Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Red Cross in critics' cross hairs

USA Today is reporting that the Red Cross is catching some heat over its operations in light of the recent natural disasters.

Shortly after Katrina hit, I heard a minister say that donating to the Red Cross would not be a good idea and it threw me off balance to hear such a criticism.

Then the words became true as there were reports in metro Atlanta of the Red Cross' inability to properly deliver aid to hurricane survivors that were seeking help.

Although I heard that the Red Cross may be a part of the Department of Homeland Security, I do not believe that it is true.  But I know that the Red Cross was pushed to the front of the line of the places people should donate to more and more lately.

So the risk of potential abuse had no choice but to be increased.

After seeing reports of how churches were overlooked and ignored by FEMA and the Red Cross while knowing where the aid was needed and being the central location of some areas, I now believe that any further problems of the Red Cross are more than likely self-inflicted.

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