Saturday, October 08, 2005

RSS Knowledge & Usage Is Currently Low But Increasing

ZDNet Research is reporting only 27% Internet users consume RSS syndicated content on personalized start pages (e.g., My Yahoo!, My MSN) without knowing that RSS is the enabling technology.

I see this situation as a crystal-clear opportunity versus being a technology that will never take off. 

From my own personal research and work, the tipping point actually occurs between 17-21% and RSS technology has already surpassed the tipping point milestone.

Yahoo has integrated RSS technology into its offerings and has done the most to promote subscribing to RSS feeds.  The personalized page offered within My Yahoo! permits users to easily add new content into the page via RSS feeds.  Microsoft is probably running a close second since MSN users are able to subscribe to RSS feeds as well within My MSN.

It seems that personalized pages are going to be the online vehicle that enables most people to make RSS feeds a part of their daily lives.  Otherwise, they will probably see the technology in use without realizing what it is and how it works.

As technology and innovation authors have already recorded, it is only when a technology becomes invisible does it really warrant continued usage and integration into our lives.

This is one of the reasons that owners of VCRs have not reached the level of fanaticism that TiVo owners have.  There is too much work and you constantly have to think about what you are doing.  You cannot set a VCR and forget about it as you can with a TiVo and now it appears that you can with RSS feeds.

This is a good thing and it is still the tip of the iceberg.

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