Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Creating music progressions:)

Crossing into the SC state line immediately lifted the fog that hinders creativity due to the daily grind. This is a time of refreshing!

The best thing about our trips to SC are the tons of radio stations that play music most urban program directors won't allow.

Setbacks become comedic when the commitment checkpoints are already in your rear view mirror! Make your enemies burn THEIR time outs!

Track your local gas prices just to see if #conficker is having an impact yet: http://gasbuddy.com

Bringing new keyboard along became a moot point on this trip when needed listening gear was left @ home:(

Even as a Mac owner, there is nothing to be joyous about over #conficker. Before you log off, the potential damage will be just as visible.

I hope things are only hype tomorrow on #conficker but I know enough lawsuits would follow since the world is already on super thin ice:(

Many well known virus protection companies are being targeted to prevent people from going to their sites or disabling their software 4-1:(

I highly recommend Zone Alarm's Extreme Security which has a 15 day trial period before you pay. Good enough to skip the hurdles going fwd.

The real threat of #conficker is that everyone will be trying to grab the few fire extinguishers at the same time over the next 48 hours:(

Monday, March 30, 2009

The attention of my oldest has put the spotlight glare on me. Fleeing from the 8 y.o. micro manager! Please pray for me:) Peace!

One wild thing is that everything typed in is potentially, visible to the hackers, so this may be a week to use a Mac to change passwords.

For the DLL files I could not immediately delete, I renamed them and then was able to delete them upon rebooting.

Files are created or edited to appear innocent but may carry your data elsewhere without your knowledge.

Experienced PC users may want to check the C:\Windows folder for recent DLL files dated after Jan 2009 for potential infestation:(

Good Morning All:) Hour or two away from taking I-20 from ATL to SC!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Verify every aspect of any links that you see before you click on them. Make sure that even well known sites are not making you vulnerable.

Friday, March 27, 2009

About to venture out in the rain! Peace!

What is misunderstood is often savagely attacked. The question is whether you are willing to be misunderstood:)

Good morning All:)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

It's time for the percolator! Flight school is open! 9 months to a Nu U 4-1-09:)

ABC News has profiled govt corruption to a degree only seen w/in tv crime dramas:( The footage will appear online soon.

Fully Loaded, Black Macbook for Sale

I have come to the realization that the mobility of my black Macbook is no longer the high priority it once was and I am offering it for sale in favor upgrading to newer technology.

I am going to purchase an iPod Touch and possibly an iMac to use versus using the Macbook alone in addition to the PC we own.

I am the single owner of the black Macbook since June 2006 shortly after they were announced and made available for purchase on my birthday May 16th of that year.

I have traveled to several cities by plane and automobile and the computer has been a very solid workhorse for me as a power user.

I personally believe that the computer will be best used by someone who is not a power user and will not seek to keep the computer for extended periods of time as a desktop computer.  I do not recommend a notebook computer to anyone that would leave it running overnight.  There are reported overheating incidents whenever the computers are left on for extended periods of time.

Here are the items that will be included with the black Macbook that I am selling:

1 black Macbook
2 Original RAM (512MB total I believe)
2 1GB RAM (installed)
1 320GB Hard Drive (installed)
1 iLife '08 DVD
1 Black Neoprene case
1 Cleaning cloth, Cleaning fluid, & wipes
1 Tiger OSX DVD
1 USB Modem
1 Parallels Disc and 3.12 version as the digital upgrade never installed
1 Windows XP disc with key
1 Leopard OSX DVD disc
1 Final Cut Express 4.0 DVD

The 320GB Hard Drive is under warranty with Western Digital until January 2011.

My firm price for it all is $999 or $800 if the Final Cut Express DVD is not desired.

I am willing to ship the item with insurance within the United States only for $50.  Otherwise, I will be happy to meet an interested party in a nearby mall or library in Cobb County, GA near Atlanta.

The forms of payment accepted will be cash (face to face only), Western Union wire transfer (no paper money orders), Obopay, AlertPay, or cashier's check.  Paper forms of payment will delay shipping until the payment is fully confirmed.  No partial payments will be accepted.

One can buy this Macbook in full confidence that it will serve you in business or pleasure as you stay on the go.

My personal recommendations is that this Macbook would work best for a creative individual that is looking to produce videos or music.  With the built in iSight and microphone, you can have video and audio chats within Leopard.  I have produced dozens of songs on it within GarageBand and used wi-fi in several places nationwide.  As long as you do not leave it on overnight or treat it roughly (it never has been dropped), you will get at least 5 to 10 years before the technology is considered outdated.

