Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Georgia Aquarium Opens In Atlanta

The new Georgia Aquarium (GA) is definitely generating a lot of excitement here in metro Atlanta especially for people who are interested within education and learning;)

Being that it is the largest of its kind and located within a very accessible location, it is rather mind-blowing to know that it is actually located here in midtown Atlanta.  It is like someone put a franchised Disney World location here in metro Atlanta and it will not take 4 to 6 hours just to get there.

The place is charging Disney World prices however and the prices indicate that for people who live here, it is better to get a season pass versus paying for a single trip admission.

People with season passes were able to visit (GA) a day before it opened to the public this week.

The place has so many different features that are so enticing, you will have to make return trips just to see it all.

One statistic that caught my attention is that one section is as large as football field and 60 feet deep.

(GA) also has an academic relationship with the University of Georgia and has the largest veternarian schools for aquatic purposes and is  virtually an aquatic hospital or ER-equipped hospital as well.

Clearly from a tourism perspective, (GA) is the best thing for Atlanta since the Olympics since it will not be affected by various sports teams' winning (or losing) records.

Bernie Marcus is one of the founders of Home Depot and has personally given over $200 million to fund (GA).  The only potential blemish against him (right or wrong) was his support to ban panhandling within downtown Atlanta altogether.  

But as previous philanthropists have done, nothing can take away the clearly significant impact that his generosity has done within building an aquatic museum, tourist attraction, and research facility all rolled up into one destination.

For this reason, my hat is off to Bernard Marcus and the Georgia Aquarium.  I cannot wait to check it out with my family.

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