Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Now I Know That I Officially Live in the South When...

The temperature here in metro Atlanta has been on the warm side for
almost 2 to 3 weeks I guess.

Recently, I was the last one in our household to catch a cold. This
past early Monday morning, I came down with a case of food poisoning
that separated the man from the inner boy;)

As a result of the timing of the illnesses, I was not coherent enough
to know whether it was really getting hot or that I just sick.

Now that the primary pains of the food poisoning have subsided, I
realize that it is really smoking here and I am not going crazy as I

It was so hot that we have had to dress our daughters as if it was summer:(

We are going to have some photos taken of Rachel and Hailey this
afternoon for the Christmas season. I just suggested that Wyteria
dress the girls after arriving at the photo location just to keep the
girls from heat exhaustion.

For this time of the year and although it may be contributed to global
warming, it is hard to imagine what our ancestors lived through in the
south in the years without air conditioning.

I know that the northerners and people who live elsewhere cannot
empathize with this blog entry, but the climate has indeed gone from a
slight warm spell to a refiring of the barbecue grill.

All of this has occurred after the usual change of seasons colds and
sniffles have passed;)

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