Friday, November 10, 2006

I Got My Mac Back!!!

Last Friday, I took my Macbook to the Apple Store at Perimeter Mall and the discovery was amazing.

It turns out that the battery had swollen near one end and the computer was no longer recognizing that a battery was present.

The technician put his own battery inside and it worked fine.

So Apple provided a new battery at no charge whatsoever since the warranty still covered it.

The computer was failing to charge the battery around the same time that the firmware update solved the random shutdown issue.

Since then, I had a couple of shutdowns probably due to being an extreme power user (due to excessive duration more than anything) and previous problems have melted away.

I will probably try not to use the Macbook longer than 4 hours at a time as a good measure.

Since the RSS issue has been resolved and now that portability is back, I truly have my Mac back.

I will probably add a power cord for an upcoming flight in early December.

I am glad that the short-term difficulties have passed away.

Praise God for technology that works according to plan!