Simply contact me to place your order or to arrange a meeting to examine it live!


Just used YouTube as an educational tool for my youngest daughter:) YT brought a nursery rhyme she never heard to life!

Our oldest acknowledged this morning she hid a Tivo remote! Why oh why?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Off to Bible Study!

How wild would it be if Vick gets to play w/ATL Falcons anyway all due to the economy?

One should not wear a Fauxlex to a Rolex seminar or convention! Apply liberally @ will:)

Moving on attracts vs repels! Seed of the day for singles or seekers!

DSL issues resolved now that I moved on with my day:)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Once in premarital counseling, the guy could not deal with the moment to talk about his relationships w/his parents. Big red flag:(

I needed to rewind Tivo on Tenecia from DC cause she straight played 3 Card Monty on worldwide TV!

Steve Harvey is ripping up some stuff:) Strong coffee!

If you ever need to reach me immediately, just visit my Twitter profile & SMS me:)

The very second ego is taken out of social media, true flight begins!

Good morning All:) It is already a beautiful & blessed day, so receive it!

The lack of feeling drained tonight has me putting more post midnight oiled nights on my schedule absolutely! Or more Mrs. Winner's tea!

My energy is still a little too high to go straight to bed but I'm 30 to 45 minutes away from a landing or crash at this pace;)

I am so awake & wired that I could take customer service calls for countries with day light:)

I may have consumed the wrong liquid before bedtime: Mrs. Winner's Iced Tea. Enough sugar to make steroids seem like children's vitamins:)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

I'm recording Sunday Best & will watch it tomorrow. 2 hours flew by & bedtime is no less than 25 minutes away.

Neighbor who waits until sunset to ride his loud ATV up and down the street need not think goodwill is being generated by his actions:(

GOP finally knows there is a real WMD:( http://bit.ly/KgkII Watch Dow tomorrow for confirmation up or down! Budget isn't the cause!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Good night All:) May you have a blessed Sunday worship experience! #salvationsunday #twurch

It would be really smart for me to crash in bed right now after today, but nooooooooooo:)

After a busy midday, I've traveled all the western half of ATL today!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Good night All & don't end your evening with worry! End it in love!

We have so many distractions being thrown at us hourly that we will chase items like pets on America's Funniest Videos:(

We cannot allow the annual injection of March Madness to be time released throughout the year:)

Just saw celebrity being sold short & most think it is good stewardship & worth imitation. Tragic!

Thinking back 100 years & 100 years ahead will help many of us make quantum changes hourly!

@njpaust Wall Street is only a symbol. The mindset & mentality of those occupying leadership positions nationwide are just as guilty.

Being fruitful & multiplying will bring sexy back to your praise:) A dollar, dollar bill can't buy that bar!!

Love lifts! Hate depresses!

Love jams! Hate cannot keep the beat!

Love aces! Hate double faults!

Love assists! Hate desires to intercept!

Love sobers! Hate intoxicates:(

Even while the Children of Israel were in captivity, they had a baby boom of biblical proportions:)

As much as the enemy has meant it for our harm, love only knows how to be fruitful & multiply vs subtracting & dividing!

Love is the creative force that gives power to those who understand.

If you have not imagined how much love you'll need in the days ahead, I recommend the flick "The Grapes of Wrath".

So our President now has his 1st & not his last foul ball or penalty. At least he didn't demean us as the previous administration did.

Special Olympians have more heart & patriotism than the Party of No as well:) Don't even think about Katrina!

A Special Olympian would have made a better VP pick than Palin & her Russian sightseeing powers:)

Travis was doing his part to protect his owner like the guy on YouTube about Britney Spears:) Send W a friend of Travis! Send Cheney 3!

Actually, Travis the Chimp snapped after what he saw W, Madoff, & AIG doing to his owner's 401k:)

Just as it is President Obama's destiny to overcome the mega strikeouts, fumbles, & goal tending of W & Cheney, we did not elect Christ:)

I personally believe that USA would have been better served by a Special Olympian than Bush or Cheney, but it was W & C's destiny to fail.

May I risk the truth on the new Special Olympics scandal & shake the tree of a few followers potentially?

One would be hard pressed to find a food brand McD has not sampled:) McD never pays sampling royalties either!!

