Friday, July 31, 2009

Just picked up a nice mixing technique tonight that is a huge time saver as well:)

@Rob_Moshe #ff #followfriday

Thursday, July 30, 2009

7 year-old kid steals family car to avoid going to church:( Ministers, we have a ton of work to do!

Tonight a new word hashtag & exclamation word resurfaces: RHOA!!

Ebony has the nicest Michael Jackson special tribute edition seen yet & no ads seen whatsoever! On newsstands now!

Starbucks offers new music downloads without any hassles, so support and reinforce their decision to do so!

iTunes maintains a fast download even on an otherwise slow connection!

Microscopic managers and people often require a big picture perspective even forcefully against their own will.

Needless to say, I just received BBQ sauce upon a second request when recognizing district bigwigs w/in same McDonald's!! Squeaky wheel:)

McDonald's on S Cobb Dr in Smyrna, GA near I-285 earned a big fail mins ago. No BBQ sauce for Angus since I did not order a cheaper meal!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

NKJV Proverbs 4:24: Put away from you a deceitful mouth, And put perverse lips far from you.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

John 1:1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

Videos that will change the way you look & listen to music, lyrics, & your own words asap:

Baptize your inner body by drinking more water! Let the healing begin within and expand outward!

Get your immune system up! Speak life! Pray! Pray again! Repeat all:)

Some people crazily need to be lied to in order to get their hopes up. Would reparations in 2013 do it? smh:(

Life is often like software programs where you simply need to reboot before progress can be made! Reboot vs losing it:)

Monday, July 27, 2009

TicketMaster & Live Nation want to merge? Why not throw Google, Microsoft, & Apple in the same pot then? Say NO to this merger!

It is possible to use samples from, Beatmaker & iDrum apps anywhere else with desktop iDrum & Trigger Finger!

Trigger Finger takes desktop iDrum to another level & gives a remix feeling to anything done w/the iDrum apps:)

Dentist visit for oldest daughter was far cheaper than their quoted cost. More loot for school clothes & supplies:) W00t!

Thanks Ray for passing this Vernon Forrest jaw dropping, tweet premonition on:

In a country where G-Force outsells Harry Potter (which I will never see HP anyway), something is definitely in the water:)

AJC is reporting Forrest had a trait that he refused to be a victim and/or simply let things go: He was strapped!

The area Vernon Forrest was shot in was one that we quickly passed through yesterday while returning from Centennial Park. Daytime only:(

Sunday, July 26, 2009

RIP Vernon Forrest! Atlanta & entire world needs healing & transformation now!

I cannot believe we have been watching #ComicCon coverage on G4 as long as we have, but it really has held our attention!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hard story on the Atlanta day trading shooting 10 years ago:

Seeing people degrade themselves voluntarily makes me think of the Patty Hearst syndrome:( Bums me out big time:(

The next Centennial Olympic Park's Fourth Saturday Family Fun Day is August 22nd about Games & Gadgets from noon until 4 p.m.

Today was Centennial Olympic Park's Fourth Saturday Family Fun Day! The last one in 2009 is Sept. 26th!

I just saw that there is free wifi @ The Visitors' Center @ Centennial Park! Cool:)

Saw a wedding party @ Centennial Park today which was a very cool sight to see:)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Waiting for the Cambridge 911 call & police radio will take longer than it will for the Buffalo Bills to win a Super Bowl:)

Not ironic that Cambridge cop did try to save a dying Celtic. Gates needed a basketball in his hand to gain neighbors' acceptance:(

I get it now: If only Gates was wearing a Celtics' jersey during basketball season, things may have gone in a different direction:)

The money spent in Iraq now seems like that self-propelled lawn mower I once allowed maternal guilt force me to buy:)

We've had BEP's The E.N.D. almost a month & the access code was finally obtained tonight. Mix child of Purple Rain & Lil John's Crunk:)

GA is leading the nation in bank failures due to the housing market collapse:( Whoa!

The gas wars of July are quickly evolving into the collusion of August:( #atlgas

Article indicates healing is possible if possibility of being wrong is acknowledged: Spread it nationwide though!

