Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Time Shifting Is A New Concept That Is Here To Stay

The cat is officially out of the bag in my opinion regarding technology after seeing a few new products for the first time today.

After VCRs made it possible to record and television and cable programming at will and TiVo made it more convenient and easy to do so, the latest technological advances promise to make it possible to consume any media and programming of any nature on your own schedule versus that of the broadcasting companies.

We have gotten used to timeshifting television programming but now audio files can be made from timeshifting radio programming as well whether it is terrestial (land-based) or satellite radio (such as provided by Sirius or XM Radio).

Actually Hollywood is not immune either and this is one of the reasons why home based entertainment products and services (think CD/DVD/MP3 players, CDs, DVDs, MP3 files, Blockbuster, Netflix, Hollywood Video, and high end stereo, surround sound, and speaker systems) have skyrocketed within recent years.

I just saw another product called the Radio Shark from a company named Griffin Technology that is making it more possible to shift programming from any platform to your computer by easily digitizing the content.  The Radio Shark makes it possible to record local radio programming and play it back anytime that you desire via your computer or iPod (or any device that will play AIFF audio files).

I blogged about the iMic also made by Griffin Technology several days ago and just read the specs in greater detail to understand that it not only will convert analog audio to digital (with your computer), but you can convert digital audio to analog by playing your MP3s through your regular home stereo if any of the equipment will not play digital files.

This means that if you can see or hear the content, some company has made a product to bridge the gap between the digital and analog worlds which means that timeshifting is totally possible.


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