Companies laugh when McD copies them like a newbie DJ & then want to sue when the song goes multi-platinum:) Too late in food & beverage:)

Realized earlier today that economy has not hurt Starbucks as much as McDonald's has. Those sleeping on McD soon find Chapter 7 or 11:)

It was interesting to learn that there was a smaller dinosaur that could take down a T-Rex w/its club like tail. T-Rex fell like T-Pain:)

I heard Herbie Hancock's "Rockit" this morning & it took me back to my 1st step show where we entered in 2 white limos as Kappa probates:)

A former -ist or -ism is one who knows now to pick the other team vs his or her alma mater:)

Make Madoff drive through ATL traffic long enough & he'll give ALL the money back w/ interest! Send AIG & Sen. Dodd too:)

Need a moment to shake your head, feel empathy or thankful you're not in the same situation? Visit http://bit.ly/crjvT

Bay Bay's kid does have a Bay Bay name:( She always asking me to tie her one shoe like it's a punch line:)

Wifey told me earlier that the Bay Bay kid neighbor is older than our youngest! I love her though! She's funny like that glue:)

The Captcha setting on Myspace for a creative person's profile is really a sign of bad breath or tissue dragging right or wrong:)

You know Twitter is about to jump the shark when the Video Professor is hawking his software for it & there's a Snuggie w/a logo:)

Why do I feel like watching Coming to America for some reason right now this afternoon/evening? Is it fatigue?

It was a charter tour bus w/wifi vs a regular school bus. Kids are not that busy yet even though they think they are:)

As much as I wanted to, any IMAX movie will not permit sleep when the 2D screen is fighting to go 3D in your face upside your head:)

I'm feeling a new level of exhaustion right now. Went from chaperoning kids this a.m. to becoming a kid in a candy store in the p.m.:)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Good night All:) Gotta get ready for 5 y.o. swarm tomorrow!

Midwest NCAA teams don't mess around. Michigan beat Clemson:(

So far I've gone 9 of 11 in my NCAA picks:) Y! should have a link to compare your picks to the President's!

Tell your fav musician or speaker that Guitar Center has a serious trade in offer w/ 15% off the item to be purchased!

The checkout process was as long as one to buy a car:( Off to lunch now.

1st time trading music gear went very well. Feels kinda weird knowing that a Myspace ad was a major factor:)

Off to trade music gear! This should be very interesting!

Where is the best post SXSW coverage or wrap ups? Other than real-time, I have not seen much news at all:(

My favorite movie w/ Natasha Richardson is "Waking Up in Reno"! My wife & I laughed & rolled our heads nonstop at the same time:)

The death of Natasha Richardson can only remind us all how precious life is & should not be taken for granted. I LOVE YOU!

The Today Show is reporting on the positive Obama effect on parenting:) This could not come at a better time!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Just got back from barber. I love going from the door straight to the chair!

Atlanta does its own recruiting in the spring and fall. Absolutely beautiful weather today!

The lesson of AIG is don't try to catch falling knives!

Whoever this congressman is @ 2:38 p.m., he did not spare the rod:) He went into AIG CEO's logic line by line!!

Listening to Congress right now makes me want to give the AIG bailout money back & I didn't receive any:) This is GoodFellas now:)

AIG CEO: "I will talk to my general counsel and we will do the right thing." I ask: For whom?

In times like these, do not allow customer service & fast food personnel entice you to go postal:)

Now the AIG CEO is concerned about security of employees? Even though he came later, the employees taking the bonuses are not concerned.

AIG's actions are like when we ourselves pulled entire down shelves & other stuff trying to get in or out of cookie jars as 5 year olds:(

Barter services are great during recessions but there has to be a lot of quality control monitoring & management by the organizers.

Today I AM the FEATURED USER on magazine BusinessWeek's BX (Business Exchange): http://bx.businessweek.com #sfs

Looking forward to another sunny ATL day while maintaining focus:)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Faulty Macbook Logic Board Goes On HD Killing Spree

I bought my black Macbook in June 2006.

My original Seagate internal HD died in December 2007. I replaced it with a 320GB Western Digital HD in March 2008 which then died later in 2008 as my past posts indicate.

A 250GB WD HD replaced the 320GB HD which later died in February 2009 in less than 4 to 6 months as the other WD did.

WD's warranties convinced me in February to stay with them versus trying any other manufacturers.

But the replacement 250GB HD has produced the question mark on the folder this evening upon being turned on after I had to turn the Macbook off with the power button last night due to freezing.

Safari and Gmail appeared to create a serious conflict I noticed.

I believe that I'm throwing in the towel on this Macbook and moving to a desktop Mac. I love the portability, but the technical issues are too much at this point.