Did the Cambridge 911 caller give the police accurate info & was that faulty info found to be inaccurate? Timelines are hard to ignore.

The only racial ingredient unmovable within the Cambridge incident is the homeowner Gates. The officer's race is a moot point.

Fortunately the Cambridge incident lacked any weapons but how many deaths & civil rights must be violated needlessly?

The rush to chastise President Obama on the Cambridge incident guarantees hypocrisy & makes local, racial change in USA wishful thinking.

Does the Apple supplier suicide over the iPhone bother you at all? If not, check yourself seriously!!!

Here's a trading method where the turtle gets his lunch eaten everyday of every week:

Have a great weekend everyone & do not allow the drama of others to ruin your day, weekend, or life!

Serendipity has lined up and today I thought of a serious opportunity for MJ's estate that I would become a customer without a doubt asap!

Cambridge officer was "smart" enough to only arrest Gates outside the home cannot have it both ways. It was STUPID POLICE BRUTALITY!

Police whose bad judgment was overturned now want President Obama to not speak truth? This compounds their visible, poor leadership.

Discovered that it is the mail app on iPod that is hiccuping. No duplicates seen elsewhere.

Gmail has been hiccuping with double messages for several hours this morning.

Get ready Tuesday for the next generation of Debarge music w/ Kristinia Debarge: "Future Love" is cool:)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Clearly not for the spotlight MJ tribute: @iamtherealwill Sincere, real talk! Amen!

Now seeing bad Twitter trend that people will follow you in hopes that others will click on their spam links:(

Super cool book bought off Amazon: Rap Attack 2 by David Toop ISBN 1-85242-243-2.

On Nov. 20, 2003, Michael Jackson weighed only 120 lbs. @ 5'11 tall: Poor health signs ignored:(

B-ball King Lebron got a little salty over this dunk? Still tender from the Magic spank down I guess:)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The number of companies writing off the concept of a profitable 2009 is increasing at an amazing rate:(

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Our struggles are not worthy of the honor that our continued pursuit of our desires richly deserve!

When did "Woe is me" and repeated failures ever become respectable badges of honor? I just don't get it.

Today has been incredibly straight forward without distractions:) I can really appreciate such!

People have reinforced learning to drown so well that it has become a part of their descendants' DNA:( Learn to swim asap!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Will Smith's son Jaden may become the next martial arts star like Taimak or better:

Just read that President Obama has extended Secret Service protection for former VP Cheney due to people wanting to take Cheney hunting:)

Cards just peeped on bank failures: same game from S&L failures in 80s, so it's a sanitized money transfer @ taxpayers' expense!!

Just gave my kids a sip of an acai energy drink & they immediately went to wash out their own mouths:) rofl:)

Funny how funding for space exploration receives patriotic, green light and national fanfare, but mention reparations and...

Received my first FAXES about the Nigerian 404 scam:( Glad the fax service itself is free after many years, but whoa.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

It is sad state for so many to be looking for external items to produce joy, peace, and love when it can only be found within!

CNBC has a special CA's marijuana economy airing now & most of us live sheltered lives! Whoa!!

PotC "Dead Man's Chest" has an incredible soundtrack!

Watching Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man's Chest for the umpteenth time & still enjoying it:)

Until gets the "fly in soup" joke at the end of "Coming to America", one cannot conceive of anything outside of CP Time:)

Services ended promptly w/o hair extensions:) Proof that root canals on Sunday are not required or essential to ministry! #pastors

Countdown to Sunday nap is on & I already hear the train. I've got my ticket as the Christian cliche' goes:)

Took girls to Costco after church for hot dogs, dessert & drink. Much easier on wallet than elsewhere & less than $10!

