Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Getting Into College Is Not Even Half The Battle Anymore

Having a support system while attending college is very critical to increasing the probability of graduating.  I know that I personally took my support system for granted since I felt that I had it "going on" while attending college.

My grades in high school told me that I would make it, but I do remember seeing others fall by the wayside and the current statistics makes me wonder if colleges and on campus organizations are doing enough to not allow students from falling through the cracks or not rising to their full potential.

The Associated Press has an article appearing on ABC's website and other places on the internet about the efforts to get students to cross the graduation stage versus just reaching the higher levels of education without completing the process.

I hope that those who are empowered to make a difference are going to step up to the plate even more after reading this article.  Getting help from wherever it may be found is going to be the key going forward.

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