to play a new song that Michael Jackson was working on!

The media experts and gurus really don't know still about MJ! They are always going to be outsiders at best!

It is amazing how definitive some pundits try to still speculatively speak on MJ's finances & overall lifestyle!

After seeing Chris Brown's WMA Thriller performance, he has the MJ dancing belt while Ne-Yo holds the vocal one. No one to unify the belts.

I saw a Roxio device for digitizing video today @ Costco. Anyone w/ experience, feedback or positive results with one?

Daughters or not, everyone saw & reacted to the crystal clear, exploitation of the young girls at the #betawards last night.

I guess the "Can we all just get along?" age will have to wait until the other side of 2012: http://bit.ly/HOrei

It seems that the markets are actually up just a little on the Madoff news alone:) Wow!

Bernie Madoff gets 150 years & I feel like cheering with poms poms myself:) Madoff never made a single trade people!!!!

The news on Houston Rockets' Yao Ming is really sad news for him, the city, the team, & the NBA:(

Billy Mays' employer has not pulled any of the tv ads he appears within. TV protocol of yesteryear is incinerated history:(

Been analog virtually all day & I really needed it. Any mind blowing news or events for the day?

Man In The Mirror appears to be the leading song purchased in the wake of MJ's death which says a ton about what the world is looking for.

You heard it here first: Religion will soon get thrown to the forefront within MJ's death and it won't be pretty at all.

Jamie Foxx just said it best: 750k people bought MJ tickets in less than 1 hour in spite of media & pundits!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ne-yo has the most organic MJ DNA within his music even before MJ's homegoing.

Jamie Foxx talked about auto tune as if it was crack because it is:)

Janet Jackson is onstage!!! #betawards

Read that MJ stockpiled 200 songs just for his kids. 50% of my prediction although the final number may go higher vs lower.

Suicides in wake of MJ's death & Rev. Jesse Jackson comments on them:( http://bit.ly/hxKr

There are going to be numerous journalists in retreat mode if & when the Jordan Chandler MJ recant gains traction! Jobs need to be lost!!!

MJ had 4 full albums after Thriller, but recorded possibly 100 unreleased songs per album. The unborn will still hear 400 new songs!

Don't worry about MJ's kids & estate cause MJ did the right thing in rehiring John Branca a week before he died! Wow! http://bit.ly/XW2ex

Would it be too much to either hear and/or sing "Man In The Mirror" at church tomorrow? Print & take the lyrics just in case:) Somewhere!

What would the music industry look like if major execs finally get it w/the MJ sales in his death? Have we passed the point of no return?

My recent tweets opened a door & a swarm of adult flies need to be blocked:( Ugh!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

The CNN program was a repeat. The music of MJ kept me from recognizing it.

CNN is airing a MJ historic progression from the trials onward with Don Lemon right now!

Today I was the closest ever to a real pimp w/his leading scorer @ the barber shop. Sure enough, her shoes gave it all away:) Too high!

Today I was the closest ever to a real pimp w/his leading scorer @ the barber shop. Sure enough, her shoes gave it all away:) Too high!

Is it impossible for celebrities to receive answers of "No!" or think they're wrong in the face of fame? Not seeing much power w/good ears.

With global feast on MJ's real music, the world is finally going to know major food poisoning if it tries to go back to the junk food:)

I would stand 50 deep in line in the rain to hear Miss Patti Labelle sing MJ's "Butterflies":) 100 deep if it was duet w/ Anita Baker!!

Nice & smooth MJ tribute song by songstress Diana "Shy Guy" King: http://bit.ly/bFkK0 She's on Twitter too = @dianakingdom

A new question popped up at the barber shop today: How tall was Michael Jackson?

Michael Jackson's solo career should not have ended The Jacksons' progress. The other 4 lost confidence for the wrong reasons IMO.

If MJ's death has to be this way, I find relief in knowing that my daughters are learning songs without the profanity & warning labels.

