Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Jamie Foxx appeared yesterday and Kirk Franklin appears today on Oprah

Yesterday's broadcast of Oprah with special guest Academy Award winner Jamie Foxx was definitely a keeper.
I heard some samples of Foxx's songs from his upcoming CD entitled "Unpredictable" when he appeared on a local Atlanta radio station WVEE several weeks ago and clearly he has been working on his musicianship a lot longer than many other celebrities who decide to release music CDs for the general public.
I anticipate picking up the CD when "Unpredictable" is released and believe that it will send many seasoned and manufactured artists alike back to the drawing board in order to produce better quality music.
Gospel artist Kirk Franklin is scheduled to appear on today's broadcast to talk about an addiction to pornography.
I just hope that today's show on Oprah yields deliverance versus just an airing of dirty laundry.
From the previews, the potential for after-show remorse and negative repercussions for Kirk are definitely there.
We shall definitely see how it turns out and blog about it after the show ends.

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