Another convicted felon w/a gun? Somebody clearly does not know or want to change lanes:(

Have a blessed Sunday worship services & beyond watching tv! Christianity is a contact sport:)

Octomom must be really annoyed thus summer since so much has temporarily lowered her newsworthiness:)

When it comes to Michael Jackson, CNN is now Don King:(

The devil will fool you & then make a fool out of you! Classic quote by @teamsoteria

Saturday, July 18, 2009

I like the Keyser Soze attempt, but tonight's episode of ABC's Dirty Sexy Money was like putting a dead artist on tour as an opening act:(

Found Mango Peach salsa @ Harry's Farmers Market and it is da bomb:)

ABC's Dirty Sexy Money info on Y!:

Somebody @ ABC really dropped the ball for not announcing that Dirty Sexy Money was returning even if just for the summer:(

Twitter & other sites might want to add a few extra servers when Real Housewives of Atlanta fires up its 2nd season on July 30th:)

A @wyclef & @george_clinton collab would be so crazy that it would give the autotuners diah*******

Homeless guy washing top half of his body in library bathroom sink clearly needs prayer! He didn't ask for money or say anything.

Just realized how close to Whole Foods we are, so a quick trip is on the agenda before we head home.

Gas has been seen @ $2.21 per gallon in Cobb County! #atlgas

We're @ Cobb County's Main Library & the A/C is making my youngest daughter & I sleepy. My oldest shows no signs of drowsiness:)

After the tennis lesson, my girls & I hit a new BBQ spot that took no prisoners on Austell Road in the plaza w/ Big Lots close to S Cobb HS!

Off to the last introductory tennis lesson for kids! Feel like breaking out a dance to "Beat It" on the tennis court myself:)

If only the GOP grilled its own like they did Sotomayor...

God is using Atlanta weather this weekend to recruit people into the Bible Belt:)

I might have a SpongeBob vibe on me today, so I don't need to run into anyone selling anything!

The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile crashed into a home & the driver thought she was moving in reverse. Hot dogs do not have a front & a rear:)

Just discovered that Sugar Babies candy is a Tootsie Roll brand:)

There's nothing like getting your praise on especially when the enemy does not want you to!!!

Song from Me'Shell about being happy and thankful is the perfect to get some shuteye, so Peace!

The rest of 2009 is going to be amazing to see economic gravity throw its best punch and reveal its own glass jaw at the same time!

The weather in ATL is so nice that driving away just to quickly return is totally understandable:)

Amazing to see how hypnotic reggae & dub gets down close to 60-78 bpm like a heartbeat:) Irresistible!

Streamlining musical workflow gave me a boost of energy so surreal & it's hard to come down for sleep!

Friday, July 17, 2009

The Girl Scouts' Tagalong Peanut Butter Blizzard @ Dairy Queen was far better than I expected it to be:) #instantvintage

This evening is one of those days in Atlanta that you apologize for ever speaking bad about the hot days:) It is awesome!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The best Myspace has to offer: This member is already one of your friends.

If ATL's Hartsfield Jackson Intl Airport ever offers free wifi in the future, it will be the ultimate Tweetup spot:)

Why was the firefighter reading with his finger today at Sotomayor's hearing if his test score was so much higher than others? hmmm

Good morning All:) I'm feeling a lack of humidity this morning & need water!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Senior citizens going on crime sprees & killing folk? Sad:(

LaVan Davis on House of Payne reminds me of ATL's late, great gospel DJ Tippy Calloway!!

It's funny how nervous the resume pumpers get when standing near the real deal:)

Whatever or whoever God delivers you from, don't re-enlist!

Any RedBox fans? Do you give it a thumbs up over Netflix, Roku, or Amazon on Demand and why?

Has anyone seen any creative uses for Google Voice yet?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Martial arts instructors now need criminal backgrounds checks from the arrests in FL it appears:(

Cross Keys HS in Dekalb Co. looks like it needs to be condemned or have its school board recalled for negligence.

Watching the 5 pm news & crime spotlights those who needed more book face time versus recess!!

Barnes & Noble has a nice, free cup of Starbucks coffee for simply installing their app for iPhone & iPod Touch owners!!

Saw a YouTube video on Ultrabeat & didn't know those horses were under the hood:(

While looking for a power cord, I found our Prince 3-disc The Hits set I was looking for before our vacation. The dry humor of life:)

Microsoft counterattacks Google: Can a lowering of price strategy compete with an existing, free paradigm?

Monday, July 13, 2009

The McCafe Monday sample was sized happily for Smurfs & I enjoyed mine!

President Obama's honeymoon formally ends between Sept to Oct 2009, so the entire world needs your prayers NOW!!!

