Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The Real Benefit of the Apple Video iPod

MSNBC has a great article on the new Apple Video iPod and a couple of other cool electronic devices.

After hearing the official news that was already being talked and written about online, I agree with MSNBC's writer Gary Krakow that Apple's new ability to offer the video on both the individual computer monitors is just as important if not more so than the Video iPod itself.

Most people will not stand in line to buy a Video iPod at midnight when it goes on sale, but many will already be fully hooked and addicted to looking at tv shows, music videos, and other video on their computer screens by the time they finally buy one.  So Apple deserves more credit for generating demand for video (as they have done for podcasts) than anything else.

Plus, I'd rather wait and allow the early adopters to find the bugs for Apple to workout before buying one anyway.  Being the last of the early adopters is a good position to be in.

After reading the article, the Archos device did pique my curiosity:)

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