"Dangerous" was a musical feast for me like Christmas since MJ & New Jack Swing King Teddy Riley teamed up:) Michael fully embraced NJS!

Current soundtrack: @dj_diva's Michael Finale Mix which has the party MJ we all know and love: http://bit.ly/14R5gd Therapeutic!!!

"Sweet Dreams" by The Eurhythmics was indeed purchased my good peeps:) It still rocks too! MJ is taking me back to my early 80s pop days!

After experiencing aseptic meningitis, I learned that there is some pain that one simply has to bear! There is no way around it!

"Billie Jean" & "The Way You Make Me Feel" were my late mom's favorite MJ hits! She loved the swing element in both songs:)

"Some of them want to use you and some of them want to be used by you. Some of them want to abuse you. Some of them want to be abused."

The media is not concerned with selling tv ads since since the 25th & Sony which dragged its feet is getting their bailout on:(

No one deserves a free pass for current statements on both MJ & prescription drugs!! All become guilty enablers for hinting at it:(

The lack of an intervention for MJ is turning my grief to anger:( Too many knew or didn't want to know, but dropped the ball clearly:(

The Delicious widget has finally returned to working normally.

Jimmy Fallon's show has a nice sense of comedic community to it:) Quite refreshing!!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Good night All:)

"Time Waits For No One" is a very beautiful song! The Jacksons made many nice, quiet storm flavored songs!

There are several years that I missed between the Jackson 5 break out period to their Jacksons' Epic years.

MJ's public voice was deeper as a child & I remember someone mentioning not recognizing him on the phone when he spoke w/o the falsetto:)

Listening to the MJ musical tribute by @ejflavors which is highly educational to say the least about Michael Jackson! Great job EJ!

Versus allowing the world to rush us through our grief, we must take to our knees to thank God for it all. #sfs

"Invincible" by MJ was digitally crippled by Sony. The original CD does not & will not play within computers AT ALL:(

One of the albums first placed on our iPod Touches this spring was HiStory Disc 1 & 2. It was the MJ intro for our daughters to sing along.

Good morning All:) Life is more than just a dream, so WAKE UP!!!

I just noticed the time and I leave it up to God Who neither slumbers or sleeps! Good night All:)

Wow. I just got the feeling that a ton of folks had taken out dozens of life insurance policies within recent months on MJ.

I'm slightly irritated by all the people saying how thin & frail MJ was if they said nothing to put it on blast. It's totally negligent!

Everyone please drink plenty of water, eat a little more, & get rest for the upcoming weeks now fully demand it!

I remember that one of my classmates' brothers would entertain me by phone by pretending to be the entire Jackson 5 when I was in 1st grade!

All need to realize that the finest & peaks of this world have been disappearing at a faster pace since 1968 actually.

In the late 80s, there was an extended version of "Bad" that took my appreciation for MJ to another level for its instrumentation & focus.

Clearly "Another Part of Me": a part of us all died today & everyday. Embrace life globally!

Never forget that it was the Grammy's rejection of "Off The Wall" that made the juice injected into "Thriller" more potent & irresistible!

May no one ever again experience the stress MJ was placed under for any reason. Regardless of source, stress kills:(

Just saw that Elvis Presley was only 42 at his death and once son-in-law MJ tragically departs in very similar fashion:(

2009: Inauguration of 1st Black POTUS to the homegoing of Michael Jackson. The third event to come requires even more faith! Increase!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Just within this week, I was watching multiple MJ videos on YouTube & then today arrived. Too surreal to imagine!

Time has just slipped off the chain this afternoon! The surreal vibe does that good or bad, up or down.

Too many MJ's associates & non-family handlers are throwing around the past need for an "intervention" without going further on record:(

I read months ago that MJ had already willed Paul McCartney MJ's rights to the Beatles' catalog.

Here's a video of a decent song that was still released that MJ passed on for "Thriller": http://bit.ly/IwvRL

When I saw James Brown perform in ATL in the early 90s with my wife & late mother, I saw where Michael Jackson's musical DNA came from:)

The late John H. Johnson of Ebony & Jet fame was an adviser of MJ regarding the Beatles' catalog purchase.