When I stopped trying to get over, I got over! #sfs #jesus

Swearing is making a promise even if done to relieve pain as some researchers want to you to do. So what kind of promise are you making?

Afternoon showers & storms can and should work in your favor, so go wholesale versus retail for a change!

Holy anger often results when you realize you have not emptied your tank like you're capable of. Dig up those talents & release!

Today I'm recognizing which projects are already self-supporting & on auto pilot. Now that's God!!!

We can stand and fight on the sidelines or go out on the field and score some points, but we cannot do both at the same time!

Mondays are great times to clean and replace your hater filters!

Failure to overreact is indeed a reaction even if the enemy wants you to do more!

Some gnats simply don't deserve the attention of being swatted at!

Discipline is being fully comfortable standing at attention when you know you're clearly locked and loaded:)

Burned children are indeed afraid of fire. But dysfunction prefers to continually drown people over a lifetime:(

No answer is a no answer! Waiting for others to recognize value encourages decay & rust within yourself! Move & groove!

How long does it take for you to be convinced? Some prefer to be fooled fast but take forever to be convinced of present blessings:(

There is always greater room and greater opportunities within our reach for our talents to heal the world. #sfs

Sermon delivered last year is shaving me & whipping me at the same time this afternoon a year later:)

Lyric heard w/in "Say Yes" yesterday reminds me not to look for Christmas list item before evangelizing & moving in Christ. #sfs

We're in the final minutes of the fourth quarter of eternity. Our competition is not other churches but the kingdom of darkness itself.

US southern obesity is a preventable problem like poverty but there's still a nationwide disconnect somehow:

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The DirecTV quote of the night via #Hammertime "We don't do meatless. We eat meat!" rofl:)

Regardless of talent, great God Jehovah revealed the true limits of Jay Z tonight!

The small, tiny bait is for catching the small & immature fish:)

First Lebron gets dunked on & then Jay Z's concert gets cancelled. Maybe God is trying to tell us something! #sfs

Wow, the Jay Z Atlanta concert promoter may have gotten away with a Madoff move! No concert, no raincheck!

Nonresidents need to know that ATLiens' driving skills get microwaved with rain:( Give those cars & brakes extra dancing room!

In ATL right now, it appears that God is welcoming Jay-Z in ways Hova cannot grab the mic to!

Myspace's wildest thing is to see an artist or band's settings not accept a friend request from a band:(

What are your gas prices locally? I saw $2.27 myself today in a 250 yard gas war:)

Reviews & rankings of great ATL BBQ joints:)

What you reject speaks just as loud as what you accept! #sfs #twurch #jesus

Today I grabbed a nap after church illegal within the Caribbean and among its people worldwide:)

Today already feels so blessed I think I may pour hot sauce on it!!!!

Just noticed that iTunes is selling The Essential MJ higher than Wal-Mart is selling the hardcopy CD:) Now that's a fire!

Going to locate some good news and go to bed on a high note:) Remembering the victory is already won in Revelation is it!

Is there a special magnetism between convicted felons and guns? Proverbs 26:11 comes to mind instantly.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

After all these years & one simple vacation, I can see why people don't watch the news. I simply forgot:(

What country or nation feels safe enough to leave doors unlocked? I want to tour it myself just for the experience:)

Maybe it's because my ancestors directly trace back to Africa: parents don't allow kids beyond their reach on the Serengeti:)

It's unimaginable that parents allow their kids to be outside & walk streets alone when street lights are lit:(

Righteous indignation over MJ on all fronts is too much, too little, and too late:(

Has CNN and Larry King jumped the shark? He is looking like a wannabe Evel Knievel at this point to me about his MJ questions:)

Finally getting a moment to relax after a nonstop day!

With the airlines stumbling over one another to raise fees, they will the ones looking for a government bailout next year:( #unacceptable

Friday, July 10, 2009

Michael Jackson is still the King of Mastering & Manipulating the musical offbeats & inner grooves!!!

Michael Jackson is actually a musical genre of his own:)

Wondering what kind of online celebration will take place for Michael Jackson's birthday in August.

