Thursday, October 13, 2005

Thriller Threshold within the Smith Household

This afternoon our oldest daughter Rachel asked me if I knew any Halloween songs.  My first reaction and answer was no.

But just as quick as the first answer came to me, the only song that had a creepy theme popped in my head even though it was not intended to be a Halloween song.

I tried to sing a few bars of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" only to find myself in the wrong musical key and not quite remembering the lyrics other than the chorus.

So I told Rachel that I would find it and play it for her once we arrived home from Pre-K.

I knew that the song should be located on MJ's "History" album CD and after searching high and low for the travel pak of CDs (which happened to be located beneath my computer keyboard sliding drawer), I popped the album into the CD player and we were off to the races.

Our youngest daughter Hailey did not like the way "Thriller" started and immediately left the room.  She is only 2 and immediately knows whether something is supposedly scary without waiting for a second opinion:)

Rachel sat down in my chair at the computer and listened.  I think that she expected something scarier and was rather surprised at how upbeat the song is.

Then as any good father would do, I did my best "Thriller" choreography for Rachel and she hooted and howled while shaking her head;)  She simply didn't quite get it and I will look for the video to show her at some point.

But my statement about the video was "you will see how they dance like Daddy".  This is the stretch of the day;))

After the song went off and other songs started playing, we noticed that Hailey started rocking while playing some blocks to "The Way You Make Me Feel" quite rhythmically and naturally.

Both Rachel and Hailey stopped playing for a moment and glued their eyes to the television screen.

I then realized that they were expecting the video more than anything else at this point.  So I know that they will get a kick within the coming years to find out what else their parents enjoyed while growing up.

Thank you Michael Jackson for making music that families immediately love.

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