Thursday, September 15, 2005

Chuck E. Cheese Brought Out The Gambler In Me!

Today my family and I celebrated the birth of our firstborn child Rachel. Rachel is so sweet and brings a lot of warmth and joy to our house. She loves to sing and has a very strong, creative, visual artistic side. Her artwork has been featured within Northside Hospital where my wife Wyteria works.

This afternoon while visiting and celebrating Rachel's fifth birthday, we went to Chuck E. Cheese's restaurant and I have uploaded most of the photos taken during the day.

With the pizza package that we bought, we received what seemed like a ton of tokens for the various games. All of the games were the usual fare of most indoor amusement parks and entertainment centers.

The games were supposed to give tickets for winning which would be later redeemed at a prize counter just like a county fair.

But as we discovered, most of the games did not give any tickets at all.

Later I saw a young girl holding up what looked like a long rope of tickets after having won several at some game we could not recognize.

When the opportunity arose shortly thereafter, I found my way to the same game and learned that the game was very similar to something you would expect either on the television show "The Price Is Right" or a casino I imagine.

I have never been to Las Vegas, Biloxi, Atlantic City, or any other travel destination known for gambling I must add. The only time I have ever stepped foot inside a casino was in 1997 in Detroit and I had a camcorder in my hands, so I was not allowed to enter.

But Chuck E. tapped a latent nerve or hidden talent that I never knew about;)

The game had lights and would give the number of tickets that was selected in a rising Roulette-style light pole.

All you had to do was to get a sense of when to hit the stop button. Needless to say, I got that sense very quickly and early within my occupation of the game.

After winning only 3 tickets on the first try, I proceeded to win 5, 7, or 9 tickets consistently whenever I was taking my time in playing the game. Whenever I rushed, I would win only 1 ticket since the number 1 appeared right after the number 9.

The lost ground from the games that did not give out any tickets was more than made up on this game. But this game was going largely unnoticed by the children and other adults within the arcade and game area.

I had a big cup in my hands and I was feeling something coming over me like a tropical depression gaining strength over warm waters. If this is what your brain feels like to be on drugs, then I better endure the pain;)

Like Jim Carrey said in "The Mask", "I WAS SMOKIN'!!!"

We later redeemed the tickets and had over 160 points after having a very slow start. We had tokens left over for our next trip to Chuck E. Cheese's.

But already I saw that I better refrain from getting too involved in such a place, because in order to make my girls happy, Daddy might bet the farm to win the prizes that could have been bought at any dollar store for less than was spent to obtain tokens;)

But the ride itself did feel priceless!

Would it not be tragic to be both a minister and a member addict within Gamblers Anonymous for getting too turned on and out at Chuck E. Cheese's?

What would Jesus do and say?

LOL Chuck E. Cheese, I think I better stick with the video games that involve driving race cars at high speeds. At least I will not be inclined to try to take those skills onto a race track or I-285 here in Atlanta;D)

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