The song "State of Shock" from the Jacksons' "Victory" album 25 years ago in 1984 still rocks across cultures, races, & creeds!

Only God provides the Sublime!

MJ recorded enough material for another 3 albums minimum for each album released since "Thriller"!

Remembering that MJ even wrote "Centipede" and "Muscles"!

Perez Hilton = Autotune, so drop both!

I've known about MJ for at least 39 years. My mother was alive for my first 35 years. I thank God she prepared me for days like this!

Even MJ invited us all to take a deep look at the "Man in the Mirror"!

Seeing the CD of "Thriller" was my first experience that it would be a new, technological era in 1988.

As shocking as MJ's death is, the undeniable return of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ will trump it! Will I see you in heaven? I hope so!

Interesting article on the internet's uptime under duress like Michael Jackson's death: http://bit.ly/S1HrW

Just as in the selling of Obama's senate seat upon winning the election, someone WILL put their reputation on the grill with MJ's death:(

We made the Jacksons "Victory" tour name our own in 1984 as my fraternity made its initial "Victory Arrival" on campus that fall as Nupes.

I was a 4-H camp counselor when the 1984 Victory tour featured tickets for $100 a pop!

I remember in 1995 absolutely loving and watching "Scream" with MJJ and Janet:)

A doctor was with MJJ when the cardiac arrest occurred. Everything was done to save him I'm sure.

I'm ready to view the Michael Jackson holograms as the next level of in home entertainment!

The lawyers will enter into their playoffs over MJ's estate:(

MJ's Super Bowl performance was the greatest half time show the game has ever seen!

"Invincible" was a far better MJ album than Sony promoted. I would buy it again today without a doubt. Get yours!

MJ was Motown to me. It was how I visually identified my vinyl 45s back in the day.

Today is the day we all knew was coming when Elvis & James Brown passed. Nothing makes it easier to digest or accept in real time at all:(

Tragic that the demonizing of MJ has escalated on CNN ruthlessly & will continue by media blood suckers:(

"Remember The Time", "Another Part Of Me", "The Way You Make Me Feel", "Billie Jean", & "Rock With You" are my all time favorite MJ hits!

Michael Jackson was pronounced as deceased 2:26 LA time = 5:26 EDT.

The week ahead & remainder of 2009 will be nothing short of surreal. Escalate your prayer life now!

The L.A. coroner has confirmed that the King of Pop Michael Jackson has indeed gone home. RIP Michael Jackson.

There are reports surfacing of Michael Jackson being hospitalized for sudden heart issues. Upcoming UK concerts clearly threatened.

The trivial should have a hard time getting your attention today. It is Thursday!!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Before SC Gov Sanford publicly assumes the fetal position, odds are that he will throw a conciliatory, race card into the mix!

Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin looks extremely healthy! Space Fountain of Youth perhaps? What's his secret?

SC Gov Sanford crashes & burns in live news conference NOW! CNN.com is streaming it live!

Get your free copy of Purple Rain Tribute: http://bit.ly/hcqUl Code: screenwriter

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

On AFV, a kangaroo kicked a guy in the back to send the guy face first into water, so I roared like it was the Super Bowl:) Not good!

Wifey suggested 2 pain relievers versus McCafe run for headache. I am blessed to have her as my wife indeed!

It's almost 10 p.m. & a McCafe run seems perfectly logical for some reason tonight!

It's funny how smoothly our days can flow when we simply get out of our own way! #sfs

Everything about the latest reality tv divorce should make the ratings fall out the bottom of all nouveau reality shows & personalities.

Somebody please talk me out of suddenly enjoying "Remind Me" by Royksopp! Only Cavemen logically hate them with reason:)

SC Gov Sanford was already in need of an intervention when he wanted to turn down the federal funds. All else is par for the course:(

Every song heard from Charlie Wilson's latest CD makes it a candidate for an iTunes purchase very, very soon:)

Is there a Flickr-like or better social networking interface for Twitpic? It could surely use one.

