Friday, December 09, 2005

Roney Smith podcast episode # 5

Here are the show notes for the Roney Smith podcast episode # 5.  To receive the podcast within your podcasting software, just use the regular feed address to subscribe.

Episode # 5 was recorded on December 8, 2005.

The actual length of the podcast episode is 6:17.

The file size is 5.76 to 6.04 MB depending upon the software used to view the MP3 file.

  1. Apple - NBC Deal
  2. Same day release of new content on multiple platforms is not happening yet.
  3. Recent Mac experience:  I was amazed at the simplicity.
  4. Proposal for listeners:  Continue to blog and publish your RSS feeds in multiple places
  5. Final comment
Music Credits:  Copyright 2000 Seed Of Life Music (BMI).  All songs were written, produced, and performed by Roney Smith from his first CD entitled "Approximation".

Songs not necessarily in the order of appearance:  "Don't Worry"
and "You Can Fly". Tags:
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