Saturday, September 03, 2005

The Heads of Lemmings Shall Roll Without Mercy

Earlier this morning I had a conversation that pointed me to look in a direction regarding the news of Hurricane Katrina that I knew of but had not fully considered.

I know that there has been a steroid-induced frenzy of power, sign-me-up-to-join-the-club-and-bandwagon, and take-me-out-to-the-ballgame-mom's-apple-pie, and let's-roll-with-W since at least 2 presidential elections have been stolen back to back with the consent of the Supreme Court and even a few Democratic presidential candidates, but the times are about to get as complex and ugly and irresistible as if the television shows "The Sopranos", "Oz", "American Idol", and "Survivor" were about to get rolled up into one, brand new reality show and with a political twist thrown in for good measure.

Mark Burnett only wishes that he could bottle these ingredients. Watergate, White Water, and previous assasination commissions were the part of the Polaroid pictures torn off and discarded for what is about to come.

The irony for many is that there is going to an internal sacrificial lamb among those who have been onboard and with the program for some time.

In order to keep the submarine from sinking, a few good soldiers will either have to fall on their swords and take one for the team or experience the misery of being isolated and eaten by their own kind. All of this will occur within the Republican Party.

Right now and going forward, the Republican Party will escalate further into crisis mode in order to protect itself and the appearance of American Democracy on its watch.

The governors of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama will become the fall guys and their positions are greatly self-induced. Forget about the campaigning and work that you have done to deliver your electoral college votes as a red state and just remember that blood is thicker than water.

The residents of Florida have been the beneficiaries of the family ties of its governor to the White House even if Gov. Jeb Bush does not want to eventually run for president.

But these other governors of southern states have been foolish to believe that they will have the same level of protection for their incompetence, lack of vision, and failure to lift their citizens out of post-Civil War poverty.

It is going to take decades before a president is elected from a non-southern state or one that does not come from the midwest after that (as Ohio has proven that it will step up more in the future).

The mindset of thinking that we know how to control our own (in terms of people, the poor, minorities, and political opponents) have produced generational poverty, misery, and the lack of capitalization on crystal clear global opportunties for all versus a small minority.

The White House is going to produce its own Downing Street memos to get the political heat off its own back and the 3 governors will not have any recourse to push the buck back to the White House and then futilely attempt to send blame toward the local levels.

For the slow-to-understand, the bottom line is this: the 3 governors either did not ask for help or refused it when the federal government offered it prior to the storm. The federal delays then were produced as a result directly from the lack of state leadership versus (or in addition to) the federal leadership.

Whatever their (state) rationale was probably can be contributed to my most previous post.

Each state does not have enough US congressional representatives to go to bat for them. Each congressional representative will undoubtedly seek to protect the image of the federal government by default and to the letter.

One observation about the media is that the White House correspondents are already in the back pockets of the White House in order to keep their seats and presidential access aboard Air Force One.

Expect them to ask questions that will set up the federal officials to easily make the state officials to look bad and worse before it is all over.

The political machine is still running and Karl Rove will have governors for breakfast.

Just when they thought it was safe to be on the team will the governors get shanked for life and history.

Their legacies will be that their own team built, judged, and distributed the cases against them.

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