The Craigslist killer suspect's fiancee calls it quits while someone, somewhere is suiting up to take her place still:(

Somehow I managed to leave headphones at home while knowing I had some waiting room time this afternoon. Grrr to me!

The global economy is itching to become the fire ants at everyone's picnic, so plan for it versus being mugged like most! #twurch #sfs

The kicker is that the stork that was used to deliver the blessing is MySpace!! God can use anything or anybody!!!!

Not able to give loans to you with it yet though:)

Received a huge, unexpected blessing this morning from a bank not really known for customer friendliness!

Milk does a body good & prayer does a body better! Get milk! Get prayer!

Good morning All:)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Somehow we have managed to get icicles upstairs:( GA Power must really love us:(

Good night All:)

The new HIV Atlas has one extremely weird proposition beneath the surface: the impact of the Eisenhower interstate system on the disease.

The way the Dow fell off at the end of the trading day indicates there is much more room for it to fall prior to the huge plunge due in Oct.

Taking a moment to watch Wimbledon solo. Beautiful grass!

New map finds HIV rates are highest in the South http://bit.ly/zrvPV

My oldest just made me realize that I had gear much easier for her to use. Lesson: listen to kids' requests to achieve simplicity!

One better get Johnnie Cochran to get out of these charges: SEC charges Madoff-linked firm, adviser with fraud http://bit.ly/vHf54

79F with heat index of 82F feels much better after the rain!

Unlike God, when you are waiting for humans to reply or respond: No answer is a no answer! #twurch #sfs

How long are hard drives supposed to last? It's not like they are turtles or family dogs:)

Rain!!! Hallelujah!

Summer is a great time to implement a backup & data redundancy plan! Far easier than trying to recover when drives fail or die!

The Dow has been hammered with the heat it appears:( Bears occupy buffet bars!

Whoa! Cloud cover must have been around earlier and passed over. Currently 93F with heat index of 101F in Mableton, GA!

Great time to move data before a thunderstorm pops up!

Local temps have already started falling!!! Currently 89F in Mableton, GA:)

My weekend was too great & relaxing to allow 2-bit imps to steal my joy:) The Lord rebukes them, so usher them out Michael!!!

It's not ironic that I'm fighting gremblins over my focus with more effort than the tasks I need to get done require:(

Playing chill music is keeping our daughters from overclocking their parents:)

Today is simply Monday & some things cannot be outsourced in spite of sincere intentions.

Good afternoon All:) 90F in Atlanta and should climb 2-5 degrees higher by 3 p.m.

What makes a loss tougher is knowing that a personal trading policy has been simply violated.

Channel investing is one tricky climate. Stop loss orders easily switch from bodyguards to traitor assassins:(

Sunday, June 21, 2009

For Sunday dinner, we had banana pudding for dessert. Enough said:)

"Stand" by @tavissmiley was so good that it left me in tears and inspired to reach higher beyond myself at the same time. Bless this day!

If anyone knows of any documentaries on Stax Records, please let me know!

Regardless of time, human preferences, and suitability, Christ saves irrevocably!

Year 1975: Lee Elder becomes the first African-American to play in the Masters' golf tournament in Augusta, GA.

Watching a program "Uneven Fairways" on the plight & rise of black golfers on TV One. Tiger's era is far from an overnight one!

In #Neda's death, one realizes that the one shot, one kill made the current Iranian government & mindset as the target.

The movie 2012 may produce more fear than the actual year itself & here's a 2012 movie trailer: http://bit.ly/2r7Lr

Just wait until you see the photo of super tasty king's breakfast I have been served in bed!! I can get used to this:)

One immediately knows the Iranian women was shot but unless one notices the lack of blood on her face initially, the horror is missed:(

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Mack just ended. I recognized one musical theme later used & reworked by possibly Usher or Ne-yo interestingly enough.

Sound is back on tv! Network problems resolved which is cool by me.

