Friday, December 09, 2005

Google Is Continuing To Improve Gmail

Tonight I noticed that Google has added the ability to see the headlines of RSS feeds to Gmail and overall seem to be less intrusive on the ads that normally appeared.

These improvements create a better experience for a free service and yet I still believe that more is yet to come.

I would like to see the ability to import an OPML file (which can be created from Google Reader already) added to Gmail since the services are virtually seamless in not requiring a second login.  This feature would allow feeds that you have already subscribed to be visible while using Gmail.

Otherwise, with the time spent reading e-mail and RSS feeds, the probability of clicking on an ad increases minute by minute.

Another development recently added is the consistent promotion of Google Talk instant messaging and voice service within Gmail.

I know that Google Base has to be incorporated into Gmail at some point.

Overall, Gmail is one of the best services that Google has created to totally shift paradigms when it comes to e-mail.  So keep it up Google!


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