Saturday, April 21, 2007

My Favorite Music Store: American Musical Supply

Right now I am so pleased with American Musical Supply ( or AMS) that I cannot express my gratitude.

Their zero percent interest, multiple payment plans have made acquiring music equipment over the years a no-brainer in terms of being a repeat customer.

They do not have an affiliate program that I am aware of, but anytime you need to buy or just feel froggy to buy something that costs over $249.99 (one or multiple items I was recently told), it qualifies for the multiple payment plan.

I even bought my Black Macbook from them without any hesitations when it was released last year.  I was pleasantly surprised to find out that they offer the same terms for computer equipment as well.

I typically will visit local music stores to get a hands on feel any prospective purchases and then buy it from AMS also to benefit from the no tax that has to be paid as well.  This feature saves more than the gas cost required to visit a local store.

Check them out whenever you can!


US Copyright Process Needs To Be Digitized for Faster Processing

With so many new outlets being available to distribute and sell digital content, the U.S. Copyright laws and process needs to be revamped in order to allow creative individuals and groups to quickly register their digital content as soon as possible without any unnecessary delays.

The current process has one downloading PDFs to register their works, mailing the items via the U.S. Postal Service and then waiting for an undetermined amount of time to receive either the certified mail receipt or official documentation that the works have been registered.

It would be great that a process would exist for digital works to be directly uploaded to the Library of Congress and have the registration process completed within seconds versus months.

One should be able to register a digital work as fast as it takes to register a domain name for use on the internet.

I have several items of digital content that registering appears to be a long line to stand in but it has to be done within this day and age regardless of the existing delays.


Friday, April 20, 2007

Awesome Gospel Song by Brian McKnight

I just heard an amazing song by Brian McKnight from his "Ten" CD entitled "Don't Take Your Love Away"!!!

It has the rhythm of Janet Jackson's "I Get Lonely" and he is having a conversation / prayer with God.

It is one of those songs that will not appear on your radar unless you are listening for the lyrics.

Check it out on iTunes!


Saturday, April 14, 2007

Get Centralized with your Other Ego

I will blog more about this new website later, but check mine out now:

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Gangsta Rap Promoted By Major Labels Is Now On Its Deathbed

With the firing of Don Imus from his radio show, anyone that is not on an independent label clearly has to think twice about using negative words or sending a negative vibe if their company has stockholders.

I immediately see any artist that has traditionally had to place a parental advisory sticker on their CDs have their stock value take a nose dive within eyes of the major label.

People will have to turn to MySpace for a limited time in order to get their fill of profanity and adult oriented lyrics other than someone selling music on the streets or out of the trunk of their cars.

Such artists quickly become a liability versus a cash cow.

Has America found religion?  Not as much as I think so, but the pendulum has clearly swung too far in one direction and gravity is correcting any momentum once perceived.

I now wonder which recording artist is going to follow Imus off the plank intentionally or be deceived into doing so?

I wonder which sports or entertainment celebrity will be suspended or banned by their league indefinitely?

The decision on the part of CBS now makes it easier for any other corporate board to begin to clean up their act voluntarily or face their shareholders' wrath.

Is it over? Clearly not and the fun may have just begun.


Monday, April 09, 2007

Two Indispensable Internet Tools: and!

Years ago, I would surf my favorite websites away from home on until they changed their business model and dropped the primary feature that I was using of storing favorite pages and websites (although many times one will never revisit them--but you can be a digital pack rat on the internet and no one will ever know until they need something from you).

Now I use and for the same reason but in a different way. is my preferred method of visiting my most often websites at any given time.

I have it saved within Firefox as one of two home pages that load everytime I use either my Macbook or desktop computer at home.

I also visit the page daily at work and keep it open throughout the day.

I use primarily for saving and categorizing pages by keywords called tags.  I also use it to recommend links to friends who either have created an account as well as to save myself some research time by locating hard to find websites that other people have saved with similar tagged keywords that I would use.

Both websites work together like a pair of hands. would be my right hand and knock out punch on the internet while is used to keep things steady and jab my way into new territory:)

Try them yourself and open up a new world of productivity as a gift to yourself!


Sunday, April 01, 2007

Great Weekend In Spite of the Silliness

I have had a wonderful weekend in spite of some silly people this weekend especially yesterday.

One overzealous security guard flexed her authority in getting me to move our car while other vehicles were virtually abandoned at the time.

Then a speeding driver on I-285 minutes later passes up multiple free lanes to get boxed in behind me and then proceeds to blow his horn as if a nuclear attack occurred.

Later that evening, a driver in the far left (a turning lane only) acts as if I cut him off when only my center lane had the choice of turning either left or going straight ahead.

I was about to feel that it was "Blow your horn at Roney" at that point.

I was already checking myself to make sure I did not wreck myself, but the Bible says to answer a fool according to his folly and that fool despise wisdom.

So versus getting caught up in someone else's drama, I had to shake it off like Mariah recommended:)

Haters need someone and something to hate, so when they put themselves in such a position to get whacked like a mole, those of us empowered by God must do so to keep the universe in balance:)