Thursday, December 01, 2005

Mac Mini Within Our Future? I Hope So;)

I was in a local Apple store today checking out the GarageBand program and it alone is interesting and compelling enough to entice making the switch or adding a Mac to our computing lifestyle.

I also have been having an iPod issue but not too serious since other concerns have been occupying my time.

I removed QuickTime not too long ago (due to facing a HD space limitation on the C drive).

Now iTunes will not work and pops up an error about QuickTime when I try to start iTunes.

I mentioned this to an Apple employee today and she said that it should not happen.

If and when we add a Mac, I believe that it will the Mac Mini.

I had not touched a Mac within the past 13 or 14 years (when my wife Wyteria was in nursing school and the school was using them) and was absolutely blown away by the simplicity.

The employee started to take offense when I said that it appeared that Apple had "dumbed-down" their technology versus using the word simplicity.

Now I know why Apple computer users are so fanatical;)

I did not know that on the desktop computers that everything is built within the monitor.  I kept looking on the floor for a box;)

Another benefit of the Mac Mini is that the monitor, keyboard, mouse, and other peripherals from my PC will work with it.

As long as you have an USB-equipped device, you are still in business straight out of the box and this is totally cool.


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