Wow, Netflix's system is smart even during failure. Online, it went straight to time placement where I stopped due to sound outage.

31 minutes into movie, the sound goes out on the dsl streaming:( Safari on Mac is acceptable but not on PC, Netflix? Why? fail!

It's a Netflix night & The Mack is up first. I've never seen this flick!

Just realized that W & Cheney would absolutely attack Iran in the midst of the current confusion.

Contestants are now required to lifejackets on Wipeout I see.

Oldest daughter asked to see ABC's Wipeout which served as a great reminder. Good times indeed!

Has MLM taken over MLS? Seeing game with both Herbalife & Amway is wild.

All Dads should quickly proceed to Chick-Fil-A before their closing time today for a free, no drama Father's Day milkshake!

It was so hot on my toes alone that I cannot imagine how the ladies stand it! The Geneva Convention was violated:)

There's a breeze in Gilead!!!

Getting pumped up for daughters' tennis lessons in the sho nuff heat. Only God will bring us through!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Blair Underwood plays a great villain, so the movie G may be hard to pass up on TV One:)

Finally used copy & paste on iPod Touch for #ff #followfriday which is the coolest usage:)

DirecTV cannot keep up tonight, so it's other forms of entertainment. Indie flicks on Netflix may work.

My daughters totally love The Cosby Show! I would like for them to meet Keshia Knight Pulliam just to see the looks on their faces:)

Received an offer for some subcontracting work & unlike a fool I accepted the offer:) When God opens doors, walk through!!!!

Seeing the NYC iPhone buyers is one thing, seeing that it's chilly there vs ATL's 94F temps is something else!!! Wow!

My first vinyl purchase in 20+ years arrived today, so an USB turntable is within my future:) The LP is 20+ years too!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

CNBC has an interesting program on investment opportunities in Africa airing right now!!

Everytime I hear a Bernard Edwards' bass line I want to pour a libation! Totally sublime partnership with Nile Rodgers!

The Sirius XM app has gotten more usage already this evening since it is more portable & personal all at once.

We've taken the simple Sirius XM app plunge & have been greatly rewarded for our efforts:) More than makes up for OS 3 challenges!

Being this far beyond Hump Day, are we safe from any Jaws music at this point?

It's seriously funny how North Korea & Iran could now stupidly & easily provoke an US response to fulfill W & Cheney's wishes.

This is not the weekend to skip on your water consumption and sun screen regardless of your complexion & DNA!

If we can keep our hands off the Sirius XM app, it will be monumental:) We did cancel 1 car unit months ago, so the app plan is cheaper:)

This week alone the financial markets taught me about fatherhood & I thank God that I clearly learned the lesson metaphysically:)

I have to use the new copy & paste feature, so the honeymoon will be... lol

Make no mistake about it: Nintendo, Microsoft, & Sony see Apple as a threat and rightfully so for gamers & gamers to be!

Listening to Foreign Exchange and the vibe & vocal performances pleasantly overpower the lyrical content somehow at this moment:)

OS 3 update on iPod Touch complete! A well placed, progress bar would have made a huge difference!

I now see that yesterday's OS 3 update issues and stress world wide would have been prevented with a simple progress bar on display.

Other than OS 3 update not going well, Hump Day was a pretty good day:) Now for a strong Thursday!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My OS 3 update attempt on my iPod Touch makes me rather hit a bees' nest with a short stick naked on a hot day tied to a tree below it:(

Chldsk is running now, so delays, delays, delays!!

My new external HD to take weight off this PC has arrived, so the irony of PC misbehavior & tantrum today is duly noted! Does it know?

Today was my first time noticing Aplle's presence within Best Buy. It's a store within a store!

OS 3 update has not gone smoothly at all. I think it's Windows revenge however:(

Best Buy was very cool on my return. I exchanged the a/v cord for an iTunes gift card for my wife since the original item was an anniv gift

Just stepped outside briefly and received 2nd degree burns from the sun!! Now that's a fire!

