Friday, December 23, 2005

Brief Xbox 360 Experience

Yesterday while completing some Christmas shopping at Target, I briefly with a Microsoft Xbox 360 and specifically the demo for the King Kong video game.

It has been too long since I have regularly played video games and this experience took me back while giving some flavor from the future!

I did not expect the game controller to start vibrating in my hands depending upon the action on the screen.  But being as rusty as I was in my portrayal of King Kong, it is a good thing that my skills were not involved in making the movie.

The movie would not have proceeded past the scenes involving the T-Rex dinosaur.  I was thoroughly whipped by T-Rex and was enjoying it for some reason;)

The few chances where I was actually able to point Kong in the direction of the T-Rex, I was able to give him something to cry to his mama about;)

But overall I had more teeth marks, bruises, and ego damage than anything else!

With the Xbox 360, the focus on overall home entertainment by technology companies is getting more attention.

The venues outside of the home such as movie theaters and even video rental stores are going to have to create some new compelling reasons to continue their attraction to consumers.

Maybe being able to renew your driver's license and some other task that requires a waiting period that is too painful to intentionally endure can be performed at such places.  Then the experiences would indeed be very entertaining and educational as well.

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