Just bought gas for $2.29 @ QT on Mableton Pkwy. Several pumps had already run dry from the rush of drivers! #atlgas

Easily Michael Jackson could write a hit for a pet rock or Geico caveman to go multiple platinum:)

Switching to iPod Touch since 8 y.o. daughter is slowly invading space like a slow, rebounding champion:)

Just spotted which Toto album will be purchased in the near future:)

Fully convinced that purchase of The Jacksons "Victory" was a great buy for under $8 on Amazon:)

News consumption over vacation reached an all time low & MSM offers only bad news consistently upon return:(

The remaining Jacksons became greater fans of MJ after MJ moonwalked at the Motown event & MJ left it in gear there right or wrong.

Sad that a young man was gored to death in the annual "Running of the Bulls" while recognizing it is a risk never eliminated.

Jacksons' "Victory" is another album borrowed back in the day & it still sounds very good with its 80s electronic sounds & rhythms:)

It is amazing to see the involvement of the group Toto on the Jacksons & MJ projects. Need to check out Toto's own projects.

Just read credits on Amazon CD shipment of Jacksons' "Victory". MJ did not write or produce entire album after all. I hope they continue!

Thursday, July 09, 2009

It's hard to imagine people falling for parking lot scams:( I now turn down all requests especially when my girls are with me!

We made it home safely after swinging by a frat brother's candy store in Greenville, SC & put a nice feather in the cap of summer '09!

Slowly preparing for return trip to Atlanta this morning. Few patches of rain expected, so we will not rush.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

A late check-in time & nonworking wifi are hurdles extremely hard to overcome these days for hotels & their guests.

We're trying to watch the sun rise, but it may be just too early for the kids.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Our kids are totally exhausted which means this vacation receives an A+!

Over 100 emails within the offline 30 hours, so Wednesday evening should be fun:(

The SC day offered sporadic, rain drops like the surgical style God can only accomplish!

Not too ironic that hotel's wifi has been repaired fully once alternative methods were implemented:) #sandsoceanclub

Spending a little solo time in the hotel room chilling!

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Has the preliminary investigation into Steve McNair's death been resolved? Who's hand was the gun within? No other suspects sought:(

Friday, July 03, 2009

Put my international negotiation skills to work at mall in resisting price on hard to find cologne that I really wanted. Dude took 40% off!

Of the 9 songs on Thriller, which 2 were not released as singles? Baby Be Mine is one, but the second escapes me:( Lady In My Life or HN?

Finished mowing the lawn by moonlight & it felt far better than it would by daylight:)

Taking kids to mall for dinner to avoid clean up prior to road trip in the morning:)

My 8GB iPod Touch is virtually maxed out on space, so more CDs digitized & placed on wifey's 16GB:) She wants to prescreen the selections:(

Just noticed that clicking to sort by album within iTunes will arrange the songs as listed on CD:) Easier & faster to do on an iPod though!

Finally obtained LaFace's first group's CD: Damian Dame!!! Long overdue on this purchase!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Wow, that was an unforgettable MJ performance!! Tears flowed then like now! RIP Michael Jackson!!

If only MJ was allowed to remix his songs and provide alternate versions:( He knew & served his ice cream the way the crowd only wanted it!

This may be my first time fully seeing MJ's 30th anniversary tribute & MJ and brothers rocked the crowd too hard!! MJ oozed the funk:)

How does one just walk off a base in a hot zone while receiving combat pay? I don't get it.

Uncle Sam is looking at MJ's death as if someone reduced US' wallet & cash flow. So yes, there is going to be the deepest investigation! has an extended interview with Jermaine Jackson if you have not seen it yet.

MJ was not looking stiff in rehearsals at all!!! Inquiring minds demand answers! Peep it on!

Hidden Tivo feature: You can digitize video and probably audio as well with one! Route cables to input jacks & use Tivo's software!

Realized a few hours ago that today marks 19 years of living in Atlanta! 1st apartment is less than 5 minutes away:)

The Air France Flight 447 crash was more horrific than most can imagine:(

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Video of my very first step show Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. in April 1984 that still stands the test of time:)

The home repair started yesterday almost turned into a neighborhood effort. The repair: replacing our mailbox and deep, in-ground base!