The costs of another logic board will only yield 6 months of warranty and cost more than an iPod Touch.

So there are at least 3 to 4 internal hard drives that the Macbook has fully digested as well as 1 external hard drive replaced already in 2009.

I am still on board with Apple, but the overheating and logic board issues are too much to endure to only hear Apple quickly claim that the 1 year warranty has passed or serious cash needs to be thrown into a never ending money pit.

Apple needs to make the overheating and logic board issues extinct once and for all.

Good night All:)

Just finished research on Macbook issue. Logic board may need replacing w/ only 6 months warranty. Time to replace is closing in fast:(

My 1st gen Macbook has killed another internal HD installed less than a month. Safari & Gmail combo may trigger overheating, smoking gun:(

If simple discouragement was enough, you would have been dead & numb by now:) So get up & do your thing in Christ Jesus' name! #sfs

My wife said her coworker sent child outside to look for 4 leaf clover to kill time. Kid comes back w/in 5 minutes with one!

One could break an ankle surfing *-Classmates.com or *-Reunion.com:)

Good Morning & Happy St. Patrick's Day All:)

My wife saw a tv ad where the ladies name dropped First Lady Michelle Obama as if she would shop there:) Whoa!

Tuesday has the seeds of becoming a very beautiful day in ATL especially if we thaw completely out:)

Have Snuggies reached their cultural peak? Not until Christmas will the final exam be given:)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Interesting 10 Winners in the Recession from US News & World Report: http://bit.ly/AXuSP

Today's weather is the opposite of what tomorrow's forecast is which is the current Atlanta norm:)

Ryan Cameron is NOW kicking it LIVE BOTH on V103 & Twitter: http://bit.ly/18V3or #smft Follow @therealrc

*-Wefollow.com either imitates *-Alltop.com or *-Socialmediafarmteam.com in spirit. You decide! #smft Nice interface, so there's no hate!

New Giveaway Opp: The 10 Commandments of Celebrity Social Media from *-socialmediafarmteam.com Enter here: http://bit.ly/2Ruyqp

Many losing teams think that on field performance is the only metric worth evaluating. But the seeds are deeply planted & watered off line.

Former Colts coach Tony Dungy told @TavisSmiley that their recruiting process deeply involved background talks to evaluate players.

Flip has better marketing for its HD camcorders while Aiptek actually makes a stronger camera for less money.

Would Warner or Coca Cola make good candidates to take over Six Flags if it goes under? A joint venture might work even better!

Even if you are not in metro ATL, Ryan's show on V103 does air online from 2 to 6 p.m.: http://bit.ly/18V3or

Atlanta's own Ryan Cameron from V103 is now on Twitter: http://twitter.com/therealrc Show him some love! #smft Follow @therealrc

Secure your PCs w/ anti-virus & anti-spyware software to keep your computer safe from becoming victim of a botnet & turning into a zombie!

More PCs are infected w/ malware, viruses, & spyware designed to spread spam & other malicious data while not disturbing the owner:(

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Just turned the tv off while Tivo records "The Unit". Nothing can top Sunday Best for me tonight & it was a mighty TKO:)

You cannot & should not lie to your family to audition for Sunday Best! I'm just sorry:)

Sunday Best guy in a Snuggie? This show is far better & funnier than many sitcoms & reality shows:) #sundaybest #bet

I loved it when Kirk asked a guy dressed in a fur coat, "Ain't you hot?" #sundaybest #bet

SB shows that church singing especially can go on a little too long:)

The unicyclist segment was rich:) "When SB becomes a circus, you're in!" rofl:)

Just discovered that I already knew the creative talent behind BET's "Sunday Best". Gotta give her a fist bump via Facebook now:)

BET's "Sunday Best" just earned a Tivo Season Pass with me. Uplifting & entertaining w/in 1 hour:)

Bebe is just as hard & cold as Simon! rofl:)

The sad thing about watching BET's "Sunday Best" is feeling that the vast majority are not online to network to move fwd in spite of judges.

When Kirk Franklin has a height advantage on you, you are officially short!

Bebe Winans just stopped one contestant who flubbed a line w/in "Lean On Me" w/ "What did you say?" rofl:)

BET's Sunday Best is my ticket for tonight!!! I can roll with this:)

Tracking the various #SXSW hashtags:)

Was Chris Brown's firing of his manager supposedly to accomplish something? Why does it feel like it confirms earlier rumors somehow?

