Thursday, December 22, 2005

You're Not Alone: Workplace Horrors Compiled

Reuters is reporting about Challenger, Gray and Christmas' compilation of workplace horrors which should provide readers a very unique experience in knowing that regardless of what your current workplace environment is like, there is somebody somewhere who is going through absolute hell on a daily basis.

I have been under a noncompete agreement which has fully expired on December 15, 2005 with a significant financial services company.  To date, I have not found the words to fully describe the experience and pretty much have the opinion that only those who have worked with a financial services company or have taken the Series 7, Series 66, life, accident, and sickness insurance, and variable products exam would understand.

But I know that my own experience was the tip of the iceberg compared what is contained with the compilation when read in greater detail.

I do intend to either blog or write a book about the experience in order to educate and warn in some cases people who are looking to become stockbrokers, financial planners, or financial advisors before any potential damage can be done to their financial well-being and/or reputation.

I simply am thanking God at this point that the agreement has fully expired and I have regained and now exceed whatever strength I may have lost with going through the experience.

Peace on earth and goodwill towards all mankind!

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