Saturday, December 24, 2005

NSA eavesdropping wider than W.House admitted-NYT

Reuters has reported that the amount of NSA eavesdropping exceeds what the White House has admitted according to the New York Times.

The bigger revelation that will come from all of this is the amount of digital observation that crosses the line of protecting Americans from terrorism.

Once this cat gets out of the bag, the race for the exit within Congress and the White House support staff is going to be of Olympic proportions.

But everyone that normally uses the internet typically understands that there is a degree of Big Brother that has been possible for over 20 years due to the amount of hacking that gets reported from time to time.

I guess that the new reports just indicate that the federal government has gotten into the act as well in terms of getting some headlines.  The activity has always been there and still represents the tip of the iceberg.

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