Took daughters to @Popeyeschicken after church:) Then took a nap so long that I'm tired now! Staying in low gears as a result!

Midnight oil thoroughly burned beyond intentions, so good night All:) The 14th was a great day!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Top Model auditions turn ugly: http://bit.ly/Jwnmq

The band on Myspace that does not accept requests from other artists & bands has got to be the funniest web2.0 thing dead:)

Going to Decatur to deliver GS cookies & find a metronome somewhere for my oldest daughter:)

Good night All:)

Did FB release an update this evening or something? It feels like spinning the big wheel on The Price Is Right:(

Friday, March 13, 2009

BC choked under the pressure of the opportunity to beat Duke:( Duke is ghostly pale now though:)

Boston College is installing fear in Duke like an office computer virus:) Raining 3 pointers like Skittles!

I wonder how many people @ SXSW would turn down a Snuggie right now since they left warm clothing elsewhere:)

Myspace could definitely benefit from having its API as open & available as Twitter has done. What apps would work though?

Bobby Brown's playing his role extremely well I must admit:) People dropped their guard upon receiving a celebrity's attention via Madoff:)

BET has a celebrity hell date or punked now? At least they're recycling concepts but ugh:(

Musically artists are returning to the early 80s for inspiration. The glam sound of mid 80s Prince is teaching class:)

Who had the lyric about eating "so much shrimp that I've got iodine poisoning"? I had my shrimp fully renewed this week:)

Catching the last few minutes of Idlewild. The soundtrack is in the zone like Prince back in the day:)

My family & I saw "The Secret Life of Bees" & I had a moment afterwards as I did after seeing The Matrix. Deep story!

Here is my main Youtube profile & let me know yours:) http://www.youtube.com/user/wysiwysell Let's connect now!

Each govt level has to go downstream in order to remain relevant. GA moves in on City of Atlanta's turf & cash cow: http://bit.ly/coTu

Funny to see peeps follow & unfollow several times like the free food samples of Chik-Fil-A or Chinese food. What's up w/that?

Count it like money in the bank: The next 3 years will totally make the past 14 internet years seem like the telegraph!

Be not deceived: Myspace is really stepping its game up no matter how you may chuckle:) I've seen several, nice upgrades this week alone!

Tomorrow we get to travel to Decatur, GA to deliver GS cookies & visit Doraville for studio equipment:) No deadlines or traffic:)

#13 = Christ Jesus + 12 Disciples! So guess who is unlucky? rofl:)

Happy Friday All:)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Good night All:)

The season of opportunity is upon everyone that has been prepared and tried by fire! No workarounds for THE REAL DEAL:)

Midlevel & large companies will start retreating w/fear in growing numbers, so individuals & small businesses must courageously step up!

Making a run to Lithia Springs, GA Wal-Mart since ATL traffic westbound I-20 to Alabama should have regained its mind by now:)

New trend you won't wait for a motion or a second to resist): Mock websites http://bit.ly/16Tr2W Robert's Rules not needed:)

Kennesaw, GA gets hit w/lawsuit of racial discrimination by city govt due to video game & past unaddressed concerns http://bit.ly/Chxat

eBay w/its failed logic & bureaucracy decides to take on Overstock & Liquidation.com: http://bit.ly/k5doL Fail whale!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Took a creative inventory earlier this morning & realized that things are far better than previously thought. Fueled up to stay on course!

Is this the future of local & national US media? http://www.examiner.com Interesting!

I pray for relief for those negatively impacted by pollen. ATL usually blows the curve in the spring time.

Lunatic kills 11 intentionally & randomly in Alabama during full moon: http://bit.ly/MApEX

Domestic violence on any level is a global threat just as hasty, unwarranted, prejudicial assumptions.

I wonder if Oprah will overplay her hand today on the Rihanna & Chris Brown story while not sweeping around her own porch. History votes Y.

ABC's GMA has a segment so long that I wondered if it was the same story on domestic violence. Kitchen sink was thrown in about debt too:(

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

This YouTube video is already viral to me tonight:) http://bit.ly/oI4KQ Congratulations Bishop Brown!

Video Created by Bishop James "I Feel God" Brown on Recent HD Camcorder Giveaway

Seeing this video made it all worthwhile!

The 7 p.m. hour is the one where daylight savings time (DST) really makes its impact. I love it:)

President Obama has accomplished so much w/in a short period of time already that critics are dissatisfied @ the number of areas impacted:)

Just noticed that the set of Nick's iCarly is the same as the one once used on Fox's Martin:) The hallway scene gave it away!

