Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Mase Discussion on WVEE

There is a heated discussion this afternoon about hip hop rapper turned pastor turned hip hop rapper Mase on WVEE in Atlanta right now. I do not know if the station is available on the internet.

They played a cleaned up version of a song entitled "Check Cleared". The uncut song was never played.

Right now there is a member of his church who is also claiming to be a church employee trying to defend him and it really does not sound too good.

I personally defended Pastor Mason Betha when he first announced his calling and now this is getting a little too ugly. When I saw him on TBN years ago, he was definitely preaching with a fire-and-brimstone spirit. So his latest course makes me ask the question, where is the balance?

Pray for him and especially those that are following and under his counsel.

One of the clearest signals that something is really not in order is when there is too much of a leaning on a "us against the world and the rest of the church" mentality.

Everyone has a mission while not all of us have different missions. If the missions are continually mutually exclusive, then one mission is not a true mission from God.

Where is the fellowship, love, and spirit of hospitality?

No church is an island or singular fortress designed to be left alone and isolated.

The enemy prefers to isolate.

The employee kept mentioning something about a mission "this is for the unsaved and not for the saved".

But why is it acceptible to create and operate with a revolving door where you can save the unsaved and receive them as members and then it is apparently okay to not retain them with new actions that are not designed for the members that were just saved?

I personally know confusion is not of God.

The church employee did mention using 50 Cent's platform to reach 50 Cent's audience "to tell them what they need to hear".

This is really sad to hear Christian potential lost or thrown away.


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