Monday, September 12, 2005

FEMA Chief Falls On His Sword or Was He Pushed?

As a tombstone could easily predict because I sure saw it coming, The former head of FEMA Michael Brown turned in his resignation today after getting sent back to the dugout on Friday.

W had him benched Mafia style by having Homeland Security Michael Chertoff pull the trigger on Michael Brown versus doing it himself.

But Chertoff need not get too comfortable since he needs to get the Soprano "let's go for a ride" treatment himself after having the bald headed audacity to say that there was no scenario for a Katrina-like impact on New Orleans.

The simple now want to say that there was a scenario for a hurricane to hit New Orleans or for the levees to break but not both to occur at the same time.

Anyone who opens their lips or documents their stupidity on paper or electronically should be fired at the press conference versus behind closed doors.

I have been either listening to or watching footage from the major networks and other media sources that have been compiled on a website entitled Crooks and Liars. To hear the insanity come from the mouths of supposedly grown up adults is both stunning, gut-wrenching sickening, and grounds for treason in their hearts and minds of any American who knows anything about American history.

I just started using a few websites and online tools to create tags within the past month I believe. The amount of tags created in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina has clearly struck a sensitive nerve within me, but I already knew that leadership has a been a favorite interest of mine for many years and incompetent leadership and bureaucracy is a pet peeve that has been in my family for generations on my father's side I know and remember for sure.

My father served in the Korean War and I remember nights at the dinner table or during the news hearing him either go off or become livid at the presence of incompetence and/or bureaucracy witnessed at work or on the news.

Knowing my uncles, I know that my father was not the only one who felt this way:D)

At recent family gatherings, hearing the tales of the fights of the sons within my father's family (my father and uncles alike--as a team or against each other) are legendary like The Lord of The Rings;D)

But unfortunately, bureaucracy and incompetence has been stealing elections as if cameras and microphones and the internet were never invented;)

I did recently learn that the governor of Louisiana is indeed a Democrat as well as one of the US Senators (female) who was defending the federal government. Yesterday or this past weekend they went on the attack to get the heat off themselves. I guess they read my blog on the political aftermath of the storm;)

The Louisiana US Senator Mary Landrieu has supposedly threatened W. This is not a threat from me, but if I hear anyone else grandstanding and going through a roll call to open their statement or respond during a press conference with a protocol best reserved for peacetime, I am going to send them both my doctor's bill and a bill for the dry cleaning or disaster recovery that is going to take place within my home or car after hearing their bureaucratic bile.

Then I will think about offering them a ride myself;) Can you hear me now?

But let us not forget the statement of the year: "Brownie, you're doing a heck of a job"!!!

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