Friday, November 18, 2005

Maybe eBay Is Serious About Skype After All;)

CNET News is reporting today that on Monday, Skype and Radio Shack will announce a partnership for Radio Shack stores to essentially sell Skype starter kits consisting of a headset, software, and 30 minutes of calling time.

This move is ingenious and is a huge step up from AOL's past and current practices of drowning of the marketplace with CDs that were and still are often used in derogatory ways.

The move itself makes eBay acquire the Googlesque buzz of not knowing what they are going to do next but with the implied understanding that it is going to be a great move for consumers.

Actually, this move by an eBay-affiliated company slightly startles me into acknowledging that I am pleasantly surprised and now wonder where were these employees and executives when eBay's lack of customer service decisions were made that are still throwing small business owners overboard like slave ships did to their human cargo centuries ago (and may still occur within the underground scene and industry of human trafficking)?

But more than likely this move should be credited to people who were already on or just joined Skype's team and are in a position to make the bonus differential in the final price of Skype (an estimated $1.5 billion) to be paid by eBay.


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