Sunday, October 02, 2005

Hindsight Is Truly 20-20 Vision!

ABC News is reporting that most Americans say that God was not a factor within the recent hurricanes within the Gulf States and Florida.

But interestingly missing from the opinion poll are the responses from those who have survived hurricanes.

My family and I survived Hurricane Hugo and even if we were not believers before Hugo hit South Carolina, you had better believe that I personally know and guarantee that the number of God-fearing people increase after witnessing the supernatural power carried by hurricanes.

The survivors might not become regular church attending members, may not join the choir or any other auxiliary, but when it comes down to looking into the barrel of a hurricane, oh yeah, you believe.

Foolishly on the eve of Hurricane Hugo, we decided to have a Hurricane Party and watch movies since virtually everything considered normal for the next day was already being cancelled.

There was no concern about staying up too late as a result of the early notice of multiple cancellations.

But just as soon as the movies got rolling good on the VCR back then before TiVo was available, the power went out.

Looking out the window, I discovered that the entire immediate area in Florence, SC was under the flood of darkness.

We did not get to watch the movies that night for the power was not restored until a week later after Hurricane Hugo proceeded to wreck devastation unlike anything I have seen with my own eyes.

The survey is flawed because without experiencing a natural disaster first-hand, you will never get the full experience of what survivors and victims are going through.

The absence of humidity is simply unbearable and the closest that I have been to such an environment similar to this was a trip to San Antonio in January 1995.

The dryness or absence of water in the atmosphere must be how a fish feels to be out of water. I had never experienced this before Hugo and I hope to never again.

To see trees laid down like grass or brushed hair and to witness huge and small objects either left intact, twisted, or broken with both precision and indiscrimination would humble the strongest of mighty men as well as the most genius.

Ask the people who have recently endured Hurricane Katrina and Rita what their opinions are. Ask the people who have witnessed other hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, tsunamis, and other natural disasters if they believe in a power higher than man.

The country is still heavily programmed by the media, television, and other forms of desensitizing communications in order for people questioned for the poll to come up with such responses.

This poll really saddens me because it tells me that as I mentioned within an earlier blog entry entitled "Harden Not Your Hearts or Else", I know that what is to come is going to make Hurricanes Katrina and Rita seem like wedding flower girls.

I just hope and pray to be around to ask the question after such an event(s), "Do you believe Him now?"

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