Just had a power outage on the socket used as iTunes completed the OS 3 download:(

I wonder if Best Buy has a customer friendly return policy since I'm about to return a product that only worked 50% to advertised promise.

iPT software upgrade is in progress & hopefully one shot, one upload is all that is needed.

The iPod Touch software update is available although Apple did not make it easy to locate it: http://bit.ly/fgjsw

It's almost time for the release of iPhone OS 3, so forgive me while I get my geek on if you have never seen me this way:)

The asset most threatened whenever we experience fatigue is our focus. Protect and defend your focus at all costs!

Our neighbor's German Shepherd was dumpster diving in our trash until I threw water on his plans;)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

XM Chill is laying down a serious vibe but they sorely lack an online playlist versus the current song only:(

Another 24 hours of rest will help since my antenna is still picking up intergalactic static. Very colorful thoughts though;)

I placed a gallon jug of iced tea in the freezer over the weekend and have no recollection of doing so. Prime sign of sleep deprivation:(

I've hit a wall on my physical limitations & rest is here by choice or by force. Feels like space shuttle lag:(

Bedtime for natural recovery, so PEACE!!!!

Ok, I get it now. A Jedi just stuck a light saber in my eye:(

The Iranian demonstrations only signal what should have been done in the US when W stole 2 bases for himself:(

Soothing eye drops are needed & suggested if the midnight oil is repeatedly burned online:)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Funny that I just found out the Lakers are NBA champs after going to bed early for workday:) I expected more shouting in victory!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Wow! Chicago & Rio are at same temp of 66F right now! Who would imagine that?

I'm riding BETJ just to chill with until a contender comes along & dethrones it:)

What's the best tv pick tonight? I'm watching BETJ right now.

Wondering if Bebe Winans & Marvin Sapp would ever do a song together:)

The Marietta Frontera has live music. First time hearing an acoustic "Crazy".

Frontera is so good that I'm leaning:)

Frontera Grill is da BOMB!!!!! Wifi too:)

I'm not surprised if there was a stolen election in Iran. Dude had more in common with W than the world wants to realize:(

We're in the midst of another great and blessed day. Tennis lessons went much easier having our own snacks on hand vs waiting:)

Ok. I think it's safe to crash now:) Good night All:)

The downside of the Facebook land grab is now I'm fighting going back to bed. I haven't put in my usual online time socially this week:(

The Facebook land grab was fully successful:) Now I wonder if people will start selling them:)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Awake to see how the Facebook land grab plays out at midnight. There's no way to tell how popular unless their site crashes.

The nap I'm about to experience will be as sweet as Fisher's 3-point shots last night & I was going for the Magic:) Real recognizes real!!

Peace & bbl, not BBQ:)

No rental car is needed this evening as it appeared earlier. Mercy & goodness have been in overdrive!

One family car was repaired much cheaper than imagined, so the financial blessing has to be expanded to others asap!

I picked up a PC insurance policy w/in a 2nd PC. Found a good, used one w/both firewire & USB!!

We reintroduced ourselves to the barbecue & all I can say is YES, YES Y'ALL:)

My girls & I discovered that Sonny's Barbecue near the Big Chicken in Marietta, GA is still open!!! Mandatory nap due within 10 minutes:)

Today has been a beautiful, surreal kind of day!

Our oldest daughter also made the Principal's List for being in the A's Only Club for the entire school year:)

At our oldest daughter's 2nd grade awards ceremony, she was the only girl to receive a mathematics award for her class!

1st segment of the workday was successful. Pre-dawn sleep period is next. Oldest daughter's class has last day of school party @ 8 a.m.!

The Iranian elections are very interesting. Without Bush to poke with a stick, the current Iranian president has no life lines:)

Bloomberg TV has more diversity of race and gender among its global reporters than any other FINANCIAL network I have seen. Cool:)

Bloomberg TV is far more balanced than other financial news channels. No circus hype:)

There's enough bad news reported at late night that one really needs to stay awake for hours to not consume it internally.

