Sunday, October 23, 2005

Has Natalee Holloway Been Discovered or Pushed To The Backburner?

The political news is funny in the way that it can evaporate anything on a micro, individual level.

There is virtually no news about the missing Alabama teen Natalee Holloway anymore.

I just checked a page that Yahoo had created to follow the story and the last article was dated in August while a very interesting article was dated in late September 2005.

The moment I heard about Holloway's disappearance I felt that she became a victim of human traffickers and forced into an international prostitution ring after watching HBO's "The Wire" for the past several seasons.

I still feel this way and after reading
"Natalee Holloway is Not Aruba's Only Crime Problem" within the National Ledger , I wonder if this is the news that everyone knows but has yet to tell the family.

The article is dated August 10th and practically gives a roadmap while leaving the final destination off the map.  You simply cannot beat around the bushes better than the writer
Jim Kouri did.

Amazingly and with undeniable clarity, the article contains a footnote that references two governmental agencies and a think-tank that seem as credible as one would want to find.

I believe that Holloway is still alive until her discovery becomes a greater threat to the system that wiped her off the face of the traceable earth.

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Anonymous said...

The Natalee Holloway story is far from fact, after 5 months of searching for her, I would say it is just beginning. The beginning of the corrupt government's hand in Natalee's disappearance is ready to be blown open. What a story it will be and all of America needs to hear about it. Please try to catch up on her story so that you can help get the word out on the "one happy little island." is a good place to start...but...there are many others still involved with Natalee's story.