Friday, December 02, 2005

The Danger of Window Shopping Near The Holidays

Today I was on M-Audio's website checking out their USB and MIDI equipment.

I recently bought a single MIDI-to-USB connection made by M-Audio from Guitar Center.

I noticed that they also made a connection that worked for connecting 8 midi instruments to a computer (PC or MAC).

When I clicked on the name (Midisport) for the various attachments/connections, it looked slightly familiar.

It turns out that I bought a Midisport 8 X 8 piece of equipment several years ago (2000 more than likely) and I believe that M-Audio used to have a different company name (Midiman which is the name on the box that I bought).

To make the danger worse, I have never even connected the equipment that I have and it is still in pristine, mint condition;)

Think of the look that would have been on my face if I had not looked at the box and saw the same name Midisport for the equipment already in hand;)

So remember this and watch yourselves carefully too!!!

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