Gwinnett County GA is slowly becoming a Clayton County GA copycat:( #Atlanta #crime

I'm up so early that I'm surprised to see the late night news:)

The question now becomes whether the Lakers close the series in Orlando or LA. Hmmm. How are the tv ratings going?

Lakers smell blood! Pure sharks:)

Overtime? Wow!

I'm up much earlier than normal & ready to see others say good night on my east coast:). Any night owls still up?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Met a well known music producer at our kids' graduation from kindergarten. The Atlanta heat was fair and equal:)

Respectable lightning storm just passed through. Hopefully the air will be much cleaner now & into the weekend.

This DQ in Mableton has wifi also:)

Just had a nice ice cream cone with my family at Dairy Queen in Mableton, GA.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I'm saying this as an hyped-up athlete or hot links spokesperson: "NAP TIME"!!! Peace!

@McHammer just put a very polite Nunya on Kathie Lee about telling his young son about past financial issues. So she quickly apologized!

@Mchammer is on NBC's Today Show talking about his new reality show & others: "The work went in before the show goes on!". Great words!!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Going to driving range in what feels like an eternity! I'm trying to keep the time-space continuum from slipping as a result:)

Monday, June 08, 2009

My wife chaperoned our oldest child class trip to a museum. She spent the bulk of the trip in an ER w/a kid w/a Rocky-type eye injury:(

Greed is the hitchhiker that pulls a razor & gets you on the evening news in the wrong way. Don't give him a ride!

Old goals have been reached for the day & lesson learned.

10 a.m. never fails to make a volatile, wake up, coffee call:)

Good morning All!! I hope your day is power packed!

The lack of volatility puts me to sleep like hibernation on demand:( I'm just a Bearcat:)

I still would like to see the Magic win, but Phil's a closer in the NBA if there ever was one:)

Sunday, June 07, 2009

The Magic will either win tonight or the Lakers' coronation can officially begin. All appreciation & no hater nation:)

Our nearby McDonald's currently is unable to take credit card orders. Summer US satellite problems & season already?

Casino Royale is on USA. I wonder if there will be a spinoff with Jeffery Wright's character eventually?

Just returned home from a favorite after church spot: Zaxby's!! Never had a less than A+ experience there!!!!

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Within this moment, I am full moon tired. But today was a great day with plenty of sunshine & juices. Early bedtime should help also!

A slight overcast day still offers many UV rays! We forgot the sunscreen!

Tennis lessons are over as the heat is going into overdrive!

Friday, June 05, 2009

During a recent Target run with my own First Lady, I eased a copy of "Trading Places" into the cart. Solo viewing draws near:)

The Dave Matthews Band proves there is room for funky, acoustic music:)

President Obama's administration is the only reality tv I'm watching! #odrealitytv

Thursday, June 04, 2009

I now recant my earlier words about NASA http://bit.ly/YrouQ They don't keep secrets, but understanding the info requires an initiation!

Seconds of watching President Obama's Cairo speech, I am pleasantly in shock & awe how he connects the dots w/o melodrama.

Gene Simmons of Kiss just gave parental advice on NBC's Today Show that echoes Bill Cosby's words.

Join me in prayer for the 2 US journalists in North Korea. Bad timing to be in the wrong place:(

Check this chart out: http://bit.ly/gY5ZH Our bodies need the blue & yellow elements internally but not below the 4th row:)

Lotion ads & sales along w/ HVAC calls should spike for the first 2/3 of June. Good times for electricity & electric companies also.

Twitter is much closer than Google in revealing the world's pulse although Google internally is just as current.

