Saturday, October 22, 2005

Behind the Veil: Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson on US foreign policy

The Financial Times of London and multiple media outlets are reporting a partial transcript of Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson's speech to a Washington, D.C. think-tank called the New America Foundation that is going create havoc domestically and internationally for some time to come.

Col. Wilkerson is the former right-hand man of 16 years to former Secretary of State Colin Powell.  As a result, he has seen more relating to foreign and domestic policy up close, and face-to-face than most others could only fantasize about.

Colonel Wilkerson's words are the kind of words that only come from brave Americans and are usually followed by multiple attempts by blindly loyal followers to totally discredit him if not worse.

I know that the Republican pundits will throw every piece of possible dirt his way beginning this coming Sunday morning on the political talk shows.

I also know that the in-fighting among the Republican Party will increase as well since Col. Wilkerson's words puts the military industrial complex into scramble mode.

Read the transcript for yourself and you will see that his words are made of the material that starts a string of ironic deaths from supposed natural causes, car accidents, muggings, suicides, homocides, and a whole lot of freak accidents that there are not enough
people who are into conspiracy theories and tv shows like CSI to get a handle on.

One definitely has to keep their eyes and ears open in order to connect the random dots that are going to virtually appear overnight.

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