Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Roney Smith Podcast Episode # 2

Here are the show notes for the Roney Smith podcast episode # 2.  To receive the podcast within your podcasting software, just use the regular feed address to subscribe.

Episode # 2 was recorded on November 16, 2005
The actual length of the podcast episode is 35:08 versus the 36:38 length of the entire file.
The file size is 6.44 MB (but appears as 6.59 MB within my FTP software somehow).
Opening comments
A.  Social Networking Online:  Before joining a social networking community online, you should:
    1. Have a definite purpose and focus for your participation
    2. Know the audience demographics for the community.
    3. Know or have an idea of the volume of daily users of the community.
A brief list of social networking communities that I have joined include:
B.  Trillian and Instant Messaging software
C.  Skype, Gizmo, Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP), and VOIP hardware 
D.  Review of Google Base
Comparing and contrasting Google Base versus eBay, Craigslist and Overstock
Google Base needs a payment system to compete with PayPal
Google Base needs to allow more search results (50 or 100 recommended versus returning only 10 results per page as it does now)
E.  Ning
Social Networking online is good for purposes involving music, relationships, careers, and commerce which provides a huge benefit of being online versus offline.  Social networking online also gives you a stronger international outlook and perspective.
Music Credits:  Copyright 2000 Seed Of Life Music (BMI).  All songs were written, produced, and performed by Roney Smith from his first CD entitled "Approximation".

Songs not necessarily in the order of appearance:  "Don't Worry", "You Can Fly", and "Timeout! 2000 - Me And My House (Mega Youth Mix)".

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