ABC's GMA has a story of a 4 y.o. kid in Orlando that starts speaking while attending Magic games where therapy did not get the same results

The Air France disaster now makes perfect sense as of this morning:(

Just did some research online to see battery & electrical problems are skyrocketing seasonally right now. NASA is keeping secrets:(

My car's alternator felt bullish about agriculture this morning, so it bought the farm:) The uncanny thing is the repeated weather climate.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The videogame Prototype combines elements of The Matrix and infected zombie flicks together. I would play this game:)

Mount up on the wings of eagles @scottstorch !!! Healing is in the CJ's hem;)

Even in summer, chinchilla still hurts feelings:)

Really want perfection? Only 100% accuracy is guaranteed for shots never taken. #sfs

Regardless of your interests, this article deserves your special attention in this day & age: http://bit.ly/sm9Ib

To see the world in economic dire straits means that we could see only POTENTIAL vs REALITY w/in its temporary wealth. #sfs

Your dysfunctional opposition simply cannot invalidate you! #sfs #twurch

I just saw some awesome accusations against the POTUS. If 100% accurate, logic & clarity was AWOL for the past 8 years:) #tcot

A talented Christ able to share His Holy Spirit & pursued by wise men who were not empty handed could never be poor. #tcot #twurch

Paying the price on Calvary, Christ has redeemed us from the poverty of eternal death. #tcot #twurch #sfs

Christ Jesus only traveled from permanent wealth (heaven) to temporary wealth (earth) which is the downgrade. #tcot #twurch #sfs

To believe Christ Jesus was a pauper on any level requires too much work to be not questioned so easily. smh #tcot #twurch #sfs

Christ Jesus: a poor man either visibly or invisibly still is inspiring & changing lives over 2000 years later. smh #tcot #twurch #sfs

Christ Jesus: a carpenter & priest unable to make it in those fields, so He became an unpaid motivational speaker. smh #tcot #twurch #sfs

Christ Jesus, a poor man who had a tongue of silver and yet remained poor as rich ladies followed him. smh #tcot #twurch #sfs

Christ Jesus after somehow having a buddy get paid 30 pieces of silver, the buddy hangs himself for being overpaid. smh #tcot #twurch #sfs

Christ Jesus had a nice beggar's dinner jacket that provoked Roman guards to angrily gamble for it. smh #tcot #twurch #sfs

Christ Jesus, w/no room to lay his head, was able to get his 12 buddies free meals in the penthouse of restaurants. smh #tcot #twurch #sfs

Christ Jesus in his poverty was able to get a midnight trial at several levels of government. smh #tcot #twurch #sfs

Christ Jesus was a poor man that somehow successfully convinced employed people to leave their jobs. smh #tcot #twurch #sfs

Christ Jesus was a poor man that was followed by multitudes repeatedly. smh #tcot #twurch #sfs

Peep this about the Christ Jesus some people want you to believe...

Whoa! Bad logic requires a detachment & effort far away from & unlike godly wisdom.

Inner conflict has to be fully resolved before one can become a drum major! James 1:8 #sfs #twurch

My musical Brother @ejflavors has done it again: http://ejflavors.com Hear & feel our DNA being mapped out:)

I am still waiting for pop pundits to deny their perfection;) Oh yeah, they'll gladly do that!

The moment you start seeing a lot of "I was wrong" versus convenient political reversals on #tcot, all conspiracies become valid law:)

Aside from your best intentions, when was the last time you were simply wrong? Any hesitations says now!!

Scientist says your social network can never be artificially enlarged:) http://bit.ly/UqHL0

Good morning All:) Is it Wednesday already? Wow!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Just got shut out 2-0 by the Mrs. in Scrabble on our iPod Touches & yes, she is trash talking:)

MSNBC has an amazing show on President Obama with candid & serious, 24-7 scenes!!

W/the Air France flight loss of life being the greatest since 9-11 & no apparent signs of foul play, there should be a global mourning day.

I thank God for the blessings of this day. Grace and mercy had my back before dawn & I'm truly thankful for it!

Just tried Chick-Fil-A's new peach milkshake & it has chunks of peaches in it:) Very good & I give it an A+!

Good morning All:)

Monday, June 01, 2009

CBS Atlanta 46 has the very best segment of health ratings within restaurants along management reactions regardless of scores!!!!

The day has gotten into gear nicely with prayers, breakfast, and keeping my mouth shut:)

Good morning All:)