Friday, June 26, 2015

Strengthen Your Relationship with Christ Jesus!

The Supreme Court's decision on same-sex marriage today cannot be viewed as a single victory or battle of political parties as it is continually a match of competing spiritual powers.  Both major political parties have nominated Supreme Court Justices that voted for it.

The same Supreme Court has recently voted to allow the United States to provide healthcare to its citizens without regard to location or political party.

The same nation is now finding newly discovered momentum state by state in finding the confederate flag as distasteful as those who have generationally felt and been aggressively oppressed by it.

We must remember that the same court before removed barriers to the ideals, values, and specific words within the various documents created to form and represent the same nation and will continue to do so.

Therefore if the removal of any form of past, present, or future oppression seems as if is detrimental to the country itself, then the only fault can be fully placed upon the shoulders of the country's founders as well as every representative in government as well as those citizens who voted for them as well as those who found it not worthy of their time to vote or become eligible to vote.

The bigger and bigger decision that I see that has not ever changed for me as most important is whether we as individuals and citizens of this country and world have accepted Christ Jesus as our personal Lord and Savior!

Nothing that has happened or will occur shall diminish the power, might, and wisdom of God!

No milestone shall prevent the return of Christ Jesus and even when it seems that world has chosen any form of darkness, His return becomes even more imminent than further away.

Hold onto whatever faith you had or have and still seek to strengthen it in these days ahead!

Do not allow any of your physical and mental senses to fool you or lead you astray as you will need a stronger, personal relationship with Christ Jesus more now than ever!

Expect the rest of your life to remain a roller coaster and undoubtedly know that only what is done for Christ will last!

The ride is unable to be rough forever!

Christians are indeed on the winning side in Christ and God's Word is our barometer to agree with or disregard any laws enacted and enforced by mankind.

Christ is as close as your decision to allow Him to enter and govern your life!

Anticipate Christ's return with joy, power, and strength!

Psalm 68:1 (KJV)
[[To the chief Musician, A Psalm [or] Song of David.]] Let God arise, let his enemies be scattered: let them also that hate him flee before him.

Romans 8:28 still remains true to our living, moving, and having our being!