Thursday, November 24, 2005

Thanksgiving in the a.m.

Thanksgiving Day 2005 has started off on an interesting note.  Somewhere close by within our subdivision a home security system was blaring all night long.  You know that it's bad when you start dreaming about hearing the sound within your dreams.

The system somehow turned off a couple of times but started again within 15 minutes.  I do not hear it now.  I imagine that the residents went out of town, but I hope that the rest of the Thanksgiving holidays do not have the same disturbance.

I have added some RSS feeds and links to the sidebar of my blog.  

One new link is to the blog for a multitalented brother named Shavar Ross that I met online not too long ago and his blog and work is something that you should definitely out.  If his name sounds familiar, then you will see why.  Definitely check out Shavar's photography on Flickr which is what first caught my attention.

The RSS feeds that I have created on Digg (its RSS feed is actually this link ) and (its RSS feed is actually this link) also now appear within the sidebar as well.

I also added one nonserious photo of myself as well to lighten up any impressions that might try to hide my smile;)

Otherwise so far today, I am listening to some nice tunes on XM Radio.  One interesting song playing right now on The Flow channel is Joss Stone's "Super Duper Love" from her CD entitled "The Soul Sessions". 

The song makes me think that if I walk outside right now, it might be spring or summer 1968 or 1969 before the assassinations and aftermath violence kicked in.  I expect the Mr. Softee ice cream truck to roll by as well any second now:)

This groove that I am feeling right now should be made mandatory for the holidays sho nuff;)

I am going to call some friends and family and touch base by phone later after dinner.  I do not intend to leave home or drive anywhere unless forced to.

Happy Thanksgiving and tis the season!!!

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