Sunday, September 24, 2006

"Very Pretty Colors" on Apple MacBook

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Here is a photo of what I call an annoying nuisance. I hope that Apple releases a fix very soon.

There is a solution that I mentioned in my last blog entry, but the error will freak you out when it first occurs.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

I Am Not Crazy After All: Apple MacBook "Pretty Colors" Are Not In Vogue

I received the Apple MacBook (the fancy black one) on June 28, 2006 after the computer was first announced on May 16th which is my birthday.

I did not experience any problems until returning home from a business trip to Tampa, Florida.

This evening I noticed a blog that was referring to the same identical problem.

My comments on the blog are as follows (with a few minor updates since I have had more time to think about the problem and how it has progressed):

I have been experiencing the same problem as well ever since I used a monitor cleaning solution purchased at an Apple retail store.

I had just gotten my BlackBook back from the same Apple Store Repair that was being checked out after a recent flight in which the computer would not turn on or stay on long (the problem did not first occur until the return flight home).

When I started using the computer immediately after buying and using the cleaning solution (that worked maybe too well on my monitor), I noticed that I had a vertical band of "very pretty colors" on the right hand margin of the BlackBook's monitor.

Since I read about the same double-rebooting process with the initial problem from the user's manual and Apple's website, I used the same technique of having the computer start up twice while holding the command+alt+R+P+Power keys all at once.

I initially wondered if the problem occurred when the MacBook was slightly jarred or when I tried to use it at an altitude that was too high during the return flight home.

But it is indeed annoying after awhile:(

I have using the same technique to successfully get rid of the problem everytime it occurs.

This is my first experience as a Mac computer outside of buying an iPod Mini Gold for my wife that I am always using by the way.  The BlackBook itself is indeed awesome and I have been re-exposed to a multitude of capabilities especially with GarageBand being the biggest benefit.  My previous IBM ThinkPad were great workhorses as well, but I am totally wireless now:D

Wireless computing has allowed me to move within my own home and elsewhere with pure comfort and ease whenever bursts of creativity have pounced upon me.

But since I usually bike to work and my employer has a no-personal-computers-at-the-office policy, I have to depend upon thinking about something else while riding my bike or sitting on the bus and train during the morning and evening commutes.

After my bike accident experienced this summer, I know that I could not reasonably and safely ride a bike with a notebook computer and a change of clothes in the same backpack.  There is just too much room for error, theft, or the unimaginable as with the accident.

But just as soon as a permanent fix appears on the scene involving the "pretty colors", I will jump on it.

I know that a class action suit would definitely prompt something better than having to cough up $249 for AppleCare to extend the warranty for three years beyond the original purchase date.

Apple is on a solid roll of momentum and does not need to do anything to jeopardize the goodwill of both consumers and investors.

Regardless, I would not change any of my Apple experiences in 2006 and look forward to seeing how iTV is going to develop.

I wonder if it is going to get along well with our Tivo or we will wake up one morning to see fur everywhere and one piece of equipment standing or limping victoriously?  I had a childhood experience one morning on a Christmas Day where one dog slaughtered another dog which was a collie named Lassie we had.  It was tragic then and the memory (no pun intended) lingers still:(