Monday, October 31, 2005

USA Today via Yahoo: Bush sets out to salvage 2nd term

The President is going through Helloween and this article within USA Today looks like a low blow if it was not true.

I find it not strange that two presidential elections could be stolen and declared legitimate until the recent unwinding has begun to bring the house down.

The greater tragedy are the 2000-plus deaths in Iraq and the willful selling out and treason done for the love of money.

There is no recovery to the ignorant bliss of the campaigns current administration within the hearts and minds of people who are not self-medicating themselves on a regular basis.

Every pillar and sector of support given to the current administration is getting its nose pushed into the intentional mess day-by-day.

I am now regularly praying for President Bush's safety because out of all that has happened and could happen, thank God that we do not yet have a Judas VP named Cheney becoming President.

Do not turn your back on him Mr. President because he is clearly looking at your chair now more than ever literally and figuratively.

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