Sunday, October 23, 2005

The Iraqgate Engine Is Really Beginning To Rev Up Along with The 21st Century Sale of America to the Highest Bidder Disclosure

The magazine "The Nation" has a blog saying that The Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald's investigation into the CIA leak must be expanded to determine whether there was a conspiracy to deceive Congress into thinking that there was justification for authorizing the war in Iraq.

My question is why is Congress among the last to think that there was never a conspiracy to begin with?

I know that many Republicans especially in 1998 and 2000 were elected to office on the premise that they were not like President Clinton with an improper interest with an intern, but you cannot throw out all logic with the emotions of being disappointed at a political leader.

Then the entire religious reform of evangelical Christians became a political movement while still being able to justify the exclusion or ignoring of anyone (the poor and minorities) who was not a regular attendee within their worship services.

Now the entire system seems to be in the process of being crushed under its own weight and the disillusionment is going to escalate.

Yes Virginia, you were played like a badly tuned fiddle and you really wanted to believe that the current administration was upright, decent, and full of integrity.

It never took a rocket scientist to see the opportunistic nature of Vice-President Dick Cheney who is leading my personal race for being one of the most unAmericans ever elected to political office. 

Who can afford to risk their children's lives in trick-or-treating at Cheney's house?

With Cheney's well-documented connections to the military industrial complex both as a former secretary of defense and other political roles relating to national security and foreign policy, how could anyone think that the well-meaning and religious President Bush was nothing less than a figurehead while others such as Cheney who had more experience at the highest levels of government were "on the team" to endorse W's run for president in 2000 and to give it an air of credibility?

Looking back, it is as if someone put out the belief that "well you know that he really cannot do much damage with Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Powell being on the team and the belief was bought in bulk quantities by anyone who wanted to live as a winner vicariously through the cowboy, rough and tumble, and call-it-as-I-see-it president from Texas.

We now see that Powell was an insurance policy that was allowed to lapse as he was lied to in order to lie to everyone else within America.

The rest of us who could never vote Republican without the personal self-inflicted threat of mental problems could only stand by and see former presidential candidates Gore and Kerry fold at the most inopportune time when everyone knew that both elections were being stolen with Democratic consent in order to maintain the "fabric of the Constitution" and prevent mass anarchy from requiring martial law from coast to coast.

The stock market started falling in March 2000 when the appearance of a potential Bush victory began to surface and Republican business owners and investors started dumping manpower and cutting costs as if the playbook was already distributed and practiced from the 80s when Reagan was president.

Anyone who does not see the connected dots does not want to.  Keep living the fantasy to think that we truly live within a democracy.  It is a myth just like minimum wage.

Now with mothers who drive SUVs losing sons during the theft of America finally getting a wake up call, career intelligence officials being strategically exposed to punish and induce silence from others, and religious leaders both black and white trying to increase their influence and prestige by getting invited to White House parties, photo opportunities, and faith-based initiatives without clearly any regard to the potential downside and personal risk of influence if the deals go bad.

As a Christian and pastor, my greatest concern is about the unsaved who will now use President Bush and other political players and wannabes as reasons to not get saved.

Now we will begin to see the lifeboats and rafts being prepared and staffed as if the Titanic was discovered to really be the official name of the Queen Mary II and other luxury cruise ships.

It is about to get even more ugly before 2008 gets here just on the political front.

The cynicism of baby boomers of the previous decades is about to get transferred to their children via in-vitro fertilization and with this new younger generation that was already pessimistic of authority, I wonder if there will ever be a chance for democracy without buying the country on a wholesale manner via the lack of campaign reform versus buying individual votes and intentional-but-accidental ("oops") voter fraud within strategic states.

Forget buying the individual votes, just buy enough congresspersons like DeLay and change the rules of the game itself versus buying the power at the micro level.

Enough said, change is here and maybe the reality of mankind and government will strengthen us if it does not kill us all.

Just one more question, does anyone want to revisit Senator Kerry's meant-to-be private statement during the 2004 presidential campaign "they are all crooks"?

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