Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Sec. Chertoff, Why Were You Running With Scissors?

Knight Ridder newspapers have recently printed a story that Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff was in control of the federal government's emergency response versus FEMA Chief Michael Brown.

Not that Brown did not deserve to be fired but as I mentioned before, Chertoff does not need to get too comfortable now that Brown has been disposed of.

The Art of Bureaucracy (a book that I should write but would get too sick in the process) states that Chertoff should blame Brown for as much damage that Chertoff now has to fix as much as humans will believe.

But the subtle self-deception that accompanies such actions includes statements that will boomerang to reveal that Chertoff either knew information in advance that directly reveals his own missteps that contributed to a delayed response or that Chertoff indirectly contributed to a delay by not acting when it was within his power to do so.

The two horns of the bull states that if one does not get you, then the other one will.

Since everyone clearly knows that W will not resign over a huge act of literally sleeping on the job (as Newsweek has reported) that lead to deaths on domestic soil this time around versus foreign soil, the next head that has required the sharpening of the guillotine has to be Chertoff's.

Let's now see Chertoff becoming extremely visible away from Washington in order to get sent home just as Brown was.

The sweep is clearly going on the federal level before it will undoubtedly begin at the state level. The states will have to have commission hearings before they take action I believe.

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