The State of GA is considering taxing food purchases again for tax revenue. Residents would receive tax credit instead. Boo hiss!

Gwinnett County GA is laying off its traffic light cameras:) County claims accidents & tickets have dropped & cameras' cost remains high!

One major oversight w/in the new education proposal is holding parents to a stiff standard in terms of child's classroom behavior.

We're @ 100% Full Moon, so get ready for some wild news & experiences for the remainder of the week!

As a former teacher until NEA looks to stop bailing out its own regardless of quality, teachers' pay will continue to suffer.

Madoff appears to beat Feds to the punch w/guilty plea. May not have to tell all in falling on his sword:(

Wall Street's dead cat bounce looks good today & I hope it helps those to get out who just got in recklessly.

Earlier today I saw a lady @ SBUX w/at least a 20" to 24" screen. I was more amazed that she thought it was durable enough to move:)

When peace is believed to be as profitable as faith within war's profitability, light year changes would instantly occur!

CNBC's Jim Cramer looked like Dan Quayle upon hearing Bentsen's "You're no Jack Kennedy" when Cramer saw Stewart's video!

@ricksanchezcnn Comedy Central's Jon Stewart called out CNBC's Jim Cramer like an overdue library book!!!!

If US Treasury Sec. Geithner was as PHYSICALLY TALL as Paulson, people would not call for his resignation so quickly. Tall CEO logic @ work

Monday, March 09, 2009

China has many citizens taking advantage of the low US housing prices. This should delay physical war in favor of an economic one:)

I'm off to find some breezy, cross ventilation in our home. I cannot imagine the temp or take the dryness in this room.

Is there a recording studio & hardware gear bubble on the way as well? Supply is beyond all time highs in multiples:)

Personal question: When was the last time you sent a fax for personal business & not work related?

Being Americanized or domesticated is an understatement when people in Africa can find the 70s near freezing:)

It is 77F in ATL right now & feels warmer around me. Too early for A/C or fans for sure:) Nice problem to have though:)

There's no amount of flag waving that can reverse the tide now. Our faith in God & kindred minds will only get us over the hump now.

It is bizarre how the Industrial Revolution led to Corporate America but Corp. America is near death before its 100th birthday.

Most financial talking heads want to be the one to deliver the economy's eulogy:( Solutions are preferred instead!!

Our kids have half days @ school this week for parent teacher conferences. Enough said:)

Smart leaders find the current climate one to escalate mergers & acquisitions as a hedging tool versus desperation. Fear makes bad deals:(

March is traditionally a pivotal, tea leaves month for financial markets. 2009's fate is sealed for those w/ buy & hold strategy:(

I'm slightly surprised how warm this McDonald's is. Most are chilly. This one feels like Grandma's house:)

McDonald's will still stand after many other places close simply due to their ability to copy, change, & adapt w/o any pride involved.

More evidence that McD boycott is history: Starbucks lacks wifi, McD next door has wifi. Guess who's wifi I'm using w/ iced coffee? lol:)

Amazing to see nearby Starbucks on the closing list also failed to renew wifi contract while the store still remains open. #sfs

The Today Show is airing a segment confirming my belief that Rihanna faces major backlash for reconciling with Chris Brown.

Good morning All:)

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Kids received CDs yesterday from CFA, so I'm going off line to give an opportunity to check them out:) bbl

Someone left our tv on & Drumline is airing. Still a good movie seen only once:)

I regained the hour lost last night & feel great! Enjoying some home alone time right now:)

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Enjoying sunshine in a Smyrna, GA park like hibernation ended for the 1st time ever:)

It's funny how Gmail's spam filter is extremely accurate even when known people send spam:)

Major ATL law firm downsizes & many that were let go really don't flow well w/o very low risk & high degrees of order:( #sfs

Flow is the optimum point where focus & speed coexist & you can run with anything within you!

Focus wants to narrow the perspective but when it downshifts & wants all info before moving, it can cripple.

The greatest challenge creatively is to stay focused while not sacrificing speed. They prefer to ride solo:(

When web2.0 works, it really steps beyond simple mind blowing power! Nothing like meeting others w/tons in common & learning from new peeps

This weekend shall be enjoyed by hook or by crook:) No crying, moping, or foot dragging allowed!

Blogger was not receiving updates due to still unknown technical reason. I believe it has been cleared finally.

Just pointed *-roneysmith.com to my Wordpress blog & *-blog.roneysmith.com to existing Blogger page. New & old school collide:)